Sunday, July 05, 2020


"More Signs the Black-Jewish Coalition Is Fraying" (Derbyshire).  Derbyshire and Sailer give the same free advice to BLM.  Of course, both hate BLM, and this is just a coded way of attacking the Khazars and suggesting that racial protests are just a part of the anti-gentile war against Whites, er, whites.

"Some Conspiracy Theories Are for Real" (Giraldi).  Soros.

"BBC Orders Presenters Not to Wear Black Lives Matter Badges on Air After CAA Confronts Antisemitism in the Movement and Other Extreme Views Emerge".

"Pro-Israel racist group ADL moves to co-opt Black Lives Matter" (Abunimah).

"Exposing Israel’s Direct Role in US Violence" (Baroud).

"Bay Area Juneteenth Event Includes Protest Against Right Wing Billionaire Fisher Family: Taking Public Space from Minorities in SF and Oakland" (Hannessey).  Spell-check!:  (((Fisher))).

"Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy" (Webb).  Considering there are free or cheap privacy-protecting alternatives, any politician who buys this Israeli spyware is a crook and a traitor.

An encyclopedia!:  "CIA Project MK-ULTRA" (Romanoff).

"The Fact That Trump Hired John Bolton to Torpedo the Korea Deal Shows That He has No Idea What’s Going On" (Anglin):
"This is the basic thing, in cozy bulletpoint format:
  • China is an open country and is no longer especially concerned about keeping a buffer with the US military installations.
  • Kim Jong-Un wants to be the hero of Korean history who reunites the people with their brothers and sisters.
  • This entire process is dependent on the United States government, given that the United States government maintains a military occupation in South Korea.
  • Trump had some back and forth with Kim early on, but things began to progress. There were two good meetings with Kim, where Trump did some great photo-ops, and it looked like he was going to actually pull it off.
  • The Jewish media was trying to botch the operation, demanding that Trump demand that Kim give up his entire nuclear weapons program before any negotiations.
  • Kim and Trump were exchanging gifts. Kim and the government of the South were experiencing brotherly love.
  • Kim made multiple good will gestures, including destroying some testing sites.
  • Kim repeatedly confirmed he was committed to denuclearization.
  • Everything was all set up for the big win.
  • The next step would have been to sign an agreement officially ending the war, and we were all set to see that signing ceremony at the third meeting in Vietnam.
  • Inexplicably and out of nowhere, Donald Trump hired John Bolton as his national security advisor, and allowed him to speak on behalf of the administration.
  • John Bolton went out and publicly stated that he wanted to do “the Libya model” on North Korea. Literally, he used those words.
  • This is the Libya model: use extreme sanctions to get a leader to give up their nuclear program (“no negotiations until there is full disarmament” is the mantra), and then bomb the country to depose the leader. The Libya model ends with the leader it is being done against being sodomized to death with a bayonet.
  • John Bolton attended the third meeting and just kept threatening Kim and telling him he had to give up his entire nuclear program before there would be any talks at all – the opposite of what Trump had been telling him, and telling the public.
  • Kim left the meeting, understandably disgusted, and there have been no negotiations since.
  • Trump eventually fired John Bolton.
  • John Bolton wrote a mean book attacking Donald Trump as incompetent and evil."
The star of the NSA is whoever makes up the program names:  "NSA documents and cover names from the book Dark Mirror" (

"The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation" (Palango/Maher/Gormley).  You think you've read every possible proof that this guy was an RCMP CI, and then they dump a whole lot more proof on you!  You can see why the RCMP might be inclined to deny it.

CDaN has been trying to connect Epstein-Maxwell to everything (Robert Maxwell and Lord Lucan!), and this is the Wirecard one.
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