Monday, July 27, 2020

Even more intensely peaceful

Tweet (Eduard Dolinsky):
"Collective photo of the modern fans of Nazi SS Galizien Division armed with Kalashnikov automatic guns at the yesterday’s solemn ceremony honoring fallen SS soldiers near Lviv."
Tweet (James Taranto):
"It became even more intensely peaceful."
We're in one of those Clarifying times when the extremely violent and completely white protests are consistently described by the (((media))) - and yes, the ((())) are oh so relevant - as Black Lives Matter peaceful protests.

Immigration as politically stabilizing (presumably as the immigrants start with a relatively clean slate, without the history of festering hatreds):  "The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism" (Unz).  The comments are furious.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"ANOTHER ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACK: Muslims torch an Israeli synagogue for the umpteenth time; total silence from the Palestinian leadership #IfTheJewWasOnTheOtherFoot"
I can always tell, down to the minute, when Shlomo arrives at the back door with the bags of shekels:  "Keir Starmer hints at Labour retreat on Israel sanctions" (Winstanley).

"Biden Just Made A Big Promise To His Wall Street Donors" (Sirota).  Hardly necessary, given the history of decades of Biden in American politics, but his people have been talking to Bernie's people a lot recently, and there was probably concern that Biden might have caught something.

The Fat Fuck has been busy:  "Forget Putin, it's meddling by America's evangelical enforcer that should scare us" (Tisdall).  "Mounting US pressure on Europe to line up against China" (Symonds).
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