Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Bad news

"Jeremy Corbyn was defeated because he refused to defend himself against the Israel lobby" (Winstanley).  The Khazars should pay for this, dearly.  Every single bad thing that is happening in Britain is on them.

"If Coronavirus Overwhelms Gaza, Israel Alone Is to Blame" (Cook).  The Khazars are operating as if they wouldn't mind seeing a little natural genocide, helped along.

"How China Broke the Chain of Infection" (Prashad/Xiaojun/Zhu).  Imagine what would have happened if the big pandemic had first occurred in Assholia.  Nothing whatsoever would have been done.  It would have turned into a disaster, with no lessons learned for the rest of the world.

"US-China decoupling: a reality check" (Goldman).  The anti-China rhetoric will dissipate when Trump no longer needs it to distract from his virus failings in his reelection campaign.  It's fun to see Cook implicitly savage the quality of the Assholian workforce.

"Your Coronavirus Check Is Coming. Your Bank Can Grab It." (Dayen).

"The Good News and Bad News From the West Coast" (Sailer) (relying on masks to allow people to be packed together sounds like a recipe for disaster, exactly what Trump would go for - note that (((Hollywood))) will get whatever (((Hollywood))) wants):
"My guess is that to reboot low-priority spending like going to the movies, we will need reliable masks. To provide everyone in America with a fresh N95 mask every day would require 10 billion masks per month. I’m not aware that anybody in a position of power has been thinking about that very large number.
On the other hand, spending even $100 billion over the next 12 months on masks sounds cheaper than letting most of the businesses in America go broke."
"The Remarkable Doctor A. Fauci" (Engdahl).  Frankly, not much of a take-down.  I'd expect a lot worse from an Assholian bureaucrat who has been around forever.
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