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Ancient history

"Palestine: 1947 escape from British prison exposed as inside job" (Holmes) (my emphasis in red):
"The family of a decorated British civil servant who built a notorious jail for the empire in Palestine has revealed he leaked the building plans to Jewish militants, helping them to launch a legendary prison break in 1947.
The storming of Acre prison has been credited as a critical event that led to the British decision to end what was increasingly viewed as an onerous mandate in Palestine. Until now, details of how the highly sophisticated operation was so successful had remained elusive.
Gil Margulis, the great-nephew of the prominent engineer and architect Peres Etkes, believes he has the answer. “They actually had the plans of the whole prison from the guy who made it,” he told the Guardian.
“I was reading the history and people keep saying, ‘How did they do it? How did it happen’? Sometimes you need a little insider information. Well, they had a lot of insider information – they had the exact plans.”
An article by the Guardian, filed late on 4 May 1947, described a well-planned strike that day on the prison, which had been built on the ruins of a 12th-century crusader fortress.
While protected by a moat on several sides, the article said, “Jewish terrorists” seized adjacent Turkish baths, one of the few sides of the prison, to break into it. “It was from that vantage point that they succeeded in blowing a hole in the wall.”
At the same time, militants threw a grenade into a separate part of the prison as a diversion and at least one of the attackers was disguised as a British Royal Engineer. “Jews and Arabs, terrorists and criminals, rushed out together,” wrote the paper, estimating that about 250 prisoners fled the jail.
Etkes, a Russian Jew and American citizen, was a prominent engineer working for the British forces."
Every.  Single.  Time.

"Citibank - the Great Gold Robbery" (Romanoff) (Carney's outrageous gold theft from Venezuela isn't unprecedented):
"In Citibank’s case or, more correctly, the National City Bank of New York, permission was granted to open branches in Shanghai and to issue paper money based on the requirement of precious metal backing, a stipulation with which Citi complied.[1] But then with controls lacking due to Japan’s presence and the disruptive interference in China by the Western powers, Citi became ambitious and expanded its branch network to fourteen different cities – without permission – and began issuing unlimited amounts of currency in all of them, but without the gold or silver underpinnings. Citi was on the edge of bankruptcy at the time and had no further assets to commit, so the bank simply began printing and issuing totally unbacked Chinese currency with the assumption that it would be accepted by the population.[2] This was true “suitcase banking”, since these were simply illegal shell banks with no assets and no evidence of registered capital. I could find no definitive record of the total amount of fake currency Citi issued, but it would certainly have been in the tens of billions of dollars, contributing heavily to China’s inflation and producing massive criminal profits for the bank.

But there was much more, with the owners of Citibank crafting and perpetrating what was perhaps the largest fraudulent theft in China’s entire 5,000-year history. Citi wasn’t satisfied with the profits from selling paper money and so devised a scheme to plunder the gold from Chinese households, gold which was held by most citizens as a traditional form of savings. The bank began a widely-promoted campaign to encourage all Chinese to bring their gold bars to Citibank for storage in the bank’s vaults, on the premise of safety, all citizens being given paper gold certificates as evidence of their deposits, certificates which could be redeemed at any time for the actual gold.[3] The Chinese government made strenuous efforts to discourage its citizens from participating in this program since it had already been abundantly clear that the foreigners could not be trusted.

Unfortunately, many Chinese chose to disregard these warnings and trustingly handed over their gold bars to the National City Bank of New York for safekeeping. But then one day when the vaults were full to overflowing and the handwriting on the wall, our bankers had a change of heart. They transferred all that gold from their vaults to US military vessels and sent it all home to New York. Then Citibank just closed its doors, said “Good-bye, China”, and returned home. From reports I’ve seen, that gold eventually ended up with the US FED. You may recall that in the 1970s the FED suddenly and without provocation decided to re-melt all its gold holdings and recast them into bars of different shapes. FED officials were never able to explain the reason for such an expensive and far-reaching undertaking, but one obvious result would be to destroy forever the original markings on all those bars, preventing any future claim of ownership. 
Interestingly, the occupying Japanese military were able to confirm this sequence of events, which was reported in the New York Times, having suspected the process and initiating the habit of inspecting US warships prior to departure from Shanghai, and in more than one case ordering the Americans to offload the gold, some of it apparently ‘belonging’ to the Morgan and Chase banks. But it seems most of it managed to escape, and once again the total was certainly in the tens of billions of dollars – and this was in the 1940s. Given the proven cases and moderate estimates of residuals, it is abundantly clear that Citibank owes Chinese citizens far more than the entire capital value of the bank today."
"UK's lead role in 1953 Iran coup d'etat exposed".  It would be a shame if Kermit Roosevelt wasn't involved, as his name is so easy to remember.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Community wrecking

In response to 'chillax, bro, it's just property, and probably even insured':  tweet (Matt Taibbi) (and its replies):
"That's not "what insurance is for." You're putting innocent people out of work for weeks or months while damage is repaired, and then their rates go up, forever. That's taking money straight from the pockets of people who've done nothing."
"Surprise, Surprise! Vicky Osterweil, Author of In Defense of Looting, Used to be Willie Osterweil" (Sailer).

