Friday, July 10, 2020

Unclear on the concept

"Colorado Government Dumps Qualified Immunity For Cops" (Cushing).  I've never understood qualified immunity.  I think police should be held to a higher standard of conduct, not no standard of conduct at all.  Police should be treated as having a fiduciary relationship to society, and should receive longer sentences for committing the same crimes as civilians.  When you pick up the gun, you assume added responsibility.

"Florida lawmakers are trying to oust FSU’s Palestinian student senate president over a post he made as a 12-year-old" (Arria).  After kleptomania, of course, the second defining characteristic of all Khazars is complete gracelessness.  Being a Khazar is simply embarrassing, but chutzpah protects them from any concern for their conduct.

"How many ways can Israel wage war on Iran before the media reports Israel is waging war on Iran?" (Snider).  The, ah, (((media))).  That's why (((they))) own it.

"Iran To Help Syria With Air Defense To Repel US, Israeli Attacks" (South Front).

"Black Lives Matter Official Organization is Run by Convicted Jewish-Communist Terrorist Susan Rosenberg" (Anglin).  The (((financing))).

"Biden’s vision for Venezuela is virtually indistinguishable from Trump’s" (Flores).  "Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico" (Norton).  The Bank of England and the British court system permanently set fire to their reputation for any integrity or trustworthiness just to steal this gold:  "UK Commits "Highway Robbery" Of Venezuelan Gold, Says Academic" (Ross).  With a picture illustrating 'avarice':  "The New Pirates of Ancient Albion" (Aharonian).  "India to buy Venezuela oil under swap deal amid US sanctions".

"This Is How Propaganda's Supposed To Work: 60% In US Believe Fake Russia Bounty Story" (Durden).  I'm pretty sure that well, well over 60% of Assholes would have never heard of this story.

"Advocates hopeful CERB will pave way for universal basic income".

"How the Law Killed Ahmaud Arbery" (Margulies).  'Right to carry' + citizen's arrest + 'stand your ground' self-defense legal protections (all three of which are outrageous notions in any civilized society, which Assholia assuredly is not) = legally sanctioned lynching.

"Old-Fashioned Liberals Finally Speak Out Against Cancel Culture" (Sailer).  Despite the noble sentiment, this is a spectacular list of really awful people (and of a certain type of awful).  To add to the merriment, one, a dress-wearing man, withdrew his signature when he found out that Rowling had signed, which, amongst other things, is a pure example of 'unclear on the concept', applying a kind of cancel culture to a weak complaint about cancel culture!

"The US Army is losing the war in Discord" (Hernandez).
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