Sunday, May 31, 2020

Riot riot

Other than the police provocateurs (one known case, but if one, there must be others), the only other major white presence in the current rioting is George Soros' private army called Antifa (is it even legal to run such a private army against the farm animals?).  The white nationalists are laughing about claims that they are heavily involved, and I believe them.  This is just Trump PR, changing the subject.  Obviously, there can't be black rioters, as that would imply they had something to riot about.  Soon it ill be blamed on Russians or Chinese!

Tweet (Jahd Khalil):
"The United Daughters of the Confrderacy appears to have been on fire. There’s a lot of smoke in front of the lights that light it up. Heavily armored police with rifles, what I assume is night vision equipment and gas masks here"
Sauce for the gander: "Watch out! 'Beautiful sight' in HK is spreading across the US" (Xijin).

"Outrage After Far-Left Pro-BDS Group Ties Israel to Minneapolis Police Violence" (Kerstein).  "Pro-Palestinian Group: Israel Trains U.S. Police to Be Racist" (Bandler).  Notice the spin to turn the issue into the 'outrage' at the remarks, rather than the deep truth of the story underneath.  It's the toxic combo of casual Khazar racism/anti-gentilism, distilled into LE tactics through specific training programs, and the sad history of Assholian race relations.  Police administrators like this kind of training as they regard non-white Americans in the same way that the Khazars regard Palestinians.

Tweet (joe kennedy III is a republican) (I note that the horse is more solicitous of the health of human beings that the asshole riding it):
"Tell me more about these “out of state agitators.”"

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