Monday, June 01, 2020

Antifa Elmo

"Tel-Aviv Trains Our Police and this is what we get." (Jadallah).  The Khazars train their police to assist in the only thing they have any concern about, killing people and stealing their land.  If that is not your agenda, sending your police to be trained by these (((monsters))) is senseless and counterproductive, as we can see in the shit-show going on now in Assholia.

"Caught on camera, police explode in rage and violence across the US" (Sottek). 

Anglin's collection:  "RiotQuest: The Endless Adventure Continues… Towards Eternity!".  Another part of the strategy is for the cops to disappear:  "Across the Entire Country, Cops Continue to Refuse to Stop Riots".

So, we've got:

  1. legitimate black (and white) protesters against police violence;
  2. sometimes, if they show up, violent Israeli-trained police thugs;
  3. mostly black looters, enjoying the advantages of convenient parking for multiple trips with clumsy boxes (the new development is that the looting has moved beyond local neighborhoods to luxury shops in the 'white areas', normally areas heavily protected by police who this time have disappeared);
  4. Soros' army of domestic terrorists called Antifa, who have been provided in many places with convenient piles of bricks to break windows, and who often start and participate in the looting, and play a big role in the violence and counter-violence game with the police (who show up);
  5. perhaps a smattering of 'white nationalists' (of course, heavily infiltrated by, and under the direction of, government agencies).

I assume the looters carry the shoes in the difficult boxes as they intend to sell them to a fence for resale.

Why isn't Soros in jail?  Oh wait, I know (((why)))!

The Khazars do have a gift for comedy writing:  "White supremacists, Soros, 'Russians,' and Antifa blamed for US protests" (Frantzman) (my emphasis - oh my sides! - in red):
"Some have pushed back against the conspiracies. Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on May 29 that assertions George Soros is behind the violence is an antisemitic trope.
Michael Harriot at The Root argues that the assertion that protesters are “out of town” is a dog whistle that is linked to other racist claims, such as historic assertions that “northern abolitionists inciting slaves” or “MS-13 gangs” are responsible for violence. Harriot was right: By Saturday evening, some social media users were already claiming that “MS-13 gangs” were behind the protests in California. Like most of the theories put forward, there was no evidence for this.
The conspiracies put forward in the US to lay blame for the protests on a complex organized network is part of a pattern of shifting that has become increasingly common in America. Rather than seeing entrenched racism and police brutality as fueling protests, including police violence against journalists, there is a preference to see a hidden hand that can be more easily labeled as an enemy.
These are tactics that were once more common to the Soviet bloc countries and Middle Eastern regimes when trying to explain protests. For instance, the Assad regime asserted that legitimate protests in 2011 were an imperialist conspiracy. Today, the situation appears reversed: In the US across the political spectrum, there is a preference to see protests as part of a cartel, white supremacists, antifa, Russians and MS-13 gangs, as opposed to local grievances bubbling over after a very visible sign of police brutality."
"When Was Elmo Radicalized?" (jwz).
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