Sunday, July 26, 2020


"Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley" (Webb).  Despite lots of Epstein-Maxwell publicity over the years, somehow the (((media))) has never has any interest in the Maxwell family, who are spectacularly Evil, and Zionist, across the board.  They seem to have a particular hold on Bill Gates, presumably thanks to Epstein.

"Bolton forewarns Israel on US policy shifts" (Bhadrakumar):
"Bolton comes up at this point with some practical advice to Israel to prepare for the uncertain times ahead. He told Israel’s Army Radio, “I think the next few months are an optimal time for Israel to act in its own national security interests.” Put differently, in the interim period from now, Israel should do what it takes to safeguard its interests.

Israel may have already begun acting on these lines. There is much speculation that the series of bomb explosions in Iran in the recent weeks in sensitive installations may have an Israeli connection — the July 2 explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility, a huge blast near the Parchin military site and so on. Equally, Israel has resumed its attacks on targets inside Syria. In the latest incident on Friday, Israeli helicopters targeted multiple Syrian observation posts in Quneitra in southwest Syria.  
The Israeli intention could be to provoke Iran and/or Hezbollah to retaliate in some form, which could be seized as casus belli to trigger a conflict."
Noticeable uptick in thug hiring by Soros:  "Soros Says 'Trump Will Disappear In 2020 Or Sooner' In Ominous Message" (Durden).

"Friends of the IDF Lobby Group Secures Forgivable US COVID Loans for Israeli Soldiers" (Diego).  Photo unrelated, as of course the murderers and thieves aren't going to thank farm animals!  Bigger picture:  "Israeli Proxies Profit from U.S. Coronavirus Funding" (Giraldi).

"US-Backed Coup Gov’t in Bolivia Suspends Elections for Third Time" (MacLeod).

Globo-homo-Rothschild-o is really pulling out the stops against Bibi/Sheldon:  "Several Arrested for Attacking Demonstrators at anti-Netanyahu Protests Across Israel" (Breiner/Shpigel/Peleg/Almog /Ben Zikri).

"War Crimes and War Criminals: Who Will Be Held Accountable?" (Giraldi).  "Q&A: UN's Agnes Callamard on drone strike that killed Soleimani" (Swart).  "The UN has found that the US killing of Soleimani broke international law. It’s right, but nothing will happen as a result" (Ritter).  "More Afraid of Int’l Criminal Court than it Lets On, Israel makes Secret List of its Officials who may be Charged with War Crimes" (Wadi).  "Israeli impunity is coming to an end" (Murphy).

"Exclusive: In Daphne murder investigation, money trail leads to Montenegro venture" (Grey/Borg).  You can see why 'journalists' love limiting their job to retyping press releases - the actual job is difficult and dangerous.

"Dams, Deaths Squads and the Murder of Berta Cáceres" (Perry). For Assholes who can't even imagine such a thing, a story of a real activist, and a real journalist.

Tweet (Louis) (Zenz is the equivalent, for China, of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the one-stop shop for PR hooks of both the (((media))) and Assholian officials):
"The source of this story is Adrian Zenz "senior fellow in China studies" at the absurd propaganda outlet, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation."
Remember when Kuwait used a professional PR form, Hill & Knowton, the spread the bullshit?  In the current climate, that technique lacks the authenticity of having some nut churn out the nonsense from his basement.  Unfortunately, Zenz is a huge step down from even the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which occasionally tries to get the basic facts right.

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