Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Grandma the snitch

Barr is very slowly picking up the 'white supremacists':  "Antifa Jokes" ('Hunter Wallace'):
"An Antifa who caught on video throwing an IED at the federal courthouse in Portland was caught after his grandma posted a positive review of the body armor she bought for him online at Hibbett Sports."
Since they were so tricked at Charlottesville, real white nationalists have learned to keep a very wide berth from places where they can be made into patsies.

"Commemorating US occupation of Haiti" (Engler).  "Neo-Nazi Bad, Left-wing Israel-Critic Store Owner much Worse?" (Engler).

"False charges of antisemitism are the vanguard of cancel culture" (Zonszein).  Let me see, terrorism, 'facts on the ground', modern violent police and torture methods, cancel culture, most of identity politics, generally most of the shit 'analysis' from the Frankfurt School, pinkwashing, promotion of various immoral behavior, and mass social media, and other, censorship - what would we do without the Jews?  All their values are utterly antithetical to the main positive values created in western civilization (which is racist and must all be dumped anyway)

"The Israel lobby has spent $2 million to defeat Ilhan Omar" (Perkins).  "Sheldon And Miriam Adelson Gave Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC $25 Million" (Robillard).

No punishment, of course, as he didn't do anything 'wrong':  "Labour Politician Avoids Jail After Getting Caught with Huge CP Stash, Zoo Porn" (Anglin).

Monkey labor!:  "PETA-UK Scam a Warning to Trading With West" (Thomas).

"Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on ethnic cleansing, Seth Rogen says, but he’s afraid to tell other Jews" (Weiss).  I keep stressing that all these statements are tricks.  We have a convention that if somebody takes a strong position on an issue near and dear to them, we should take them at face value.  That does not apply when Khazars manipulate farm animals.  Note the last sentence:
"Oh and look, in 2014 Rogen signed a statement standing by Israel as it massacred hundreds in Gaza."
A righteous rant, from the current 'dissident voice':  "As American Society Crashes and Burns, the Cult of Neoliberalism Marches on" (Penner).  Will we ever see any kind of backlash against the 'identity politics' gang of thugs, or is everybody too terrified?
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