Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fear of a black party

"Democrats As "The Black Party": Inflicting The Sailer Strategy Supplement On Themselves" (Sailer).  The riots are good for Republicans, inclining elderly voters who otherwise would have voted for Biden to stay home and not vote due to a lingering concern about security, and the inability of the Democrats to provide it.

A Seth Rich story:  ""No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Ed Butowsky vs. the Deep State" Anon".  Includes an allegation that the family knows exactly what is going on.

Arms control:  "Marching Into Oblivion" (Robinson).  The Chinese would much rather spend their money on human development, but can match the Assholes if they have to.  The Assholes are such assholes!

Afghanistan after the Assholes:  "What Happens Next in Afghanistan? the Neo-Taliban" (Rall).

Riot riot

Other than the police provocateurs (one known case, but if one, there must be others), the only other major white presence in the current rioting is George Soros' private army called Antifa (is it even legal to run such a private army against the farm animals?).  The white nationalists are laughing about claims that they are heavily involved, and I believe them.  This is just Trump PR, changing the subject.  Obviously, there can't be black rioters, as that would imply they had something to riot about.  Soon it ill be blamed on Russians or Chinese!

Tweet (Jahd Khalil):
"The United Daughters of the Confrderacy appears to have been on fire. There’s a lot of smoke in front of the lights that light it up. Heavily armored police with rifles, what I assume is night vision equipment and gas masks here"
Sauce for the gander: "Watch out! 'Beautiful sight' in HK is spreading across the US" (Xijin).

"Outrage After Far-Left Pro-BDS Group Ties Israel to Minneapolis Police Violence" (Kerstein).  "Pro-Palestinian Group: Israel Trains U.S. Police to Be Racist" (Bandler).  Notice the spin to turn the issue into the 'outrage' at the remarks, rather than the deep truth of the story underneath.  It's the toxic combo of casual Khazar racism/anti-gentilism, distilled into LE tactics through specific training programs, and the sad history of Assholian race relations.  Police administrators like this kind of training as they regard non-white Americans in the same way that the Khazars regard Palestinians.

Tweet (joe kennedy III is a republican) (I note that the horse is more solicitous of the health of human beings that the asshole riding it):
"Tell me more about these “out of state agitators.”"

Saturday, May 30, 2020


"Nothing Is Certain But Death, Taxes, And Police Infiltration Of US Protests" (Johnstone).  I guess the thinking is that more property damage makes the police action that precipitated the protests look less bad.

"Letter Demands Sweden Probe Misdeeds in Assange Case" (Lauria).  Sweden ≠ 'Sweden'.

Biosecurity, etc:
  • "How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism" (Escobar);
  • "Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec" (Diego);
  • "The US Senate voted to let Trump spy on your search history. But all is not lost" (Timm);
  • "Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network" (Gellman).
There were a few who suggested that the shock of the pandemic and the subsequent complete collapse of legitimacy of the Assholian government, and in particular the abandonment of the idea of extreme scarcity of resources as the predominant metaphor for government, abandoned in order to allow for THE LARGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY, might lead to the shattering of many of the old shibboleths, and some actual progress, a hope that seems to have already been lost in the usual political mediocrity.  Anyway, IMPROVEMENTS:

  • "COVID-19 Planning: Is It Time to Nationalize Big Pharma?" (Barker);
  • "The Time Is Ripe for More Socialism | Opinion" (Robinson);
  • "The neoliberal era is ending. What comes next?" (Bregman) (I've been plowing through too many of the 'big idea' pandemic essays, replete with multiple references to simply awful French 'philosophers', and this is about the only one I can stand, or even make it to the end without the help of a sick bag);
  • "The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration" (Storm).

Friday, May 29, 2020

Big failure

"What if China Promoted Hawaiian Independence?" (Petersen).

"The Big Failure of Small Government" (Mazzucato/Quaggiotto):
"Unfortunately, for the last half-century, the prevailing political message in many countries has been that governments cannot – and therefore should not – actually govern. Politicians, business leaders, and pundits have long relied on a management creed that focuses obsessively on static measures of efficiency to justify spending cuts, privatization, and outsourcing.

As a result, governments now have fewer options for responding to the crisis, which may be why some are now desperately clinging to the unrealistic hope of technological panaceas such as artificial intelligence or contact-tracing apps. With less investment in public capacity has come a loss of institutional memory (as the UK’s government has discovered) and increased dependence on private consulting firms, which have raked in billions. Not surprisingly, morale among public-sector employees has plunged in recent years.

Consider two core government responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis: public health and the digital realm. In 2018 alone, the UK government outsourced health contracts worth £9.2 billion ($11.2 billion), putting 84% of beds in care homes in the hands of private-sector operators (including private equity firms). Making matters worse, since 2015, the UK’s National Health Service has endured £1 billion in budget cuts.

Outsourcing by itself is not the problem. But the outsourcing of critical state capacities clearly is, especially when the resulting public-private “partnerships” are not designed to serve the public interest. Ironically, some governments have outsourced so eagerly that they have undermined their own ability to structure outsourcing contracts. After a 12-year effort to spur the private sector to develop low-cost ventilators, the US government is now learning that outsourcing is not a reliable way to ensure emergency access to medical equipment.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s successful approach to COVID-19 has emerged as a striking contrast to the US and UK responses. Among other things, the Vietnamese government was able to amass low-cost testing kits very quickly, because it already had the capacity to mobilize academia, the army, the private sector, and civil society around a common mission. Rather than simply outsourcing with few questions asked, it used public research and development funding and procurement to drive innovation. The resulting public-private collaboration enabled rapid commercialization of kits, which are now being exported to Europe and beyond. 
New Zealand is another success story, and not by coincidence. After initially adopting the outsourcing mantra in the 1980s, the New Zealand government changed course, embracing a “spirit of service” and an “ethic of care” across its public services, and becoming the first country in the world to adopt a wellbeing budget. Owing to this vision of public management, the government adopted a “health first, economy second” approach to the current crisis. Rather than seeking herd immunity, it committed early to preventing infection."
There should be a law that any politician who even whispers 'public-private partnership' should be immediately arrested, given a half-hour fair trial, and shot dead. Again, in any crisis situation, nobody has ever been able to afford a conservative government.  The inevitable disaster is built into their politics, which is basically selling ideological nonsense to justify grifting and grasping by the 1%.

"Intel: Top adviser signals Biden would keep troops in Syria as leverage" (Hagedorn).  Per adviser Tony Blinken, sorry, spelling, (((Tony Blinken))).

A lot of 'progressives' have suddenly turned into raging libertarians, and it is not a good look (Dissident Voice used to be better than this):  "Collaborators and Resisters" (Willers).  I'm getting a good dose of Clarification with each new day (46 47 0 is particularly disappointing, as he's completely lost the rootedness in the facts that was his signal strength).

"Bill Clinton Denies Having An Affair With Ghislaine Maxwell" (Allison).  "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Terror gasoline

"A Death in Herzliya" (Giraldi).  The ridiculous deflecting defection story at the end is all the proof you need that the Americans are changing the subject away from the obvious, an assassination ordered by the out-of-control Fat Fuck.

