Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bland is best

Tweet (Richard Zussman) (Horgan is Premier of British Columbia):
"BREAKING - John Horgan has sent Justin Trudeau a letter formally asking for the decriminalization of simple possession of illicit drugs. #bcpoli #covid19bc"
Tweet (Michael Bueckert) (Trudeau hasn't learned a thing from the loss of the UN vote):
"Bob Rae quit the NDP in 2002 because it was too pro-Palestine (https://cjpac.ca/breaking-company-with-the-ndp/…). Is this who Trudeau is hoping will improve Canada's reputation at the UN?"
The Canadian Liberals would form a majority government should an election be held today:  Poll Tracker.

I saw the same graphic and had the same reaction - it is extremely flattering to white people, to Master Race levels, which surely was lost on its creators!: "The Left is Now the Right" (Taibbi).

"Progressive Parents Disappointed In How White Their Children Are".

"Ghislaine Maxwell Hamstrung By Her Own 2016 Testimony, While Ex-Friend Claims She Hired Provocateur Jacob Wohl To Smear Accusers" (Durden).  "Pedogate: Michael Cohen Sues Barr, Says he was jailed to silence him on Trump’s pedo problem".

"Garbage In, Garbage Out, Again" (Robinson).  The motliest crew of 'experts' possible.

Tweet (Andrew Blake):
"NSA leaker Reality Winner has been trying for months to be released early from prison due to the COVID-19 outbreak. She has now tested positive, according to her sister."

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