Monday, July 20, 2020

Chad Wolf

How Cancel Culture actually works (no big drama!):  "All Confusion and Contradictions n Trump’s Apocalyptic America" (Vltchek):
"Monstrous propaganda tsunami has been unleashed in the United States, but also the UK It is unprecedented and overwhelming. Alternative voices are silenced. Censorship, even amongst the so-called ‘alternative’ Western publications, is becoming bulletproof. And it all happened literally overnight. While my essays used to be reprinted just 2-3 months ago by at least 20 major outlets in the United States and Canada, now it is at most five who dare. My internationalist, left-wing angle did not change at all. But their true colors got exposed. But my work has been gaining great support in non-Western countries. This says a lot about the situation!"
With the self-centered drama queens of Assholia dominating the conversation, and making everything about themselves, we always tend to forget that the rest of the world is still functional, more or less, to the extent it manages to stay off the Assholian radar, and - I know it is impossible to believe - in many places actually improving.

"With US support, Taiwan planted deception about warning World Health Org of Covid" (Singh):
"The Taiwanese government has claimed that it provided early warning to the World Health Organization (WHO) at the end of December about the novel coronavirus and the risk of human-to-human transmission, but was ignored due to pressure from China. This claim has been paraded by Taiwanese authorities and the Donald Trump administration in order to slam the WHO as beholden to Chinese interests and advance the cause of Taiwanese separatism, pushing for Taiwan to be granted membership to the WHO independent of China. 
However, there is no evidence any such warning was ever issued by Taiwan to the WHO. The confidential communications which were first leaked by Taiwanese authorities, and then confirmed by the WHO, make it clear that Taiwan did not provide any alert or insight with regard to the novel coronavirus. The dishonest claims by Taipei and Washington have been advanced as part of broader, cynical efforts to deflect blame onto the WHO and Chinese government for the coronavirus outbreak."
"America’s hawkish stance with respect to Taiwan is reinforced by a foreign policy echo chamber in Washington with substantial ties to the island. As journalist Eli Clifton detailed, some of Washington’s most prominent foreign policy think tanks — including the Brookings Institution, the Center for American Progress, the Center for a New American Security, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Hudson Institute — receive high-level funding from Taiwanese authorities. Pushing for aggressive policies towards China and closer US-Taiwan ties, these institutions frequently bury the evidence of said funding and, according to Clifton, “[n]one of their researchers disclose the potential conflict of interest”."
We shouldn't forget that the Taiwanese are the assholes of China.

It is not clear whether these people are in on the Soros conspiracy/payroll or not, but they are playing their appointed roles nevertheless:
  1. "The Portland Seizures Are the Next Step To Latin American Style Fascism" (Welsh);
  2. "“Pre-Fascist” No Longer: Armed Trumpist Takeover of US Cities Begins" (Empire Burlesque);
  3. "Portland Is What Trump's America Will Look Like If He's Reelected" (Sumner);
  4. "Secret Police: As the State Fails, Extralegal Measures Become the Norm" (Sexton).
The Soros technique is very simple. The plan is to use 'strategy of tension'/'color revolution' techniques, invented over the years to apply to Assholian opponents in other countries, domestically (superb example of 'blowback', especially since Soros has been an active participant in this disruption in numerous countries). Hiring an army of goon agents provocateurs is a classic. You get an immediate boost if the local leaders are in on the conspiracy, and refuse to do anything about the law and order issues that disturb 'normal' people.  Trump is now supposed to do a Maidan (or Kent State), i.e., start shooting into the crowds.  Instead, he's using mass surveillance and face recognition to identify Soros Employees Of The Week, and quietly removing them from the scene.  This is a surprisingly sophisticated, and relatively peaceful, response to Soros.  The goon class is relatively small, and Soros staffing issues will soon become apparent.  One of the biggest mistakes is to assume Trump isn't capable of subtlety.

