Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Yuge if true

"Will Trump Really Start Two Wars Instead of "Just" One?" (The Saker).  I like the sinking of an Asshole ship for each Iranian ship the Assholes attempt to board.

"Venezuela sues Bank of England for refusal to return country’s gold amid coronavirus crisis".

"‘Atlantic’ editor who promoted erroneous conspiracy to gin up Iraq war bewails Arab propensity to conspiracy thinking" (Weiss/North).  The old ridiculous conspiracy theory is Saddam and al Qaeda, but the hip killers and thieves, and concentration camp guards, now prefer Iran and al Qaeda.  Whatever it takes to herd the farm animals.  This is even better when you consider that al Qaeda is Assholia's only real ally left (besides ISIS).

"Will Mahmoud Abbas really stop PA collaboration with Israel?" (Abinimah).  No.  Shekels.  Shekels explain everything that isn't explained by blackmail.

"Bart Gellman on Snowden" (Schneier).  Reminds me of the Clinton material, everybody was rooting around in there, and everybody has it (albeit some got it from Seth Rich!).

"China updates its ‘Art of (Hybrid) War’" (Escobar).  What is it about failing empires and their consistent assumption that their planned victims will just take all the abuse and give up?  The whole American economy is based in having a huge number of poors, who only survive shopping at dollar stores for cheap Chinese-made goods.  What happens to the social structure when you take that away?

Tweet (Katie Halper):
"They will just pass his military budget"
"The Liberal Right Blew Coronavirus" ('Hunter Wallace') (my emphasis in red):
"There is take making the rounds that nationalists have squandered the opportunity of a lifetime. The coronavirus was almost tailor made for a “national populist” president to push through his stalled agenda. It was a foreign threat could only enter the country and kill the old and the weak through uncontrolled travel and immigration. The Left was hesitant to close our borders even to a deadly virus that disproportionately kills non-Whites because of “racism” and “xenophobia.” The nation had been left nearly defenseless by globalists who had outsourced the medical supply chain. The crisis vindicated Trump on the core issues that got him elected: uncontrolled immigration, trade and foreign policy.

There is an election in November and this would have been the perfect opportunity for Trump to win over swing voters, consolidate and expand his base against a sputtering and senile Joe Biden. It is times like this when the public demands strong and competent leadership, not a nanny state “mommy,” but a “father of the nation” figure, to navigate the nation through a major crisis. He could have acted swiftly to impose real travel bans on China and Europe, not an optics ban that allowed American citizens to come and go as they please, and to regulate international flights like every other country that has successfully fought the virus. He could have followed Dr. Bright’s advice and mobilized domestic industry to produce masks. If he had listened to his own intelligence agencies, it is easy to imagine Trump devoting the 2020 State of the Union address to preparing the country for the looming threat of a deadly pandemic.

None of this happened like it did in Hungary and Australia because Donald Trump already had a plan for winning the 2020 election. The plan was that he would be reelected on the basis of the conservative policies – the tax cuts and deregulation – that had created the greatest economy in the world. The stock market was surging to Dow 30,000 in February. He didn’t want to take any bold and controversial actions that would have screwed that up. As a result, Trump downplayed and minimized the virus and wrote it off as “just the flu.” He consulted with his donors and made the call to “ride it out.” In doing so, he ignored the WHO, his own public health team and his own intelligence agencies. 
Look at where we are now because of the choice that Donald Trump made at the fork in the road of his destiny: 94,143 dead and 14.7% unemployment in two months. The worst aspects of the liberal Right have been put on public display: the selfishness, materialism and extreme individualism at the heart of their philosophy, a callous disregard for the lives of the weak, the elderly and the poor, the rejection of science and medicine, the embrace of conspiracy theories, obsequious deference to wealthy donors at the expense of the common good, attacking doctors and nurses putting their own lives at risk for doing their jobs in a national crisis, the descent into polarization at the worst possible moment and the scapegoating of foreigners for our inept management of a global crisis."
This is the best explanation I've read on the FBI and Flynn:  "Ghost of J. Edgar Haunts Flynn Investigation" (Rowley).  "Time To Break Up The FBI?" (Smith).  Probably the biggest non-news - and it may not be true at all, but yuge if it is, and an appropriate punishment for Russiagate/Obamagate - you won't read is that Trump has quietly removed intelligence from the FBI's purview:  "The Only Thing Morbidly Obese In D.C. Is The Government" (Luongo).

"Missouri executes man convicted of murder despite calls to examine innocence claim" (Nozicka).  Read the problems with the case against him.  And he was white!!!
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