More Soros

"The 2020 Election: Bourgeois Democracy Meets Global Governance" (Johnstone).  "Greenwald: America's Social Fabric Is Fraying Severely... If Not Unravelling" (Greenwald).  I rarely cite the concentration camp guard's supremacist organ, but this has some excellent advice for Biden, which won't be followed as the Dems seem determined to keep Biden out of the public eye:  "This Is How Biden Loses" (Packer).  Two tweets by Michael Moore.

"Kenosha Goddam: The Rot at the Top Goes All the Way Down" (Floyd).  Over-the-top Democrat navel gazing.
"Look at this boy. Imagine what kind of vile poison has been poured into his young mind for years by some of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the land -- indeed, the world. Rupert Murdoch, first and foremost. Donald Trump. The Mercers. The Sinclairs. The DeVos clan. The Kochs. The whole network of extremist billionaires funding hate groups and "think tanks" churning out justification for the domination of society by rapacious, unaccountable elites. The Falwells and Robertsons and other con artists growing rich on the utter perversion of the religion they falsely profess. The social media networks that have gleefully and profitably let floods of hatred and lies stream across the globe, day in, day out. The Republican Party – all of them, even the "moderates" like Lamar Alexander or Susan Collins, who have sat by silently as a gangster and his goons took over the US government, who have supported the gangster and Murdoch and the Kochs and the Mercers and all the rest.
This boy – living, like so many, in a violent, hate-soaked, hallucinated reality created, for profit, by the rich and powerful – is fully responsible for the evil he has committed. But I tell you this. Rupert Murdoch is also responsible for these murders. Donald Trump is also responsible for these murders. Lamar Alexander is also responsible for these murders. All those who have weaponized and/or monetized hatred and ignorance; all those who have profited from the denigration and destruction of the very notion of the common good, of human commonality, of the inherent worth of every single human being; all those, throughout "respectable" society, who looked away while these tides of hatred were rising, fuelled by the rich and powerful -- oligarchs and corporations who bribe and fund and call the tune for both parties – all of them are also responsible for these murders.
The murderous rot in this country starts at the top, and it has spread all the way down, into the very minds of our children. We are in a much darker and more dangerous place than most of us can bear to contemplate (myself included). But we must brace ourselves, for we have not yet, even now, seen the worst of what's to come. We must be ready, with eyes open; we must be steadfast, even with despair battering our hearts. And, heeding the words Bob Dylan sang 40 years ago, we must fight, always, to strengthen the things that remain."
Or, I suppose, he was a young man who cared about his country, saw Soros employees wrecking it (it is quite something that the three men he hit all had criminal records, and bad ones), and tried to do something to help (attending with a gun wasn't wise, but in the wacko world of Assholia it is hardly abnormal).  The second two shootings were undoubtedly self-defense, and I lack information to decide on whether the first one was, although it seems highly unlikely he just randomly decided to shoot somebody for no reason.

"Biden’s Chances Rest on a John Podesta-Planned Military Coup, Ballot Harvesting, Police Shootings, and a False Flag" (Flores).

Freeland Soros

"Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay apologizes for tweet linking Freeland, Soros".  It is healthy to start each day with a hearty laugh:
"The U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy organization, says in a 2018 blog post that Soros "has become a lightning rod for conservative and right-wing groups who object to his funding of liberal causes."
"In far-right circles worldwide, Soros' philanthropy often is recast as fodder for outsized conspiracy theories, including claims that he masterminds specific global plots or manipulates particular events to further his goals," the ADL's post reads.
"Many of those conspiracy theories employ longstanding anti-Semitic myths, particularly the notion that rich and powerful Jews work behind the scenes, plotting to control countries and manipulate global events.""
"George Soros and his Canadian Chess Game (Part 3)" (George).

The Soros biography.

Saturday, August 29, 2020


The CIA's point man on the laughable Russian Iranian bounty story in Afghanistan offed himself a couple months ago, leaving behind, as you would expect, a 'haul' of bondage gear.

