Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Don't leave home without it

"Weinstein’s Complaint" (Age of Treason).

I'll just slide this in here:  "The Muslim Holocaust" (Roberts).

Do any of these (((people))) realize how deeply offensive - not to mention cringe-worthy - it is for them to try to handle justified criticisms by constantly making reference to ancient history about the alleged - so many of these stories have been documented as outright fabrications that 'alleged' is important - sufferings of their relatives, as if nobody else hasn't had grave injustices perpetrated against their relatives if you go back far enough, when they are engaged currently in one of the biggest mass killings in human history?  We only ever hear about the ancient history Holocaust to serve as justification for their current mass land theft and murder.

Bari Weiss worked for the JYT solely because she has a Platinum Jewish Privilege Card (her father is with AIPAC).

Greenwald, on the original holocaust of the JTY hiring Weiss:  "The NY Times’s Newest Op-Ed Hire, Bari Weiss, Embodies its Worst Failings — and its Lack of Viewpoint Diversity".

Weiss and Quinn Norton were hired at almost the same time.  Two differences:
  1. Norton is a talented and accomplished writer who would have immediately greatly improved the JYT; and
  2. Norton doesn't have a Platinum Jewish Privilege Card.
See:  "How the Twitter Hive Mind Ended Quinn Norton’s 7-Hour Career at the NY Times" (Bonnazo).  She was fired ostensibly because of having had a relationship with Anglin's boss weev.

"Opinion writer Bari Weiss resigns from New York Times" (Connelly).  And the laughs:  "Bari Weiss is a casualty of the Left’s woke culture war" (Hammer) and (!) "Editorial | I don’t recognize the NYT that Bari Weiss quit" (Rudoren).

Coincidentally, SullivanTweet (Michael Arria)!:
"Sorry to hear this. Where can fans look for your race science stuff in the future?"
Annoying couples.

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