"Confirmed: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burned During Pandemic (Russian media strangely silent)" (Sahiounie).  "The US’ “Medical Terrorism” Against Syria Threatens to Make World War C Much Deadlier" (Korybko).  It why the Assholes are assholes.  Nobody else acts like this, it is practically medieval.  And you won't ever, ever, ever see the tiniest complaint about any of this from the Assholian 'left'.

"Russia, China won’t accept US nuclear superiority" (Bhadrakumar).  "U.S. Threatens New Nuclear Tests To Push China Into A Treaty It Does Not Want" (Moon).

"NATO rejects Russia’s offer to MUTUALLY freeze military drills amid Covid-19 pandemic".

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"“Terror gasoline”?? 
Police keep killing black people in your country ON VIDEO and then gassing the people who protest. Shut up about Venezuela. You’re the ones who need humanitarian intervention."
"Media Ignores Israel Connection to Eric Schmidt’s Push for NY “Smart Cities”" (Webb).  Hymietown can't dodge the Khazar bullet that Toronto somehow managed to dodge.

"How the Rich Fled NYC (and infected America)".  What would have happened had the pandemic attacked the fly-over states first?  Almost certainly nothing, it would have been called 'the flu', and the deplorables left to die.

"U.S. Declares a Vaccine War on the World" (Purkayastha).  I'm not concerned about this as the Assholian model is so decrepit that it won't be Assholes who discover a vaccine (although, for profits, they may very well poison their own people with a fake one).  The Assholian Empire is in total free fall.

"Settler leaders produce map they claim shows Trump plan for Palestinian state" (Magid).  Once the thieves steal the next batch of land they will be 'surrounded' by the land they haven't yet stolen, obviously 'unacceptable', an 'existential threat' (you anti-Semites don't expect us to live that close to 'terrorists', do you?), and requiring the theft of that land too.  That, in a nutshell, is the story of Israel.  Khazars are, and always have been, fundamentally thieves.

"Operation ‘Addictive Candy’: How Israel Silenced a Spy Privy to One of Its Darkest Intelligence Debacles" (Greenhalgh).  (((They))) would regard this as an example of their essential humanity, as distinct from the farm animals, in that they didn't just kill him.

"Forgotten History of the Persian Corridor" (Zinin).

"Canada's progressives are easily impressed" (Mitrovica).  Ford benefited from extremely low expectations, so when he didn't come out like a Trump-style blathering idiot, and seemed to follow the science, people temporarily forgot that a lot of the pandemic problem was directly caused by Ford's cutting of services (in order to build, as conservatives do, a cache of 'savings' to be passed on as 1% tax cuts before the next election).

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Insanely high price

Tweets by Five Alive on the Meng Wanzhou case, asking "My real question is, for this insanely high price, what the fuck do we as a country gain from this?"  Simple, the Epstein pedo blackmail tapes don't get released.  That doesn't help Assholia, but it sure removes the pressure from Assholian politicians.


Tweets (CBC News Alerts):
"B.C. Supreme Court judge delivers major blow to Meng Wanzhou, ruling that extradition proceedings against the Huawei executive should proceed. Judge rules the offence Meng is accused of by American prosecutors would be considered a crime if it occurred in Canada."
"The BC ruling says the essence of Meng’s alleged crime is fraud. Meng, the 48-year-old chief financial officer of the telecommunications giant, is charged with fraud in the United States for allegedly deceiving banks into a possible violation of economic sanctions against Iran."
"The BC court ruling on Meng Wanzhou means the proceedings and the extradition bid will proceed, but it does not mean that she will be extradited. Meng's legal team had argued that Canada doesn't have the same sanctions against Iran, so no crime had been committed."
The 'fraud' bit is one of the most crooked bits of judicial pettifoggery I've seen.

Surveillance cameras

"EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had surveillance cameras hidden throughout his properties worldwide in a 'blackmail scheme' to extort his powerful friends, victims tell new Netflix doc about the pedophile" (Bates).

Closer, but still spinning it as if the blackmail were for money, rather than political favors for the Khazars.


"In Ukraine and the Middle East, Canada is not an “honest broker”" (  Tweet (Brazil Wire):
"Sound truck at a minor protest in São Paulo today flew the flag of Ukrainian Neonazis “Right Sector”. Members of the Brazilian extreme-right have been trained in Ukraine, as reported by the @FT in January 2017."
"A Netflix Documentary On Jeffrey Epstein Is Providing Us With More Gross Stories About Prince Andrew" (Allison).  (((They)))'ve decided to put it all on Randy Andy.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Another racist police murder in the USA, all captured on camera. Meanwhile, over at
@KenRoth's Human Rights Watch, five tweets attacking Venezuela have been published in the past 24 hours. And strangely nothing has been said about this homemade human rights crime."
Clarified enough for you?: "Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board" (Nassar).

"Canada’s military reports ‘extremely troubling’ conditions in Ontario long-term-care homes" (Campion-Smith).  Both Ford and Beardboy are shocked - shocked! - to learn that there is gambling going on in the casino.  It's a wonderful industry - your profits are directly tied to human suffering.  All the owners of these facilities, and all the politicians who took their bribes, should be in jail for decades.  Putting the foxes in charge of policing the chicken coop:  tweet (Nora Loreto):
"More than 100 residents and one staff have died at the agencies owned or managed by people Doug Ford appointed to his advisory committee to look into LTC staffing, appointed last February."
"Trudeau says China ‘doesn’t seem to understand’ Canada’s judicial independence" (Connolly).  China knows what a sniveling, groveling lackey looks like.

"'Everybody will love it': A four-day work week could help rebuild Canada's economy post-COVID-19, experts say" (Lindores).  You know things are shook when The World's Worst Newspaper publishes something like this, albeit just spreading the hours into fewer days.

"The FBI, the Fusion Center, and the Far Right: US creep in Brazil" (Viana)  Inviting the FBI to operate, illegally, in Brazil.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Huge: The ex US ambassador to China admitted Chinese President Xi Jinping didn't want to militarize the South China Sea and offered a peace agreement, but the Obama admin rejected his olive branch and continued militarizing the region  
USA is the aggressor"
"Left Gatekeepers Through the New Left: Monitored Rebellion (Part 2)" (Lerro).  More content here than anything else today, probably more content than anything else so far this year.

"RAY McGOVERN: Turn Out the Lights, Russiagate is Over".  "What Evelyn Fakas, Trey Gowdy and Some Others Dubiously Have in Common" (Averko):
"Solomon is in line with the U.S. Republican Party establishment which (grudgingly or otherwise) accept Trump. For these folks, debunking the belief of a Trump-Russia collusion is a paramount interest, unlike clearing Russia of wrongdoing. This mindset rightfully ridicules Adam Schiff for saying that he has proof of a Trump-Russia collusion against Hillary Clinton, while accepting the assertion of Russian government U.S. election meddling, without any conclusive proof given."
"The Harm of the Anti-Vaccination Movement" (Miller).