"Portland Burns With DHS Secretary Chad Wolf In Town" ('Hunter Wallace').  The DHS Secretary is named Chad Wolf!  He's a Chad and a wolf!  Also, Andy Ngô's position as one of a handful of actual journalists in the entirety of Assholia is rather striking.  I guess it is too dangerous on the riot front lines for those who make their living retyping press releases.  Arson in Portland.

It is nothing short of hilarious that the criticisms against Trump parallel exactly the criticisms against Assad, with both having to preserve their respective countries from Khazar-led treason and sponsored 'revolution'.

Biden (or, more likely, Ol' Kil) will be as bad as Trump, with the added bonus to look forward to of new Wars For The Jews:
  1. "Like Trump, Biden Would be a Right-Wing President" (Rall);
  2. "On Foreign Policy, Biden Is Worse Than Trump" (Rall);
  3. "Trump's Wrong: Biden Isn't Brainwashed, He's The Perfect Puppet!" (Korybko);
  4. "VenezolanosConBiden and MAGAzuela: Two Sides of the Same Coin" (Flores);
  5. "Biden stays right on Israel, scrubbing ‘occupation’ from platform" (Weiss)
Biden = Trump + Wars For The Jews.

"Trump actually trails Biden by 3%" (Lang).

"Naive Millennials: it’s the man (Trump) & not ‘The Man’ (the US system)" (Mazaheri).  Young Assholes are actually more fully doctrinated in Assholianism than older Assholes.  The future is really, really, really, really, really grim.

"Honk if You Love Jesus" (Romanoff):
"“To understand Americans, we must first understand that they believe they are “good”. Not good in the sense that they behave in accord with the abstract idea of good (which they in fact do not), but rather they are the embodiment of good – good incarnate. This is a corruption of Calvin’s idea of Justified Sinners, but its effect in the American mind means that, by definition, whatever Americans do is “good”, and that whenever Christian Americans choose to do something, however intrinsically evil, their actions are still morally righteous. Moreover, not only do Americans believe they are good, but anyone not adhering to their framework of religious, political or commercial ideas is either primitive or an aberration, and is not only ‘wrong’ but probably ‘evil’.” Of course they’re crazy, but this is America."
Speaking of Romanoff, here's a tour de force!:  "A Few Historical Frauds".

"Hero Kanye Unveils Ultimate Master Plan to Draw Votes from Biden" (Bieber).  This campaign was being talked down last week - indeed, blamed on a bipolar episode - but he's back.  Suggested slogan:  I may be bipolar, but at least I'm not crazy.

You've probably noticed - watch the skin color at the protests - there are hardly any blacks left at BLM protests!

"The Disastrous Handling of the Pandemic is Libertarianism in Action, Will Americans Finally Say Good Riddance?" (Hartmann).  There is certainly truth in this, but the reality concerning the virus response, or lack thereof, is even worse.  President Jared instructed his underling Trump, back in February and March, that the (((hedge fund managers))) wanted to downplay the virus as they thought there was still life in the stock bubble they were playing with.  Trump foolishly agreed, and everything else that has happened, or not happened, is Trump dealing with his sunk costs and not wanting to admit he made one of the biggest mistakes in American history.  It's Trump's weird relationship with his daughter, and the consequent need to obey President Jared, that is the real root cause of the problem.

Indeed, The Worst:  "Is Israel Uniquely Evil?" (Chowdhury).  There's a very good reason that our collective iconography of the Devil is a picture of Daniel Pipes.  "Evidence That Israel Has Deliberately Targeted Civilians (2006-Present)" (Chowdhury).

"Bari We Hardly Knew You" (Giraldi).  "Signees Of Letter Against 'Cancel Culture' Exposed As Frauds" (Moon).  Ha!

"Federal judge's son, 20, is shot dead and her criminal defense attorney husband is critically injured after a gunman disguised as a FedEx driver ambushed their home - four days after she was assigned a case linked to Jeffrey Epstein" (Snell/Gordon).  E-x-t-r-e-m-l-y tenuous connection to Epstein, really none (it's clickbait for the title).  Much more likely this is revenge for one of her past high-profile cases.
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