Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Sordid network

"Partisan Media Coverage of Epstein Masks His Links to Both Sides of the Political Establishment" (MacLeod):
"The Epstein story should not be a left-right issue. Instead, it exposes how so many of those at the top of society belong to a sordid network of extremely wealthy and powerful people, sharing far more in common with each other than they do with the rest of us."
Makes sense - in a two-party system, Khazars have to have complete control over both parties in order to be able to kill people and steal their land.

"Alleged Salas Family Assailant Previously Worked for US/Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm" (Webb).  Much as I like conspiracy theories, the huge problem with this argument is that killing the judge does nothing to the case, which will carry on (and would carry on even if the judge had been killed), and is really only peripherally concerned with the Maxwell-Epstein-MEGA Group blackmail operation, and more with losses to Deutsche Bank shareholders due to corporate governance issues with Deutsche Bank (which seems to have a lot of such issues, in that it seems to have a liking for providing loans to shady characters, because the rate of return is better).  Kroll is a suspicious outfit, but Hollander hasn't officially worked for them since 2000.

"The New Jersey Shooting Suspect Left a Pro-Trump Paper Trail" (Benton).  Note that this is from The Atlantic, so if World Jewry wanted to cover something up, the concentration camp guard is exactly who they would turn to.  On the other hand, Hollander was clearly a nut, and had a history of attacking this particular judge, and had a specific complaint against her:
"Den Hollander, who was 72, held deeply misogynistic beliefs about women and filed a series of lawsuits against what he considered unfair advantages they had over men. One of those suits, in which he argued that it was unconstitutional for women not to be subject to military draft, reached Salas’s court in 2019. Salas did not throw out the suit, as many of Den Hollander’s previous cases had been. She instead allowed the lawsuit to proceed through the court system. But Den Hollander was upset by what he considered to be Salas’s delaying of the case. He complained that she allowed the Department of Justice to file its fourth motion to dismiss the case, suggesting she was “trying to keep this case in her court until a weatherman showed her which way the legal winds were blowing.”"
It is a curious matrix of associations, and leads directly to the conspiracy pattern of the blamed perp committing 'suicide', thus ending the need for further investigation, very neat from the point of view of conspirators. Classic patsy.  If somebody did want to kill a judge and cover it up, Hollander had in effect turned himself into just the guy to blame it on.  You send your hit team to do the job, and then 'suicide' the patsy, using a media outlet like (((The Atlantic))) to provide the cover story.  What still bothers me is that I see no advantage for anybody to kill the judge.  There is no reason to believe that the Deutsche Bank trial would in any way air any Mossad dirty laundry, and in any event this attack does absolutely nothing to the trial.

Massive Epstein timeline:  "Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad-Timeline" (de Wit).  What stands out - and you can also see it in Webb's work - is how the Khazar matrix - remember, at most around 2% of the US population - is ready, willing and able to be the support group for a Mossad op like Maxwell-Epstein, covered up with the Jewish version of omerta and their dominance of the (((media))).

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