The CDC, squeezed out of virus decision making for the unpardonable sin of being honest, has worked its way back into Trump's good graces by creatively lying:  "‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’" (Madrigal/Meyer) (I know it's The Atlantic, normally 100% farm animal tricking, but they seem to have the data, and it is striking that the CDC is back in the game after producing Trump-friendly numbers).

"Why Barnard Castle" (Murray).

"The "Lockdown" Has Turned America Into a Despotic, Cash-Strapped Basket-Case" (Whitney).  Some of the comments are infinitely better (smarter/saner), than this now typical Whitney lunacy.  The most striking thing is that Assholia would have been much, much better off, both health-wise and economically, had Trump not listened to the hedge fund managers - you know, the ones who received much of THE LARGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY - and his idiot son-in law, and shut things down two - or, preferably, four - weeks earlier.

"How Covid-19 is Creating a Social-Distancing Version of War" (Sjursen).  You really have to wonder if Trump's relative lack of bellicosity, e.g., passing up the Iran tankers to Venezuela, is forced by the fact the Pentagon is not in fighting form due to the virus.

"Mike Pompeo Is the Worst Secretary of State Ever" (Friedman)!  It seems (((they))) have decided it would be Better for the Jews for Trump to keep that Kansas Senate seat by having Pompeo run there.

"What Google and Facebook Are Hiding" (Unz).  On the most recent wave of (((censorship))), under cover of virus, and Pompeo's message-sending assassination of a Chinese diplomat in Israel.

"Apology Day" (Hornberger).

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pariah states

The sad diplomatic train-wreck that was Australia's attempt to act as lackey for Trump against the WHO and China:  "Truth Vaccine Kills Australian-American Campaign Against China in World Health Organisation Debate" (Helmer).

""The US Is Bluffing": China Claims Trump Too "Weakened" By Pandemic To Intervene In Hong Kong" (Durden).  Also the surprising lack of the formerly inevitable Assholian violence over the Iranian tankers supplying Venezuela.  Abrams much be having a fit!  The only two 'pariah states' I know of are Assholia and its boss Khazaria.

""Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 'Cell Culture' Theory Gains Steam" (Durden):
"When asked why mainstream scientists are still clinging to the theory that the virus originated in a Wuhan wet market, he said that scientists "try not to be political" but that that scientists who support the lab escape theory risk negatively impacting their industry with tighter laboratory controls.
"For instance, if it was to turn out that this virus may have come about because of an accidental lab release that would have implications for how we do viral research in laboratories all around the world which could make doing research much harder," he said, adding "So I think the inclination of virus researchers would be to presume that it came from an animal until proven otherwise because that would have less ramifications for how we are able to do research in the future. The alternative obviously has quite major implications for science and science on viruses, not just obviously political ramifications which we’re all well aware of.""
"Disgraced Anti-Vaxx Child Abuser Andrew Wakefield Tortures History" (VT Editors).

"Zionists Have Feelings Too" (Giraldi).  (((Control))) of language is big.  It goes back to enforcing the use of the term 'anti-Semite' to refer to skepticism about people who aren't Semites!  "Memorial Day".

Epstein is more relevant than ever as it was his blackmail material that was behind THE BIGGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY:  "Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly searched trailer parks to find Epstein victims" (Sheehy).

Monday, May 25, 2020


"As 38.6 Million File for Unemployment, Wealth of Billionaires surged $435 Bn" (Ocampo/Collins).

"If Trump had Closed Down U.S. 2 weeks Earlier, 50,000 Lives would have been Saved"  And the hedge fund managers who told President Jared to instruct Trump to wait were punished for this mass slaughter by being allowed to share in THE LARGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY.

"Trump and Pompeo Back Down From Iran as Second Tanker Reaches Venezuela".  "Iran surges in Venezuela in defiance of US sanctions" (Bhadrakumar).

"New NYPD press officer co-wrote The Intercept Russiagate story that landed source in prison" (Norton).  Unfortunately, this is exactly what we've come to expect from The Intercept.

Ha!:  "White House Imposes Travel Ban On Brazilians As US Nears 100k Deaths: Live Updates" (Durden).

"In the Midst of Total Economic Collapse, US Government Vows to Continue Sending Billions to Israel" (Anglin).  Blackmail works!  "US Senate Quietly Approves $38 Billion for Israel Amid Historic Economic Downturn" (Weir).  They are completely aware of how shameful it is:
"The bill was passed by the committee under two unusual circumstances and with almost no public awareness.
First, Senate Committee Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho) refused to allow a live stream of the meeting, despite the fact that the Senate Rules panel had recommended that extra efforts be taken to ensure public transparency while the Capitol is closed to the public and the presence of reporters is severely limited. The Senate’s Press Gallery Standing Committee of Correspondents had objected strongly to Risch’s decision.
Second, the bill was passed without being named, debated, or even discussed, even though it would set into law the largest such aid package in U.S. history. There has been no mention of the bill by most media in the United States.
The massive package is particularly noteworthy in light of the current devastation to the American taxpayers who will be footing the bill – over $10 million per day. In recent months approximately 30 million Americans have lost jobs, 100,000 small businesses have already closed forever, and over seven million are at risk of doing so.
The bill was voted on as part of a package of 15 bills that were voted on “en bloc” (all together).
After Senator Kaine said he didn’t know what the list contained, Risch responded: “I’m not trying to pull anything here… this was circulated among the staff.”
Risch then rapidly listed the numbers but did not give the titles. There was then a voice vote and the motion passed unanimously."
"Coronagrifting: A Design Phenomenon" (Wagner).

Sunday, May 24, 2020


"Why the Left’s Case for Lesser Evil Sounds Hollow" (Cook).

"The War Nerd: How Many Dead Yemeni Nobodies Does It Take to Equal 1 WaPo Contributor?" (Brecher).

You know:
  1. lesserevilism amongst political parties (not a problem in most places however much the locals would like their choices to be better);
  2. a professional 'journalist' having laughable problems writing about an imperial war; and
  3. the UK and USA being the world champions in promoting the success of the virus
are connected to imperialism.

The current hegemon, and former hegemon, now lackey/sidekick to the current hegemon, have an Empire to run.  The other complication is that a mini-imperialist, Israel, has its claws firmly around the neck of both through bribery/blackmail.  The Empire is Everything.  The fake 'alternative' party - which the UK is also now suffering under, both countries having cleanly removed the threat (Sanders/Corbyn) to the single-minded concentration on the imperial goal - the comical stylings of 'journalists' in both countries, and their shared complete incompetence at looking after the welfare of their own people, all these things are evidence that running an Empire requires full concentration, and can't be interrupted by party politics, facts, or the health and welfare of domestic populations.

We marvel at the consistent mediocrity of the Democrats (not to mention the obvious lying of 'journalists', and the spectacular virus problems), and the train-wreck spectacle that is Biden, made even more obvious by the fact that politics (journalism/public health) has been set up as a competitive space.  Don't they want to win?  Well, they don't.  They just want to do their bit to help out the Empire.  The only time they try to compete is when they think their guy would be better at running the Empire than the other guy, and that's been largely based on the perceived charisma of their guy - Bill Clinton, Obama - being better able to sell the Empire.  Trump's big failing is his unwillingness to start wars, particularly of course the all-important Wars For The Jews, but he can't be criticized in all the other aspects of running the Empire, were he has undeniably reached Peak Asshole.  In the Imperial Theater that is US party politics, everything is just fine (and this despite the fact in every respect China is eating their lunch, which is fine as long as the 'journalists' hide it and the public health debacle is blamed on China).

