Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A. Nolen

Does anybody know whatever happened to old-school conspiracy blogger A. Nolen?  Here's a bit of an example:
"There’s one big MK ULTRA topic that I’ve left out of that list: Subproject 102, the ‘gang rioting’ subproject. I’ve left it out because it’s wrapped up in the most interesting Playboy ‘political causes’ of all: Black Nationalism and Racial Integration.

In 1958, and continuing for a few years, the CIA funded the work of sociologist Muzafer Sherif, who documented the political hot-buttons of “inner city youths”, youths who his henchman found roaming urban streets. Sherif, a native of Turkey, wanted to know what these boys’ aspirations were; what they considered being ‘rich'; how they related to the “dominant features of American life”; and what they’d do to gang members who “squealed”. Sherif was known for his work on how to ‘tailor messages to’ (read ‘manipulate’) different groups of people. Of course, it was inner city youth rioting which destroyed swaths of urban America in the 1960s; undermined Black communities economically; and made ‘White Flight’ a matter of personal safety. This rioting was the ugly side of the Civil Rights Movement. 
In 1960s America, when you talk about ‘inner city youth’ and gangs, you’re talking about Black youth and gangs for the most part. The CIA wanted to know how to manipulate young Black people. This is where Hugh Hefner comes in with his naked (mostly White) ladies; his stance on ‘racial integration'; and his militant Black Nationalist political pundits."
"According to John Broven in Record Makers and Breakers, Cash Box was the brainchild of Bill Gersh, a coin-operated jutebox marketing expert who would later spearhead coverage of the coin-operated video game industry. Readers interested in Bill Colby’s connection to Activision will be glad to know that Gersh’s Cash Box and a separate publication started by Gersh, The Marketplace, were premier publications covering coin-operated video games such as ‘Pong’ made by Atari, the firm from which Activision poached their initial stable of programmers. These programmers were managed by an old GRT/Chess Records hand, Jim Levy. Cash Box was instrumental in starting the video game industry.

Cash Box is among the best sources for information on the early video game industry. 1972 ‘Pong’ ad, thank you http://allincolorforaquarter.blogspot.com
The important thing to remember about Gersh is that if you wanted to know how to reach regular people (especially men) through low-brow, coin-operated entertainment during WWII and beyond, he was the expert to go to. Gersh was a premiere source for ‘competitive intelligence’, or industrial espionage. (Readers interested in the propaganda value of pornography may like my post Ron Jeremy: OSS Brat.)"
"The uncomfortable fact is that during the period 1947-1968, Kenneth Anger was everywhere the CIA was. In the early fifties, Anger courted the CIA-funded Jean Cocteau in Paris while Cocteau frontlined for the CIA’s ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’. In the mid Fifties, Anger investigated/promoted Crowley’s Cefalù sex cult with Alfred Kinsey, just as the CIA was reviving Crowley’s ‘system of control’ research through MK ULTRA. In the mid-to-late 1960s, Anger pushed LSD use and exploited San Fransisco’s demimonde just like MK ULTRA’s George White had for his spy research.

It’s not hard to notice the overlap between Anger’s work and the CIA’s; I leave it to readers to surmise why Landis failed to do so. MK ULTRA and the ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’ are both well-document CIA programs: the ‘Congress for Cultural Freedom’ was known to be a CIA front since at least 1978 when CIA head William Colby outed the congress along with Gloria Steinem in his autobiography. The MK ULTRA/LSD connection in San Fransisco has been widely recognized since 1979, when John Marks published his iconic book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
In this post, I’m going to add the historical context to Anger’s early career in Europe, New York City and San Fransisco; the context that Bill Landis should have included in his– otherwise– reasonably good book on Anger. This context covers two aspects to Anger’s career: 1) his ‘rise’ to the European film scene in the early 1950s and 2) Anger’s association with Kinsey and how both Kinsey and Anger’s work paralleled George White’s LSD/prostitution work for the CIA."
The website no longer exists.  You can see why it might be important to archive it.  About 5 years ago he posted:
"Howdy, a.nolen readers!

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging to condense my posts into book form. I don’t know when I’ll be finished with the manuscript, so if you’re interested in being notified on its completion, please comment ‘notify me’ to this post, and I’ll contact you via whatever confidential contact info you leave. (Emails, etc will not be viewable by the public.)

It’s been a lot of fun and I appreciate your readership! 
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