Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Onion influence

It should probably be Clarifying that the protests are supposed to be for black rights - yet you can see with your own lyin' eyes that all or almost all the protesters are young whites - and supposed to be peaceful - yet you can see with your own lyin' eyes that massive violence is taking place - but the (((media))) stick with their story as if the alt-media isn't taking videos of everything:  "The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution" (Hopkins).

One issue for blacks having to put up with having whites decide to fight revolutions in their neighborhoods is that a lot of the destroyed businesses won't rebuild, and these neighborhoods are already 'food deserts' where are are insufficient retailers already (I'm referring to the rioting cities where there are black people!).  Young white people have their own futureless problems, but you could see them latching onto BLM as a kind of white supremacist colonialism, which at the very least is ironic.

The weaponization of 'human rights':  "Human Rights Fraud from Ukraine to Nicaragua" (Sefton).  Roth is the most obvious example, but they are all in on it.  Tweet (Joe Emersberger):
"You have to marvel at the capacity of various human rights frauds -
@hrw @amnesty and @mbachelet - to stay silent or (if really pressed) issue the lamest possible objections to US barbarism towards #Venezuela"
There will be stacks of statueless plinths of Sir John A,, but this will be the last monument standing:  "Why is a monument commemorating a Nazi SS division still standing outside Toronto?" (Samphir).

Peak Jew:  "Labour anti-Semitism whistleblowers 'could drop legal action that could cost the party millions if it expels former leader Jeremy Corbyn'" (Carlin/Wilcock).

Note the last paragraph!:  "A unique note from the BND about European SIGINT alliances" (

"Why I decided to take the word ‘chief’ out of my CEO title to respect Indigenous people" (Roome).  The Onion continues to have a disproportionate effect on western culture.
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