Sunday, July 05, 2020

Might seem confusing at first, but you get the hang of it

"Sputnik: Dershowitz Reveals Maxwell Was Epstein’s Co-Conspirator (What does it say about Dersho?)":
"Dershowitz concludes the article on a jolly note, suggesting Maxwell’s lawyers may argue the Statute of Limitations has expired on these 20-plus year allegations, and  Maxwell is protected by Epstein’s original plea deal, which “expressly included Maxwell as someone who received immunity” – so even if his good friend is indeed guilty of heinous crimes, she could cheerfully still get off scott free on a technicality or two.
Dershowitz is well-placed to know the extraordinary terms of Epstein’s original plea deal, due to the pivotal part he played in securing it – and in a perversely ironic twist, by acknowledging Maxwell was “expressly included” as receiving immunity therein, the attorney inadvertently confirms she was one of the known co-conspirators in Epstein’s international sexual trafficking and abuse intrigue, which has never hitherto been disclosed."
"Dershowitz’ role in the initial Epstein case didn’t end there – Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detective Joseph Recarey, who launched the original investigation into his activities in March 2005, have since claimed he helped wreck authorities’ appetite for properly prosecuting his client.
​Between the probe opening and October 2005, when police executed a search warrant at Epstein’s home, Recarey had identified 21 possible victims, and by the time police had enough evidence to finally arrest Epstein on sex abuse charges, they’d identified 35 potential underage victims and were in the process of tracking down at least a dozen more.
“I was surprised at how quickly it snowballed. I thought at some point there would be a last interview, but the next victim would supply me with three or four more names and the next one had three or four names and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,’’ Recarey told The Miami Herald in 2018.
Before he was arrested, Epstein learned some of the underage girls he’d abused had spoken to police, and immediately hired Dershowitz to represent him. Epstein also at this time hired private investigators attempted to conduct interviews while posing as cops; picked through Reiter’s trash in search of dirt to discredit him; and followed his accusers and their families. In one instance, the father of one girl was run off the road by one of Epstein’s PIs.
Several victims said they were intimidated and frightened by Epstein and Sarah Kellen, his assistant and alleged scheduler of massages, who warned them not to talk to police.
Dershowitz flew down to Florida to meet privately with then-Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer, which led to “shenanigans” Recarey had “never seen or heard of before”. He and Reiter claim Dershowitz went on to convince Krischer Epstein’s accusers wouldn’t be credible on the witness stand, providing the State Attorney with extensive dossiers on the girls in an effort to show they had troubled pasts.
​Recarey was present at some of the meetings, and recalls Dershowit showing him one of the victims’ MySpace profile, which featured a photo of her drinking a beer, while underage.
“Well, tell me what teenager doesn’t? Does that mean she isn’t a victim because she drank a beer? Basically, what you’re telling me is the only victim of a sexual battery could be a nun,” Recarey recalled.
These advances were nonetheless effective in respect of Krischer, and shortly thereafter “it became clear things had changed, from Krischer saying, ‘we’ll put this guy away for life,’ to ‘these are all the reasons why we aren’t going to prosecute this,’” Reiter alleges."
"Brutal Communist Chinks Have Officially Made Terrorism Illegal in Hong Kong" (Anglin):
"Not being allowed to protest in the street and throw bricks at cops is a totally valid reason to seek asylum. All Western nations allow Antifa to riot in the streets and smash people’s heads in without fear of any consequences at all.
And if they’re looking for freedom of speech, the UK, US and Australia are the place to find it. In these three countries, you can literally say absolutely anything you want. Literally, the only restrictions on speech in these countries is that you’re not allowed to criticize Jews, black people, homosexuals, women, gaming journalists, women in gaming, the corporate media, Israel, Islam, fat people, trannies, child trannies or abortion clinics. You also can’t say that there is any difference at all between the races or between men and women, but you also have to say that whites and men and especially white men are inferior. That might seem confusing at first, but you get the hang of it. You’re also not allowed to research the Holocaust or Sandy Hook, and you can’t hold any kind of political rally that isn’t leftist. You also can’t disagree with anything the media says about coronavirus – that one’s a little bit tricky, because what they’re saying is constantly changing, so you have to follow it very closely to make sure you don’t slip up and accidentally repeat something that the media was saying a few days or hours ago while thinking it is current information. Basically, you just need to check CNN before you say anything about coronavirus. Whenever you’re talking about coronavirus you want to have CNN loaded on your phone and just keep refreshing the page to make sure you are exactly in line with what the media is saying at any given moment.
In the UK and Britain, you can be criminally prosecuted for breaking these completely reasonable rules. But in America, all that happens is you get fired from your job, your bank account gets shut down, you get banned from using the internet to communicate, the media invents and prints vile slander about you and you get sued in civil court. You may also be attacked on the street by masked men, and the police won’t protect you. If you try to defend yourself, you will be sent to jail, but they might arrest you and prosecute you just for being attacked even if you don’t try to fight back.
But other than these very few and very reasonable restrictions (which aren’t speech restrictions, because saying any of that stuff is actually an act of violence), you’re literally just allowed to say whatever the hell you want in Anglo countries.
And again: unlike in Hong Kong, in the Anglosphere you are allowed to riot and start fires, break out windows and loot stores and the cops will never do anything to you, because while promoting the idea that biological sex has a relationship is literally an act of violence, burning down buildings and attacking random people in cars is free speech.
That’s democracy, baby – or as I like to call it, “freedom.”"
"Dawit Kelete, suspected CIA-USAID, ‘Playboy Assassin’ in Seattle high speed ramming (His social media)".  This seems much worse than Charlottesville, where the driver got life in prison with an additional 419 years, and then another life sentence for hate crimes for good measure.  The sentence this guy gets will be an excellent measure of who he was working for.

"Reparations and Other Scams: Israeli Survivors Live in Poverty and Are Starving?" (Giraldi).    'Goyim, our poor 'surviviors' haven't got any money because we stole the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in 'reparations' you have already given, so you have to give more.'  But what would you expect from dealing with a group of people whose very essence is being thieves?


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