Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Free speech

"Has the left been gulled into believing its small right to speech is already too much?" (Cook).  This is much better than his first effort on the subject (though it still needs work, and could stand a better title).

Cancel culture is, of course, part of the JQ, and originates in Jewish religious practice (and, I have to say, a lot of the concern over ideas is almost magical/mystical thinking, as if the soul is being captured).  It was specifically developed to deal with Holocaust quibblers (called 'deniers', but there are almost no outright deniers).  It is a kind of bullying constructed to deal with those expressions of inconvenient ideas that can't be dealt with using hate speech laws.  Now that Khazars essentially control all (((media))) and (((social media))) - which happened seemingly by magic, and apparently nothing can be done about it (and you will be cancelled if you notice) - and most of the censorship is various forms of shadowbanning and covert censorship (you can publish whatever you want, but nobody will see it, or find it using a search), with the rough stuff left for people who somehow sneak through and gain any kind of following.

It is true that the lumpen right is the main target of cancel culture, and the violence and complete lack of principles displayed by the 'left' in punishing wrongthinking is a big part of The Clarification.  Another big part of The Clarification is that a lot of ideas held by the lumpen right are actually quite progressive (though those parts are buried in a lot of dreck).  Of course, the real progressives don't get cancelled as they have no effective access to media anyway.

I believe many of the signatories of the letter meant well, in the general spirit of Voltaire and the wisdom of the 'marketplace of ideas', backed up by historical knowledge that heretical ideas often prevail in the long run, and we don't give ourselves a chance if we drown them at birth (we only have to go back to attack on Iraq skeptics to see a good example).  None of the signatories has ever experienced cancel culture, sadly because they have internalized the general norms of the ruling classes, and thus would never write anything that would cause offense (though I imagine some of them have engaged in self-censorship worrying about crossing the line, with that line often Khazar-defined). 

Somebody like Bari Weiss actually considers 'cancel culture' to be even the slightest bleats of protest raised by those objecting to her vile blood-pouring-from-her-fangs Zionist instructions to the farm animals, so her signing the letter is completely ass-backwards (and ironic, as she is one of the main proponents of cancel culture).  The retractions, and pre-banning of Greenwald, perhaps the single most obvious signatory of our time, are also both hilarious and ultimately destructive of the entire spirit of the letter.

Practically, I'm thinking we need internationally created and administered social media and media sites (there is too much Asshole domination of everything).  There should be no barriers to entry on the social media sites.  We also need search engines that don't job the results.  'Hate speech' has been so abused that it must be extremely strictly confined to actual exhortations of violence against or harm to defined groups.  Slander laws are just a way for the rich to hide their criminality.  The only other prohibition should be child porn, despite the insistence of the second branch of government.  Everything else should be allowed.
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