Friday, June 05, 2020

Soros versus Trump

We're being told that Antifa is not involved in the violence, or even, my favorite, that it is 'anti-Semitic' to say so, when we have actual cell phone videos taken by outraged peaceful protesters of their operations.  We've even seen some 'white supremacists', or just larping goofs, arrested to provide a new narrative.  We're also, naturally, being told by the (((media))) that because a few of the handy piles of bricks have legitimate explanations, that the whole planted piles of bricks story is a hoax (or here) - read through to the admission in the strategy book at the end (Antifa carries equipment to break up the asphalt as it is difficult to bring weapons heavy enough to break plate glass to a protest, hence the planted piles of bricks).  So why is Soros doing this?  And how does the Republican response fit in?

It's a political dance concerning the upcoming American elections, made even more complicated by the fact that the strategies on each side are very iffy, and could easily  backfire (remember the 'caravans' from Central America, which had a similar complicated dynamic, to the extent that it was impossible to know whether they were organized by Democrats or Republicans).  To start with, nobody on either side cares about the blacks.  This is obvious with the Republicans, but we should never forget the Jews are by far the worst racists in the world, whatever their PR might tell you, and it was racist Israeli police training, developed to violently suppress their own schwartzers/schvartzers, that was the root cause of the Floyd homicide.  For Democrat fans, Biden also has a spectacular record of overt and covert racism.

Soros regards his job as removing Trump and installing Biden Killary.  The way to do this is to anger Trump's base by ginning up the violence in the protests, increasing racial tensions/conflicts, and making it seem that Trump is ineffective in suppressing the protests.  This is a difficult operation.  If you read the white nationalist and even traditional conservative whining on the internet, looting is the thing that drives them stark raving mad (the performative 'taking a knee' also drives them crazy), and attempts by Antifa to increase the amount of looting by breaking open stores - leaving it up to local low-lifes and organized crime gangs to do the rest - could easily backfire by increasing the voting enthusiasm of Trump's base, particularly if the protesting naturally dies down, as it always does, allowing Trump to take credit.  The other massive issue is that protesting and rioting have completely removed Trump's massive virus failure from the conversation (to an extent which is almost funny).

Throughout, the Democrats are 100% with Trump on this, probably because they share his general world view, but more charitably as they don't want to block the Soros attempt to get Trump to hang himself.

We end up with a Soros-funded two-faced attack:

  1. directed to the right, Trump is so incompetent - or even misdirected by President Jared, who was apparently trying to stop Trump's violent reaction, on the theory Republicans still have a chance at black votes! - he failed to stop the violence; and
  2. directed to the left and centrists, Trump is a 'fascist' who introduced for the first time - ha! - 'police state' tactics into American life to save his own political skin.

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