Living in the Empire isn't quite as bad as living as a victim of the Empire, but it is getting close.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Pandemic botox/vice-signaling

"America the Terrified: What Makes This Superpower So Sensitive?" (Armstrong).  You have to remember that most of this phony concern is just a way to gin up more Wars For The Jews, always predicated in the amazing 'self-defense' excuse - we had to slaughter them before they slaughtered us!

"Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech" (Giraldi).  In thousands of years, nobody has developed the tech to be able to survive with Khazars.

"Laurence Tribe roasted for advocating herd immunity on coronavirus: 'You go first'" (Concha).  The Khazars are having trouble hiding their anti-gentilism, in this case, sending the farm animals out to die.  See also, 'vice signaling':  "As Bethany Mandel's 'grandma killer' tweet proves, vice-signaling is the right's newest and most toxic trend" (Berlatsky).  'Richard M. Nixon' on the Mandel family!

"How Private Equity Is Ruining American Health Care" (Perlberg) (see also).  Everybody, except for Assholes, and those influenced by Assholes (e.g., conservatives in Canada), has at least a vague understanding that there are certain fields that are not improved by being subject to turbo-capitalism.  Heath care should be part of the 'commons', and not turned into a series of profit centers and grasped to death at the expense of human life.

"Magic and voodoo versus science and medicine" (Madsen).  This strange anti-science is something you only see in rural areas of under-developed countries, and in Assholia, where it is constantly exploited for political purposes by the extreme right..

"Guccifer 2.0’s Hidden Agenda" (Leonard).  Guccifer 2.0 seemed to be trying to take down WikiLeaks by making WikiLeaks seem to be a Russian intelligence operation, or at least a stooge of Russian intelligence.  The American (?) spies weren't quite smart enough to hide all the 'tells'.

The class warfare of Russiagate:  "Why Russiagate Still Matters" (Urie).

"America Last as World Rejects Trump’s China Witch-Hunt".  You keep yelling 'jump', and one day the lackeys stop asking 'how high', and that's it.  You're finished.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Asian Century

"Leading Neocon Directs Pentagon Middle East Planning" (Giraldi).  On Ledeen's daughter Simone:
"Simone has now been appointed deputy assistant secretary of defense (DASD) for the Middle East, which is the principal position for shaping Pentagon policy for that region. Post 9/11, Ledeen’s leading neocon father Michael was the source of the expressions “creative destruction” and “total war” as relating to the Muslim Middle East, where “civilian lives cannot be the total war’s first priority … The purpose of total war is to permanently force your will onto another people.” He is also a noted Iranophobe, blaming numerous terrorist acts on that country even when such claims were ridiculous. He might also have been involved in the generation in Italy of the fabricated Iraq Niger uranium documents that contributed greatly to the march to war with Saddam.

Apparently Simone’s gene pool makes her qualified to lead the Pentagon into the Middle East, where she no doubt has views that make her compatible with the Trump/Pompeo current spin on the Iranian threat. The neocon Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) gushed “Simone Ledeen has worked at the Pentagon & Treasury and at a major bank. Exactly what we should want for such a position.” Of course, FDD, the leading advocate of war with Iran, also wants someone who will green light destroying the Persians.

Ledeen, a Brandeis graduate with an MBA from an Italian university, worked in and out of government in various advisory capacities before joining Standard Chartered Bank. One of her more interesting roles was as an advisor to General Michael Flynn in Afghanistan at a time when Flynn was collaborating with her father on a book that eventually came out in 2016 entitled The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and its Allies. The book asserts that there is a global war going on in which “We face a working coalition that extends from North Korea and China to Russia, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.” The book predictably claims that Iran is at the center of what is an anti-American alliance.

The extent to which Simone has absorbed her father’s views and agrees with them can, of course, be questioned, but her appointment is yet another indication, together with the jobs previously given to John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Elliot Abrams, that the Trump Administration is intent on pursuing a hardline aggressive policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is also an unfortunate indication that the neoconservatives, pronounced dead after the election of Trump, are back and resuming their drive to obtain the positions of power that will permit endless war, starting with Iran."
"The COVID-19 Pandemic, Canada’s National Emergency Strategic Stockpile, Expired N95 Masks and Missing Masks" (Brett).  To be fair, they always need money to cover tax cuts for the 1% or to pay for the incomprehensibly high cost of Wars For The Jews, and every nickel spent on medical equipment is taken right out of the grasp of some starving billionaire or at the expense of an unstolen square inch of land.

"Coronafacts: IFR ≈ 1%, Spread Low" (Karlin).  As the numbers slowly ooze in, the consensus seems to be IFR of around 1%, and, in most places, disappointingly low infection rates no where near to any kind of 'herd immunity'.

"Sweden's former health chief says the country's coronavirus strategy 'hasn't been the smartest' and it should've spent at least a month locked down" (Brueck/Wyman).

"Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots" (Hao).  The title understates the numbers in the article.

"Flights continue to land in the US from Wuhan and the rest of China and Europe despite travel ban to stop the spread of coronavirus amid warning passengers are not being screened properly" (Sharp).

"Asian century began in May 2020" (Goldman).

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Working Computer & Controls

Lawfare and other Khazar assaults on their hosts, all in aid, of course, of killing people and stealing their land (a small selection of recent atrocities - remind me again why we put up with any of this crap):
  1. "How Israel lobby pressured a Pittsburgh university" (Barrows-Friedman) (all (((their))) tools on full display);
  2. "Pro-Israel group fails to have BDS supporting professor removed";
  3. "US threatens ‘consequences’ if ICC acts on Israel’s war crimes";
  4. "Rep. Ilhan Omar is challenged by the Israel lobby" (Towns);
  5. "Smear campaign targets Palestinians working with ICC" (Murphy);
  6. "What You Need to Know about the ICC Investigation of War Crimes in Occupied Palestine" (Baroud/Rubeo);
  7. "Hardline settler to lead Israel’s fight against ICC" (Murphy);
  8. "Leading British Jewish group’s claim it is neutral on West Bank annexation should fool nobody" (Cohen);
  9. "Israel’s new US ambassador took credit for states passing anti-BDS laws" (Arria);
  10. "Agent for Israel drops lawsuit against National Lawyers Guild" (Barrows-Friedman);
  11. "Bipartisan lawmakers call on Pompeo to defend Israel against ICC probes" (Kelly);
  12. "Siding With Israel, Germany Says ICC Has No Jurisdiction in Palestinian Territories" (Landau) (the wise way to regard Germany, consistently from the 1930s to today, is that it is just a Rothschild tool);
  13. "ADL leader’s announcement that Jewish tomb in Iran was ‘set afire’ appears to be baseless" (Weiss/North);
  14. "State Department Outlines Wacky Scheme to Bully Foreign Countries Into Loving the Jews" (Anglin);
  15. "With Friends Like These…" (Alcott);
  16. "After Youtube and Facebook, Vimeo bans ‘Sayed Hasan’ & Nasrallah’s videos" (Vimeo = (((Diller)))); and
  17. "With Corbyn gone, the Israel lobby is targeting Palestinians directly" (Cook); and
  18. "New Labour purge against Israel critics" (Winstanley).
Cobban on imperial decline:
  1. "“Recovery” of nations from Covid-19";
  2. "US hegemony evaporates at “Warp Speed”";
  3. "Covid crisis brings new global influence for China?";
  4. "Pueyo and Haque on the effects of Covid-19"; and
  5. "Not Cold War 2.0. More like imperial collapse."
Truer words never spoken - what a complete shitshow!: tweet (FranklyMyDear):
"One thing shining through that Canadians will remember forever - is that when times were #COVID19 tough Canada's Conservative Reform Party was only a hindrance to us getting through it, and absolutely no help at all. No solutions, no vision, only pettiness and whining #cdnpoli"
There is no possible way to justify the conduct of Sheer and his party throughout the pandemic.  I don't like Conservatives, but the level to which they have sunk is simply unbelievable, even to me.

