Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Dilemma

"Coronavirus Relief Bill Gave $70.3 Billion in Tax Breaks to 43,000 Millionaires, Average of $1.6 Million Each" (Bieber).

"The Pandemic Is Just Fine for Health Insurers" (Authers).

"John Birch’s Body Should Still Be a Mouldering in the Grave" (Madsen).  Trump seems to be able to fend off the various non-Khazar crazies fairly well (of course, the Khazars have such a blackmail hold on him he just gives them everything they want), until he finds himself in some difficulty, like completely screwing up the response to the virus, when he grabs whatever stupidity is on offer.

"As the Trump administration legitimizes Covid-19’s ‘China lab’ origins conspiracy theory, remember Iraqi ‘WMD’" (Ritter).  Assholes lack any memory - you can keep fooling them with the same stunts, over and over.

"Hello ‘Chinagate’: Why blaming Beijing is all the rage this US election cycle" (Malic):
"While this may play well to the domestic audience, eager to blame someone for the pandemic that has so far claimed 35,000 American lives and over 22 million jobs – neither party seems to take into account what China might do in response. 
Lest one think that shouldn’t matter, China has a lot of agency here. Unlike Russia, it is deeply embedded in the US economy after decades of globalization. All too many US-based corporations have outsourced their entire supply chains overseas, as the pandemic so painfully illustrated. Beijing also holds massive amounts of US debt, and its authorities have had enough leverage over Hollywood movie studios or the NBA to compel compliance in “culturally sensitive” matters, to name but two other examples. 
China’s rulers are also far pricklier about national honor than Russia. So while Moscow laughed off the ‘Russiagate’ scandal-mongering as childish nonsense, there is no indication Beijing would be quite so magnanimous."
The fun and games are great until a company like Apple just disappears.

"Florida beach is crowded within 30 MINUTES of reopening at 5pm, despite state recording 1,413 new COVID-19 cases - its highest one-day increase since the pandemic crisis began" (Griffith/Tanno).  Jesus, Florida had quite a choice!

"US quietly recalls ALL B-52 bombers from Guam just DAYS after staging ‘show of force’".  The bravado is to cover for the fact they aren't in fighting shape.

"Oil Profits for Protection: US Extorts Saudi Arabia" (Cartalucci).  It is an interesting Clarification, for us and for the Saudi Royals, but it wasn't any real threat as Russia was effectively backing MbS' play.

You know the crazy cat lady in The Simpsons?  This politician is one step in sanity below that.  Global Research is another site that has lost its fucking mind.  "Canada Member of Parliament Says ‘We Need to Get Back to Work’, “Successful Treatment of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc Sulphate”".

""It'll all be over by Christmas"" (Stoss) (it's comforting to know Trump has his priorities straight):
"Trump is shooting for May 1st because he's been told the economy will take 6 months to recover, minimum, and he's shooting for the November election deadline."
"For the Rich, A Dilemma: Quarantine With Staff, or Do Their Own Chores".
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