Thursday, July 23, 2020

Coup masters

"Twitter QAnon Purge Gives Bigger Monopoly to Corporate Media" (Cartalucci).  This is cover for the bigger story, as (((they))) finally finished the job and introduced 100% Khazar censorship (though they may have temporarily pulled back a bit after the uproar): "Being Totally "Disappeared" by Google" (Unz).  "Google “Issue” Hides Conservative and Alternative Media Websites from Search Results" (Pomidor Quixote).  It has been coming, step by step, for a long time.  You'd think complete mass censorship would be the big news of the day, but since the Khazars control the (((media))) and (((social media))) and (((search engines))), where are you going to learn about it, goyim?

Marshall recommending Bellingcat:  "A Recommendation".  Note how Bellingcat describes the split between legitimate protesters and Soros employees, the 'radicals'.  It then drops the subject, and focuses on police wrongdoing.  We're seeing the NATO-Soros alliance behind the strategy of tension/color revolution, the application of regime change techniques used in Hong Kong, Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua . . . . to the US itself.  Of course, the police are not handling things well (nor do they handle these techniques well anywhere they are applied), but without the color revolution context you really miss the main issue.  It seems that Bellingcat is stepping outside of its wheelhouse, but regime change is its wheelhouse.  You just don't expect it to be applied against Assholia.

"Vote Democrat... and Watch America Burn" (Whitney) (I don't think this is true - Soros will call off his employees once the regime change is concluded and the Democrats win):
"BLM is a prop the Dems are using to take-back the White House, nothing more. The proof of this couldn’t be more obvious. While Pelosi and her pals bowed down in Kente cloth for a well-rehearsed photo op, her recent bill on police reforms did not include even one of BLM’s demands. Like we said, the Dems are great at public relations but never veer from their corporate agenda."
Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"Senator & potential VP candidate  @KamalaHarris just voted with the GOP majority to defeat @BernieSanders' proposal to reduce the Pentagon budget by 10% and "invest that money in jobs, education, health care, and housing.""
"Senate Democrats’ Machine Spent $15 Million To Destroy Progressive Primary Candidates" (Perez).  Keeping the commies down isn't cheap.

"The Mekong River, Water Wars, and Information Wars" (Strether).  "Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan reach 'major common understanding' on dam".  "Ethiopia’s stubborn stance is perplexing" (Heard).  "Colonial-era treaties are to blame for the unresolved dispute over Ethiopia’s dam" (Tekuya).  That's a damn lot of dam money:  "China’s BRI makes entry in post-Covid-19 era" (Bhadrakumar).

"UK Blinks in China Face-Off" (Cunningham).  It seems to me that Johnson is being uncharacteristically clever, with the seven year Huawei deadline taking Britain past Trump, even if Trump is reelected, when Britain can quietly go back to the technologically superior Chinese equipment.  We're in an odd period where everybody has to continue to appease Trump while leaving themselves with reversible outs for when he is gone.  Trump is almost a lame duck, and will be if he doesn't listen to Tucker fast and turn things around.

"British security services to get extra powers in wake of Russia report" (Murphy).  It's funny how often 'security services' get to write reports which just happen to lead to big increases in funding and power for the very same security services.  A better view is that they've just proven their own uselessness and incompetence, and should be wound down.  "The real lesson from the Russia report is that interference in UK democracy is far closer to home" (Coburg).

"Banana Republic Corruption" (Murray).  Looks like they have two areas of expertise, handling the finances of a rich family, and peddling masks!

"Turkey will be the death of NATO – its recent clash with fellow member France off the coast of Libya is an early symptom" (Ritter).  France versus Turkey.

"The 1975 Coup that Australia Still Fails to Confront" (O'Neill):
"As part of their preparations for the coup, they appointed Marshall Green as United States ambassador to Canberra in 1973. Green was known in US diplomatic and spy circles as the “coup master”. There were good reasons for that appellation.
Green had been the man behind the 1961 coup of South Korea’s Park Chung-Lee. Four years later his next major assignment was in Indonesia where he organised the July 1965 coup that displaced President Sukarno. He in turn was replaced by President Suharto who then loyally served United States interests for the next three decades (1967–1998).
Green later went to Chile where the left-leaning President Salvador Allende was replaced on 11 November 1973 in yet another United States organised and financed coup. Again, the pattern was similar with Allende’s replacement Augusto Pinochet imposing a pro American right wing dictatorship from 1973 to 1998.
His appointment as United States ambassador to Australia in early 1973 was part of a US plan to displace the Whitlam government with one more amenable to US foreign policy wishes. The timing of the coup the day before the intended announcement of Pine Gap’s closure is one of the most powerful indicators of United States involvement.
Another key development was that in 1975, according to John Pilger and never denied let alone rebutted, was that Whitlam discovered that Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence agency, was decoding secret Australian cabinet cables and passing that information on to the Americans ( 23 October 2014.)
The coup not only displaced a democratically elected government. It had a chilling effect on both major political parties. Ever since the coup it has not mattered which of Labor or Liberal held government. Subservience to United States foreign policy wishes has been the overwhelming characteristic of Australian foreign policy, not just in diplomatic support but also joining at least three illegal foreign wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria).
Australia also provides loyal and almost  unqualified diplomatic support in United Nations bodies for the State of Israel whose record for foreign interference in its region is matched only by the United States.
While the release of the palace papers is therefore to be welcomed it would be naïve and foolhardy to believe that it will have the least effect on Australian foreign policy. That remains a major battle yet to be waged."
"Revenge against Palestinians is understandable, Israeli judge says in acquitting two security officers who attacked innocent man" (Ofir).

"Group that raises money for Israeli soldiers got $2-5 million federal loan" (Weir).  Of course they did.

"As US Courts Release Inmates amid COVID-19, Palestinian Political Prisoners Are Still Persecuted" (Peled).  Not to mention none of them should be in jail in the first place.  Meanwhile, people who actually committed crimes, like Manafort, walk free.  This whole incident is an excellent example of how the Khazars rule Assholia.

"The Last Zionist" (Atzmon).  You can see why lite Zionists don't like Atzmon.

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