The Cayman Islands of Assholia:  "Billionaire divorce uncovers secretive world of trusts in South Dakota" (Frank/Connelly/Zamost).

"La Kosher Nostra Runs Ukraine" (Trey Knickerbocker).

"Michael Cohen to be released Thursday and will serve remaining prison sentence at home" (Shortell/LeBlanc).  This pos gangster is out, and Assange is still in.

"There's No Longer Any Question That Biden Carried Out A Cover-Up In Ukraine" (Korybko):
"The Daily Beast reported that suspicions are swirling over whether the leak was an inside job in Ukraine or the result of so-called "Russian hacking", but that's just an attempt to distract from the calls, just like the unproven claims that Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC's emails four years ago. The real Ukrainegate scandal therefore wasn't over the now-debunked allegations that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with current Ukrainian President Zelensky in an attempt to reopen this investigation for supposedly political reasons, but over Biden's attempts to cover up his son's corruption in Ukraine in order to not hurt the Vice President's future campaign prospects. This is similar in essence to how the real Russiagate scandal wasn't about Russia allegedly helping Trump, but about Hillary trading the US' strategic uranium deposits for Clinton Foundation kickbacks."
Tiny example of the huge 'scientific' astroturfing going on, the kind of thing that real conspiracy theorists should be all over, if they weren't themselves corrupted:  "JetBlue’s Founder Helped Fund A Stanford Study That Said The Coronavirus Wasn’t That Deadly" (Lee).  Whenever you see one of the 'maverick' but unheard of 'scientists' made up to be the most important researcher of all time I can guarantee there is astroturf money behind it.

"Anons grandpa is welsh" (r/greentext).  Another denier.

A house for sale in Pittsburgh.  Scroll through the pictures.  "Command Center Rear Wall opens up to the Spaceship Main Bridge-Working Computer & Controls".  The owners must be wonderful.


"How the FBI's intelligence experiment went wrong" (Casey) (this whole except is philosophically superb in describing the fundamental contradictions which come up if a law enforcement operation is turned to attempting intelligence work):
"When the FBI became intelligence-driven, it didn’t have to stop being fact-driven. Exhibit A is Christopher Steele, who was never a collector of facts — he was a former foreign intelligence officer, and there’s a huge difference: A spy’s singular mission is to break the laws of the countries to which they are assigned and get citizens to commit espionage. Facts don’t matter — only results. The FBI agents who handled or listened to Steele should not have treated him as the confidential human source he never was but as a conduit for the transmission of unverified information.

When intelligence started coming into headquarters from Steele and other confidential sources, it was treated as part of a labyrinth of possibilities. Unlike a criminal investigation, where facts matter, none of what the bureau got was verifiable. Yet no one involved at HQ appears to have cared if the intelligence on Trump campaign allies Carter Page, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone was factually true. (The latter two later were prosecuted for crimes that occurred before and after the campaign.)

To the headquarters executives and lawyers running the Trump-Russia investigation, this was the best of both worlds: a criminal investigation into Russian collusion masquerading as a counterintelligence case, where information was not evidence and therefore fungible.

Former FBI Director James Comey, in testimony to Congress on national television, announced that a counterintelligence case had been opened on the Trump campaign. Think about that: The very announcement that a counterintelligence case exists is, de facto, the end of such an investigation; the “enemy” knows the jig is up. Did Comey really know that little about counterintelligence?

Even after President Trump took office, the FBI was running a criminal investigation under the rubric of a counterintelligence investigation. How do we know? Because it was perhaps the most important case in the history of the bureau and they didn’t tell the boss. If it really was a counterintelligence case — that’s what the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is used for, after all — why hide it from the chief consumer of counterintelligence, the president?

On Jan. 13, 2017, the FBI interviewed Steele’s only sub-source and determined his dossier on which the entire Russia collusion case was built was bogus. Not only were the four subjects of confidential information not suspects in the crime, but the FBI now knew there was no crime. What law enforcement agency keeps investigating a crime it finds out didn’t happen? Answer: one that has parallel counterintelligence authorities.  
So, agents pressed on with three additional FISA warrants, a legally dubious approach to getting then-national security adviser Michael Flynn to lie about a conversation with the Russian ambassador, for which the FBI already had a transcript, in order to prosecute him for the lie or get him fired. And they opened a criminal investigation on the president of the United States for lawfully firing Comey. These tactics might have been laudable had the FBI been a foreign intelligence agency directing agents against a foreign target, not against American citizens and a presidential administration."

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Yuge if true

"Will Trump Really Start Two Wars Instead of "Just" One?" (The Saker).  I like the sinking of an Asshole ship for each Iranian ship the Assholes attempt to board.

"Venezuela sues Bank of England for refusal to return country’s gold amid coronavirus crisis".

"‘Atlantic’ editor who promoted erroneous conspiracy to gin up Iraq war bewails Arab propensity to conspiracy thinking" (Weiss/North).  The old ridiculous conspiracy theory is Saddam and al Qaeda, but the hip killers and thieves, and concentration camp guards, now prefer Iran and al Qaeda.  Whatever it takes to herd the farm animals.  This is even better when you consider that al Qaeda is Assholia's only real ally left (besides ISIS).

"Will Mahmoud Abbas really stop PA collaboration with Israel?" (Abinimah).  No.  Shekels.  Shekels explain everything that isn't explained by blackmail.

"Bart Gellman on Snowden" (Schneier).  Reminds me of the Clinton material, everybody was rooting around in there, and everybody has it (albeit some got it from Seth Rich!).

"China updates its ‘Art of (Hybrid) War’" (Escobar).  What is it about failing empires and their consistent assumption that their planned victims will just take all the abuse and give up?  The whole American economy is based in having a huge number of poors, who only survive shopping at dollar stores for cheap Chinese-made goods.  What happens to the social structure when you take that away?

