Monday, July 13, 2020

Cancel cancel

Tweet (Ishaq_Aslam):
"4 Year Old Rafif Qaraeen, a Palestinian girl who was hit in the head by an M-16 caliber bullet while having dinner at her home several days ago in Issawiya died today
She will not get the coverage she deserves. Share this so the world knows about Rafif because THIS MUST END!"
"‘Cancel Culture’ Letter Is About Stifling Free Speech, Not Protecting It" (Cook). As anodyne as the letter is, this is a horrible muddle, and Cook should withdraw it.  Btw, like Terrorism, Cancel Culture was invented by the Khazars in an attempt to stifle any interference with their Project, by bullying hero truth-tellers like David Irving (it is really often just a sub-case of lawfare).  The whole point of absolutist advocacy for free speech is meta epistemological, the concept that nobody can determine the truth in any field, or even what the truth might look like.  You have to allow all expressions as even those that seem crazy - or even evil - just might turn out to have validity, or at least inspire somebody else to new ideas.  You don't give yourself a proper chance to sieve out the truth if you cut off anything.

And yes, it is nothing short of obscene that Bari Weiss gets to sign this letter.

The Thing That's Changed is that anybody can publish and be read around the world.  That's brand new.  Then we got the brilliant idea that we should allow a handful of supremacist Khazars to be truth gatekeepers.  What could possibly go wrong?

And it is not just academics and 'journalists' who are in danger:  "Eagles 'penalize' DeSean Jackson, say receiver must take action 'in order to remain on the team'" (Benjamin).

Much as I despise that fucker Noam, this is interesting:  tweet (James Kennedy):
"Wrote email to Chomsky, asking him what he thought of the reaction to "the Letter". Here's what he had to say:"
To be fair to him, he's always been a free speech absolutist.  That may come out of science, where 'heretical' ideas - Copernicus, that Australian doctor and ulcers - have a certain notoriety at winning out against all odds.
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