Thursday, July 30, 2020

Special treatment

Ha!:  "BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell Flight Logs / Document Release JUST DELAYED By Judge".  "Inmates Claim That Ghislaine Maxwell Is Getting Special Treatment In Jail (Shocking) And Past Court Documents May Be Unsealed Next Week" (Michael K).

"The Unconscious Is Wiley’s Discourse" (Atzmon):
"Wiley’s comments didn’t trigger the desirable, if heated, debate because Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. Every means that serves this cause is considered legitimate. Interestingly, the disabling of speech is so extreme that one can’t find out what it was that Wiley said that was so offensive. His tweets were initially removed by Twitter and as his twitter account is suspended.
Every news outlet in Britain and beyond has told us that Wiley’s tweets were horrid and anti-Semitic but no one dares to provide an example. It seems we are not even allowed to know what it is that we shouldn’t say. Possibly the censorship is even more sinister, they don’t want Wiley quoted only to find out that a large number of Brits, possibly including prominent Jewish voices, actually agree with the gist of Wiley’s statement."
"Anti-Zionist Writer Alain Soral Jailed, Jewish Lobby Overjoyed" (Durocher).  As we've seen with the Diab case, the French 'justice' system is a Zionist-controlled farce.  I'm also not keen on a system which lets you pick somebody up, and come up with the charge sometime later.

"US Republican political figure Herman Cain dies of COVID-19".  Probably caught it at a Trump rally!

"Flag Removed from Saint Johns Bed and Breakfast over Confederate Confusion".
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