Tweet (Katie Halper):
"They will just pass his military budget"
"The Liberal Right Blew Coronavirus" ('Hunter Wallace') (my emphasis in red):
"There is take making the rounds that nationalists have squandered the opportunity of a lifetime. The coronavirus was almost tailor made for a “national populist” president to push through his stalled agenda. It was a foreign threat could only enter the country and kill the old and the weak through uncontrolled travel and immigration. The Left was hesitant to close our borders even to a deadly virus that disproportionately kills non-Whites because of “racism” and “xenophobia.” The nation had been left nearly defenseless by globalists who had outsourced the medical supply chain. The crisis vindicated Trump on the core issues that got him elected: uncontrolled immigration, trade and foreign policy.

There is an election in November and this would have been the perfect opportunity for Trump to win over swing voters, consolidate and expand his base against a sputtering and senile Joe Biden. It is times like this when the public demands strong and competent leadership, not a nanny state “mommy,” but a “father of the nation” figure, to navigate the nation through a major crisis. He could have acted swiftly to impose real travel bans on China and Europe, not an optics ban that allowed American citizens to come and go as they please, and to regulate international flights like every other country that has successfully fought the virus. He could have followed Dr. Bright’s advice and mobilized domestic industry to produce masks. If he had listened to his own intelligence agencies, it is easy to imagine Trump devoting the 2020 State of the Union address to preparing the country for the looming threat of a deadly pandemic.

None of this happened like it did in Hungary and Australia because Donald Trump already had a plan for winning the 2020 election. The plan was that he would be reelected on the basis of the conservative policies – the tax cuts and deregulation – that had created the greatest economy in the world. The stock market was surging to Dow 30,000 in February. He didn’t want to take any bold and controversial actions that would have screwed that up. As a result, Trump downplayed and minimized the virus and wrote it off as “just the flu.” He consulted with his donors and made the call to “ride it out.” In doing so, he ignored the WHO, his own public health team and his own intelligence agencies. 
Look at where we are now because of the choice that Donald Trump made at the fork in the road of his destiny: 94,143 dead and 14.7% unemployment in two months. The worst aspects of the liberal Right have been put on public display: the selfishness, materialism and extreme individualism at the heart of their philosophy, a callous disregard for the lives of the weak, the elderly and the poor, the rejection of science and medicine, the embrace of conspiracy theories, obsequious deference to wealthy donors at the expense of the common good, attacking doctors and nurses putting their own lives at risk for doing their jobs in a national crisis, the descent into polarization at the worst possible moment and the scapegoating of foreigners for our inept management of a global crisis."
This is the best explanation I've read on the FBI and Flynn:  "Ghost of J. Edgar Haunts Flynn Investigation" (Rowley).  "Time To Break Up The FBI?" (Smith).  Probably the biggest non-news - and it may not be true at all, but yuge if it is, and an appropriate punishment for Russiagate/Obamagate - you won't read is that Trump has quietly removed intelligence from the FBI's purview:  "The Only Thing Morbidly Obese In D.C. Is The Government" (Luongo).

"Missouri executes man convicted of murder despite calls to examine innocence claim" (Nozicka).  Read the problems with the case against him.  And he was white!!!

Rape button

"Israel Strikes Syria to Keep the USA in the Levant. 20 Years After the Unconditional Israeli Withdrawal From Lebanon, What Has Been Achieved? (2)" (Magnier).  The unintentional steps taken by Israel behind the rise of Hezbollah.

"Washington’s tall tale of Iranian-Al Qaeda alliance based on questionably sourced book ‘The Exile’" (Porter).  We're back to the neocon mythological, and completely nuts, alliance between Iran and al Qaeda.

"Why is Sam Husseini Channeling Neocon Conspiracy Theories on Covid-19?" (Noh/Chaufan):
"Husseini first pulls off this canard by arguing that there is no meaningful difference between biowarfare and biodefense. This is hardly true. Although there is always some overlap between basic science, medicine, preventive research, and warfare, there are also serious differences in emphasis, approach, practice, and funding that he glosses over. Husseini has to assert this tenuous proposition in order to implicate the Wuhan lab in suspected biowarfare malfeasance (or error), and to claim that there is a global biowarfare arms race between China and the US (rather than by the US against its opponents). That linguistic sleight of hand, in particular, the equivalence of biowarfare and biodefense is factually not true, and is certainly not true in one very obvious way regarding the Wuhan lab: if there were a biowarfare arms race happening around the world, the countries putatively at war with each other–the US and China–would not share or allow access to their labs to a competitor state, collaborate, or exchange their research and researchers. But the fact is the US was given wide access to the Wuhan Labs–not just scientists but also US State Department functionaries–as were French scientists. The Wuhan lab solicited US aid and funding. (Husseini seems to believe that biowarfare labs openly solicit funding from other countries). Scientists in the US and China collaborated and worked together collegially, trained each other, shared information, published papers, and still maintain some relations.
As a point of contrast, no one, not a single Chinese national has ever set foot in Fort Dietrick, the key US biowarfare research lab. No Chinese university has ever collaborated with them. No Chinese funding has been directed to it. No one knows exactly what they are researching. This is not the case with Wuhan—there is knowledge which viruses they had, and published papers on what they were researching, how they were being researched, as well as what safety protocols were in place. If we take into consideration the fact that Chinese researchers are no longer welcome to do even basic research in the US at this point in time, it’s inconceivable that the US would have been assisting the Chinese with weaponizing viruses that could potentially be used against them, or funding such work when even basic scientific research–and now graduate study in the sciences–is being obstructed in the US for the Chinese."
There is more than a little irony in the fact that the Assholians were using the Wuhan lab to do contract research for them, some of which they were afraid to do at home as they couldn't be certain in the safety procedures of their own labs (and some of which they contracted out because of the fact the Chinese are better scientists).

"Israel and Iran Face Each Other in Cyberspace" (Leiroz de Almeida).

"Major media drama ensues after fired NBC host Matt Lauer calls out Ronan Farrow’s journalism".  The important opinion of (((Matt 'Rape Button' Lauer))).   (((Donor))) pressure continues to absolutely slaughter the reputation of WSWS:  "The New York Times exposes journalist, #MeToo crusader Ronan Farrow as a dishonest fraud" (Walsh).

"You Don’t Need Invasive Tech for Successful Contact Tracing. Here’s How It Works." (Chen).  So when they produce privacy-stealing apps, in a flurry of (((news coverage))), you'll know they are lying about it having to do with the pandemic.

"No—Argue Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, Monia Mazigh, and 100+ Others—Canada Does Not Deserve UN Security Council Seat" (Queally).  One side of the seat is for The Nazi's ego, and the other more important side is a second Assholian vote (none of Canada's international 'seats' are anything more than an additional Assholian vote).  Nobody wants that.  Note that moral countries want that seat:  "Canada missing in action on Israel’s proposed annexation of the West Bank".  "Ottawa’s Close Ties with Far Right Colombia President undermines Human Rights Rhetoric Regarding Venezuela" (Engler).  "Canada and the Coup Attempt Against Venezuela" (August).  "Canadians Must Ask Questions About the Mercenary Raid on Venezuela" (Pagliccia).  This would be a wonderful chance, with Assholia making a big play to insist on its uni-polar control of the world, for the world to send a message by denying Assholia a second seat.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A. Nolen

Does anybody know whatever happened to old-school conspiracy blogger A. Nolen?  Here's a bit of an example:
"There’s one big MK ULTRA topic that I’ve left out of that list: Subproject 102, the ‘gang rioting’ subproject. I’ve left it out because it’s wrapped up in the most interesting Playboy ‘political causes’ of all: Black Nationalism and Racial Integration.

