Monday, March 23, 2020

Voltage 66

Tweet (VDARE) (The Clarification):
"Trump and the GOP have a chance to outflank the Left on UBI, student loan forgiveness and actually bailing out working-class Americans, but devoted adherents to Ayn Rand theology ensures $$$ goes to bailout corporate America and not main street. Electoral disaster in November."
"World Plutocracy's Last Chance" (Striker).  Well, you could, but you won't:  "This Time, Can We Finally Turn a Financial Crisis Into an Opportunity?" (Blyth/Lonergan).  "A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression" (Hudson).

Americans are watching the two parties 'negotiate' over how many trillions the plutocrats get in the same way you watch an inevitable car crash:  "Bailout Shenanigans: Making 2008 Look Good?" (Smith).

One of the huge unaddressed issues around here is that small businesses have been ordered to shut, and thus have no income coming in.  The levels of government can defer collecting taxes, and the businesses can lay off their staff, but the landlords continue to insist on getting their rent.  If landlords aren't forced to take a big haircut, the entire economy will soon collapse.

Ironies abound:  "China’s Factories Work 24/7 to Build Ventilators for Milan, New York".

"The New York Times’ Insidious Ongoing Disinformation Campaign on Russia & Elections" (Porter).  Tweet (Ian Goodrum):
"Two weeks apart. They are absolutely shameless."
"Russiagate: The Great Unraveling" (Lazare):
"Or, to put it another way, the real scandal was the scandal itself, i.e. not what Russiagate revealed about what the Kremlin was up, but what it showed about how intelligence agencies were able to mount a classic disinformation campaign in league with the corporate press. Russiagate had the country in an uproar for years, but now the great unraveling has begun. Hopefully, it will continue until the entire process is laid bare."
Assholes never sleep - even in a pandemic, they still have time for a ratline for a Murderer/Torturer For The Jews:  "US airlifts Lebanese-American accused of torture, murder from Lebanon".  Magnier is less than happy:  "Lebanon: Don’t mess with the “axis of the resistance”."  Torturers get fancy nicknames, like Voltage 66 or Bloody Gina.

"U.S. and Iraq: The Hidden History" (Becker).

"Human rights groups call on Trump administration to end Iran sanctions amid COVID-19 crisis" (Arria).  But not, of course, the Khazar supremacist monsters at HRW.

"Trump-Voter-Mocking Max Boot In 2009 (As 17, 000 Died From Swine Flu) "Let’s Remove the Masks and Take a Deep Breath"" (Fulford).

It must be exhausting to be the State Department employee who has to keep the chart of all the Evil that Assholia is up to:  "US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-change Bill with Zero Opposition" (Norton).

Some wise man or other once said that if everybody you happen to run into is an asshole, perhaps it is you who is the asshole:  "My Eight Day Journey Around the Planet – With COVID-19 on My Tail" (Vltchek).

"Western Journalists Really Want There to be a Huge Corona Epidemic in Russia" (Karlin).

"Rousseff: “Submission to the USA, Injustice to China, Disrespect to Brazil”".

"Ten Questions for the U.S.: Where did the Novel Coronavirus Come From?" (Fuhua).  "Censored/2018: US Kills Dozens of Georgians (Republic of) with bioweapon disguised as research drug-Russian MOD".

"Mississippi Governor Refuses To Act On Coronavirus, Offers Prayer Instead" (Scarce).  Trump will have to nuke Mississippi to save the country. 

Iranians and Assholians aren't so different after all:  "‘Sacred ignorance’: Covid-19 reveals Iran split" (Ziabari).  "Area megachurch holds Sunday services despite coronavirus concerns" (Schwartzberg).

"3 men sentenced to 125 years each over drowning of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi" (Reynolds/Hauser).

Gosztola thread on the anti-Sanders donors who financed Biden's attack ads.

Warren's mysterious Super PAC:  tweet (gato fumador):
"The person who funded Elizabeth Warren's super PAC to the tune of $14.5 million also maxed-out to Joe Arpaio's 2018 Senate campaign. Wonder why Liz was so terrible on the issue of mass incarceration?"
This bizarre story - get sick and cough on a Jew - appears to be more FBI fantasy:  "White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says" (Margolin).  Friendlier than the farm animals:  "Why American Jews are at greater risk for coronavirus" (Abrams).

Spacey was not your 'normal' Lolita Express passenger:  "Blind Items Revealed #4" (CDaN).

The first man executed for memes:  "The Murder of Julius Streicher" (Knickerbocker).

"Microbes and Messiahs" (Taxi).
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