Monday, July 13, 2020


"In FP Biden is worse than Trump by Ted Rall" (Lang, on the real Biden):
"I do not know Trump, have never met him, and wouldn't cross the street to do so.  Actually, that takes some effort these days.
Biden is one of the most belligerent and nastily "pushy" people I have known in the Borg (foreign policy establishment).  He is a screamer who will get right up in your face to see if you will back away from him.  He will stab in the chest with a forefinger for the same purpose.  He will insult you or threaten to fight you in an attempt to intimidate.  He has a bully's personality, and he is not too bright.  Let us not forget his history of plagiarism."
"#JewishPrivilege Trends on Twitter as People Start to Notice a Pattern" (Anglin). Note the irony in the Jews crowing over having 'flipped' it, due entirely to their Jewish privilege in controlling Twitter censorship.

"“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1" (Joyce).  Cancel culture didn't just happen, it has years of groundwork behind it, not to mention stinktank work.

A concrete example of terrorists using cancel culture:  "Israel Lobby Seeks to Bankrupt Progressive, Pro-Palestinian Restaurant" (Engler).

Barr has now fully prepared the PR groundwork for an assassination - or fake assassination - should he feel he needs it:  "Ghislaine Maxwell Keeps Getting Moved To Different Cells To “Avoid Assassins”" (Mieka).
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