In 1958, and continuing for a few years, the CIA funded the work of sociologist Muzafer Sherif, who documented the political hot-buttons of “inner city youths”, youths who his henchman found roaming urban streets. Sherif, a native of Turkey, wanted to know what these boys’ aspirations were; what they considered being ‘rich'; how they related to the “dominant features of American life”; and what they’d do to gang members who “squealed”. Sherif was known for his work on how to ‘tailor messages to’ (read ‘manipulate’) different groups of people. Of course, it was inner city youth rioting which destroyed swaths of urban America in the 1960s; undermined Black communities economically; and made ‘White Flight’ a matter of personal safety. This rioting was the ugly side of the Civil Rights Movement. 
In 1960s America, when you talk about ‘inner city youth’ and gangs, you’re talking about Black youth and gangs for the most part. The CIA wanted to know how to manipulate young Black people. This is where Hugh Hefner comes in with his naked (mostly White) ladies; his stance on ‘racial integration'; and his militant Black Nationalist political pundits."
"According to John Broven in Record Makers and Breakers, Cash Box was the brainchild of Bill Gersh, a coin-operated jutebox marketing expert who would later spearhead coverage of the coin-operated video game industry. Readers interested in Bill Colby’s connection to Activision will be glad to know that Gersh’s Cash Box and a separate publication started by Gersh, The Marketplace, were premier publications covering coin-operated video games such as ‘Pong’ made by Atari, the firm from which Activision poached their initial stable of programmers. These programmers were managed by an old GRT/Chess Records hand, Jim Levy. Cash Box was instrumental in starting the video game industry.

Cash Box is among the best sources for information on the early video game industry. 1972 ‘Pong’ ad, thank you
The important thing to remember about Gersh is that if you wanted to know how to reach regular people (especially men) through low-brow, coin-operated entertainment during WWII and beyond, he was the expert to go to. Gersh was a premiere source for ‘competitive intelligence’, or industrial espionage. (Readers interested in the propaganda value of pornography may like my post Ron Jeremy: OSS Brat.)"
"The uncomfortable fact is that during the period 1947-1968, Kenneth Anger was everywhere the CIA was. In the early fifties, Anger courted the CIA-funded Jean Cocteau in Paris while Cocteau frontlined for the CIA’s ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’. In the mid Fifties, Anger investigated/promoted Crowley’s Cefalù sex cult with Alfred Kinsey, just as the CIA was reviving Crowley’s ‘system of control’ research through MK ULTRA. In the mid-to-late 1960s, Anger pushed LSD use and exploited San Fransisco’s demimonde just like MK ULTRA’s George White had for his spy research.

It’s not hard to notice the overlap between Anger’s work and the CIA’s; I leave it to readers to surmise why Landis failed to do so. MK ULTRA and the ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’ are both well-document CIA programs: the ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’ was known to be a CIA front since at least 1978 when CIA head William Colby outed the congress along with Gloria Steinem in his autobiography. The MK ULTRA/LSD connection in San Fransisco has been widely recognized since 1979, when John Marks published his iconic book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
In this post, I’m going to add the historical context to Anger’s early career in Europe, New York City and San Fransisco; the context that Bill Landis should have included in his– otherwise– reasonably good book on Anger. This context covers two aspects to Anger’s career: 1) his ‘rise’ to the European film scene in the early 1950s and 2) Anger’s association with Kinsey and how both Kinsey and Anger’s work paralleled George White’s LSD/prostitution work for the CIA."
The website no longer exists.  You can see why it might be important to archive it.  About 5 years ago he posted:
"Howdy, a.nolen readers!

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging to condense my posts into book form. I don’t know when I’ll be finished with the manuscript, so if you’re interested in being notified on its completion, please comment ‘notify me’ to this post, and I’ll contact you via whatever confidential contact info you leave. (Emails, etc will not be viewable by the public.)

It’s been a lot of fun and I appreciate your readership! 

A global public good

"Covid-19 fallout? Putin might INVADE & China will DOMINATE, says the Atlantic citing ‘experts’" (Malic).  The concentration camp guard is really working the Putin Derangement Syndrome - up to and well past the point of utter lunacy - proving that WWIII will without question be a War For The Jews.

Tweet (Joshua Frank):
"There’s a reason the NYTs went after Ronan Farrow yesterday. Without sharing anything that is off record, let’s just say it was most certainly a preemptive strike."
Farrow must be about to #metoo Biden.

"Turley: The 'Unmasking' Of Joe Biden" (Turley).

"Looking at the Real Data on Lockdowns and Not-So-Lockdowns" (Marshall).  The Pantopticon shows us that Sweden didn't do anything radically different from the rest of Europe, it just got worse health results with equally bad economic results.

"Failing the Test — The Tragic Data Gap Undermining the U.S. Pandemic Response" (Schneider).  You can't isolate the spreaders if you don't do the tests, but Trump thinks the tests make him look bad, hence the world-beating 'success' of Assholia.

"Woman who designed Florida's COVID-19 dashboard has been removed from her position" (Lolo).  For refusing to censor data that contradicted the case for reopening.

"Busted: Pentagon Contractors’ Report on ‘Wuhan Lab’ Origins of Virus Is Bogus" (Banco/Rawnsley/Cartwright).

"An Illusion Of Protection: The Pandemic, The “Criminal” Government And Public Distrust of The Media" (Media Lens).  The BBC as the PR arm of government.

Amazing special treatment of banks:  "Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus" (Brown).

"A Plague From Harvard" (Willers).  Note how much more informative this would be with ((())).

"The Warp Speed Push for Coronavirus Vaccines" (Engdahl).  I very much doubt a successful vaccine will come out of a place as degraded as Assholia.  Actually, it is vary unlikely that a successful vaccine will come from anywhere.

"India and the politics of Covid pandemic" (Bhadrakumar):
"Interestingly, Xi also made a dramatic announcement that “COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good. This will be China’s contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.” This also puts Trump in a fix. Trump’s estimation is that tons of money can be made by marketing abroad any US-made vaccine at exorbitant price, as western Pharma companies routinely do."
The astroturf:  "The Lockdown Protestors Are Not Working Class" (Smith).

"Silicon Valley Invents "The Free Lunch" - The Doordash-Pizza Arbitrage" (Roy).  The economics of Silicon Valley.

Given the recent performance of Boris, they might want to start with reconstructing Britain:  "Revealed: Secretive British unit planning for ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela" (McEvoy).  "REVEALED: How a British-backed media operation tried to turn Alawites against Assad" (Cobain/al-Aswad/Abu Sneineh) and "Britain’s covert operations to overthrow Syrian government exposed" (Shaoul) - this is the PR push that is behind the latest salvo from the (((media))) that Putin is upset with Assad due to the 'rift' amongst the powerful families in Syria.

