Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pariah states

The sad diplomatic train-wreck that was Australia's attempt to act as lackey for Trump against the WHO and China:  "Truth Vaccine Kills Australian-American Campaign Against China in World Health Organisation Debate" (Helmer).

""The US Is Bluffing": China Claims Trump Too "Weakened" By Pandemic To Intervene In Hong Kong" (Durden).  Also the surprising lack of the formerly inevitable Assholian violence over the Iranian tankers supplying Venezuela.  Abrams much be having a fit!  The only two 'pariah states' I know of are Assholia and its boss Khazaria.

""Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 'Cell Culture' Theory Gains Steam" (Durden):
"When asked why mainstream scientists are still clinging to the theory that the virus originated in a Wuhan wet market, he said that scientists "try not to be political" but that that scientists who support the lab escape theory risk negatively impacting their industry with tighter laboratory controls.
"For instance, if it was to turn out that this virus may have come about because of an accidental lab release that would have implications for how we do viral research in laboratories all around the world which could make doing research much harder," he said, adding "So I think the inclination of virus researchers would be to presume that it came from an animal until proven otherwise because that would have less ramifications for how we are able to do research in the future. The alternative obviously has quite major implications for science and science on viruses, not just obviously political ramifications which we’re all well aware of.""
"Disgraced Anti-Vaxx Child Abuser Andrew Wakefield Tortures History" (VT Editors).

"Zionists Have Feelings Too" (Giraldi).  (((Control))) of language is big.  It goes back to enforcing the use of the term 'anti-Semite' to refer to skepticism about people who aren't Semites!  "Memorial Day".

Epstein is more relevant than ever as it was his blackmail material that was behind THE BIGGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY:  "Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly searched trailer parks to find Epstein victims" (Sheehy).
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