Sunday, July 19, 2020

The helpful administrator

"The Rabbi…" (Atzmon).  Goyim, listen up, for here's a handy hint.  He 'cooperated', so he will receive no serious punishment (probation).  Just try that the next time you are under serious legal charges!  Just don't forget to bring your Jewish Privilege Card.  From the comment by Thomasina (my emphasis in red):
"The shooting seems so coincidental. What are the odds that this little synagogue, up to its neck in an FBI/IRS fraud investigation, suddenly gets shot up?

The shooter was just a kid really, 19 years old, had five siblings, a Mom and Dad, apparently from a good Christian family.

I don’t know why, but whenever something happens like this, the first thing I look at is the shooter’s family. I want to know what the Mom and Dad think, why they didn’t notice something going on with their child, was there a history of mental illness, or what could have happened within the family to have caused this.

I found a letter online from the parents; you can read it for yourself. They were quick to release a letter condemning their son’s actions. In a grief-stricken state, with your kid, who you supposedly love with all your heart, going away for the rest of his life, you apparently have the presence of mind to sit down and write a letter? To me, this does NOT add up, especially including this line:

“To our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries.”

No, no, and no. A grieving parent is NOT going to say something like this.

Something stinks with this story. Gilad’s article mentions “an unnamed office administrator at the synagogue” helped Rabbi Goldstein commit the frauds. The woman who got shot and killed was apparently an administrator, and she courageously got in front of Rabbi Goldstein and took the bullet for him, or so the story goes. Was she the helpful administrator? 
So Goldstein gets away with fraud because he’s already suffered enough? One crime wipes out the other?"
"Oregon politician confesses to writing racist letter to himself" (Law Officer).

Tweet (Andy Ngô):
"Antifa have amplified baseless allegations the suspect who shot a black male outside a Portland strip club yesterday did it in a "white supremacist" attack. Jordan C. Clark was arrested on a murder charge. His FB profile features MLK Jr. & anti-police content. #DominiqueDunn"
Tweet (Andy Ngô):
"People on social media are spreading conspiracy theory that police or right-wingers started the arson attack in Portland to blame antifa. A pro-antifa journalist who covers the riots expresses support for the act of terrorism, calling the police union hall a “valid target.”"
Tweet (Alex “Test, Trace, Isolate” Lawson):
"What’s happening"

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