"Will Jordan make Israel pay a price for annexation?" (Nassar).  No.  The bribes will be paid, there will be some grumbling on the 'street', and that will be it.  As always with the mythological 'Arab solidarity'.

"News Stories Avoid Naming Israel" (Giraldi).  Why (((they))) decided they had to get full control of the (((media))).

"From Where do Fables “Take Off”, or Lessons in Source Studies" (Asmolov).  Kim's premature death.

"On the Situation in Hong Kong as US-China Relations Worsen" (Terehov).  The Chinese have finally learned the valuable lesson that 'playing nice' doesn't get you anywhere when you are dealing with Assholes/assholes.

Another snoopers sharing alliance is revealed, northern European, named after a beer:  "Maximator and other European SIGINT alliances" (

Monday, May 18, 2020


Anglin's going 'legit', no more JQ or casual racism ('jokes'), as denialism is the most important issue of our time, and he will no doubt be a full-fledged anti-vaxxer in six months, selling colloidal silver and gold coins to the rubes:  "A Dawn of a New Age of the Daily Stormer".  It was always his destiny.

Every few months, we get another dose of Putin-is-abandoning-Assad from the (((media))), a branch of the Mossad.  "Iranian Official Denies Rumors about Agreement on Assad’s Resignation".  Even Bhadrakumar falls for it:  "Russia makes a botch of its Syrian alliance" (note the comments here).

The secret - as the (((media))) refuses to notice it - wave of strikes:  "COVID-19 Strike Wave Interactive Map".

"Inside Trump’s coronavirus meltdown" (Luce).  It should be obvious that the fact President Jared, speaking for the Jewish hedge fund billionaires, quashed any concern about the virus - and thus the vitally important steps to get ahead of it - as it might spook the market bubble, is completely inconsistent with the idea Trump is part of a Gates/1% conspiracy theory hatched in 2019 to ride a phony virus crisis to Mark of the Beast/world government. 

"The murderous pseudoscience of “herd immunity”" (Damon).  "Tracking covid-19 excess deaths across countries".  "U.S. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Programs Designed for Failure, Despite Bloomberg Money; Why Can’t the U.S. Copy the Lessons of Hong Kong’s Success?" (Scofield).  "The Sweden Mistake?" (Ritholtz).  Sweden got picked as Fox News wanted stories to encourage reopening, while cleverly owning the 'libtards' by picking their favorite country as the example to follow.

"Taibbi: Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties".  The Clarification from the case of Flynn.


"The Nakba has two narratives, one based on facts, the other on lies" (Khaled).  You can see why (((they))) had to take full control of the (((media))) and historians.

"A New Pandemic? Two Trailblazing COVID-19 Researchers Dead in a Month" (Bridge).  "Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In His Home - A Timeline" (Moon).  "Chinese Sending Team to Investigate Death of Ambassador in Israel" (Anglin).  "Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home, Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US" (Durden).  "Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead in Tel Aviv home":
"The ambassador's death comes just two days after he condemned comments by visiting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of hiding information about the coronavirus pandemic."
There's another factor with Pompeo - both McConnell and Trump want him to run for the Senate seat in Kansas.  The Republican alternative is ‎Kris Kobach, so obviously a nut that the Republicans fear he might actually lose (when you're too nutty for Kansas . . .), thus possibly putting the control of the Senate in play (and Trump knows he's in deep trouble if Shifty takes another run at him, this time with a Democrat-controlled Senate).  Thus having a murder follow Pompeo around, and crating a scandal over the firing of someone investigating the Fat Fuck's misuse of the Secret Service - who spent years training how to dodge bullets only to have to spend their time driving truckloads of take-out Chinese to fill his gaping maw - and even the odd failure of the hopeless attack on Venezuela, all might just be a campaign to force the Fat Fuck back to Kansas.  I can't see the Israelis killing the Chinese ambassador, but I can clearly see them stepping aside to let the Assholes do it.

"Why Armed Right Wingers Were Able To Shut Down Michigan’s Legislature" (Welsh).  Welsh is fairly reliable, but this is quite terrible, as are the comments.  The 'left' isn't left, so what they may think about violence is not interesting.  Antifa is a paramilitary unit paid by Soros or entities funded by Soros for the purpose of making the white nationalist right a boogeyman, and is thus also not a valid example of what the 'left' might be doing (btw, woke history would point you in the right direction - violence in politics, whether it be the old anarchists with their cartoon bombs shaped like a bowling ball with a fuse, or the literal invention of modern terrorism in the Middle East, or 60s 'hippie' radicals, is always dominated by Khazars).  Missing the conspiracy angle - that at least the leaders of these 'organic' gun protests are paid by the 1% as part of the PR campaign to get the factories open again - is a huge problem, and makes deriving bigger lessons impossible (what this really is is an armed insurrection paid for by and for the interests of big capital). Assholia is basically a huge collection of larpers (I've been thinking a lot of how unique this kind of entertainment-politics fusion is to Assholia, and it basically explains Trump), so getting people to do their gun cosplay isn't difficult at all, and doesn't lead to any reliable conclusions about the 'right' (in Assholia, the 'right' is basically everybody, with the 'extreme' right adding a more obvious veneer of racism).  The Black Panthers no longer exist - is he referring to Nation of Islam (usually not the subject of much mention as they are way too woke for polite discussion)?  I don't even know the purpose of this essay - is he advocating violence from the left?

One big lesson from the pandemic - you can never, ever, ever, ever afford to have a right-wing government.  Oh, it will be ok for most when times are good and the luxury cost of such a government is born entirely by the poors.  But if anything goes seriously sideways governments like Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro will inevitably fuck everything up, with disastrous consequences.  Canada dodged a huge bullet when Sheer lost, and the comments of Sheer and other Conservatives on the pandemic are consistently at the level of self-parody.  One shudders to think what Canada would look like if these clowns were running things.

"Profiting from Coronavirus" (Murray):
"If Britain had one single mainstream media journalist willing to think, rather than just regurgitate government propaganda, they might have realised that there is a massive story here if you look at it the other way round. The quote from the Guardian deliberately attempted to give the impression that Russia, China and Iran were trying to disable, destroy or hamper coronavirus research: “Any attack against efforts to combat the coronavirus”. But if you read carefully through those articles, you find that the allegation is merely that they are attempting hack in to gain access to the research.

Because the UK and the US are attempting to hide their vaccine and treatment research results from the rest of the world to make money out of them.

Much has been written about the possibility for a new and better kind of world to emerge after coronavirus. Yet our governments cannot conceive of any model for fighting this threat to the whole world, other than the capitalist, money-making model. The much-touted “race to develop a vaccine” is not a race to save lives. It is a race to make billions.

The United States and the United Kingdom are working in all international fora to head off efforts to pool global research and to make any vaccine or medicine a good for the world. Governments can reward those working on the vaccine, and the companies for providing the facilities, using economic models other than the patent and the potential for massive profit."
"The face of post-COVID geopolitics" (Madsen).  So much for the globalist experiment.