"Top US intelligence official died by suicide, medical report reveals" (O'Connell).

"REVEALED: One of the highest ranking US spies shot himself dead while his new wife tried to get away from him - and haul of bondage and S&M gear along with 24 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found at his home" (Griffith).

"Top-ranking US spy with ‘hidden stockpile of guns and S&M gear’ shoots himself dead in front of wife" (O'Leary).

Just married, wife was trying to flee him at the time (this is left vague), weeks away from retirement.

It’s almost midnight / Ashkenormativity

"Jewish Shell Games, Mind Rapes and Final Solutions" (Dinh):
"Jewish bullshit is truth! Jewish war is the spreading of democracy! Jewish brainwashing is higher education! Jewish revenge is healing! Jewish us-against-them is universal brotherhood! Jewish destruction of your heritage is the new enlightenment! Jewish divide-and-conquer is more dining options! Jewish slave trading is Black Lives Matter! Jewish genocide is Remembering the Holocaust©! What a gas!
Although Jewish thinking seared the 20th century, the bloodiest ever, it was also an era of petrochemical affluence, so for those whose lives weren’t wrecked, it may have been fantastic even, but that joy ride is over.
With your politicians all bought or browbeaten by Jews, your Jewish media perverting all facts, your cities in chaos and burning, your kids addicted to porn or sexually confused (and hating themselves if they’re white), your common folks savagely caricatured and your religion relentlessly mocked, it should be clear by now you’re living in a world of Jewish shell games, mind rapes and final solutions.
Jewish hell is utopia, for morons, corpses and hypocrites.
Wake up, man, and I don’t mean woke, obviously.
Man up before it’s too late.
Failing to do so is worse than toxic.
It’s almost midnight."
"Who Buys This Phony ‘Anti-Semitism’ Smear Language?" (Littlewood):
". . . it has been shown that most Jews today are not descended from the ancient Israelites at all. For example, research by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, published by the Oxford University Press in 2012 on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, found the Khazarian Hypothesis to be scientifically correct, meaning that most Jews are Khazars and confirming what some scholars had been saying. The Khazarians converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 8th Century and were never in ancient Israel.

No doubt these finding will be challenged by Zionist adherents till the end of time. But DNA research suggests that no more than 2 per cent of Jews in present-day Israel are actually Israelites. So, even if you believe the myth that God gave the land to the Israelites, He certainly didn’t give it to Netanyahu, Lieberman and the other East European thugs who infiltrated the Holy Land and now run the apartheid regime. It seems the Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) have more Israelite blood. They are the true Semites.

As for Zionists’ preposterous claim to exclusive sovereignty over Jerusalem, the city was at least 2000 years old and an established fortification when King David captured it. Jerusalem dates back some 5000 years and the name is likely derived from Uru-Shalem, meaning “founded by Shalem”, the Canaanite God of Dusk.

In its ‘City of David’ form Jerusalem lasted less than 80 years. In 928BC the Kingdom divided into Israel and Judah with Jerusalem the capital of Judah, and in 597BC the Babylonians conquered it. Ten years later in a second siege the city was largely destroyed including Solomon’s temple. The Jews recaptured it in 164BC but finally lost it to the Roman Empire in 63BC. A Christian (Crusader) kingdom of Jerusalem existed from 1099 to 1291 but held the city for only 101 of those years. Before the present-day shambles, cooked up by Balfour and stoked by the US, the Jews had controlled Jerusalem for around 500 years, say historians – small beer compared to the 1,277 years it was subsequently ruled by Muslims and the 2000 years, or thereabouts, it originally belonged to the Canaanites.

Since the three main Semitic faiths – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – all have historical claims to Jerusalem and a presence there, and masses of non-Semitic believers around the world also wish to visit the holy places, the best solution seems to be the one recommended by United Nations General Assembly resolutions 181 and 194: that Jerusalem is made a corpus separatum, an open city administered by an international regime or the UN itself. Why this hasn’t been implemented isn’t clear. We’ve seen the abominable discrimination inflicted on Palestinian Muslims and Christians by Israel since seizing control of Jerusalem. 
The other side could play word games too – and with more honesty. Anti-Semitism has been fashioned by the Zionists into a catch-all smear weapon. What if pro-Palestinian groups and the BDS movement declared themselves (in correct parlance) to be ‘pro-Semitic’, i.e. supportive of all those with genuine ancestral links to the ancient Holy Land and entitled to live there in freedom?"
"Jewish Racialization, the “Jewish Gene,” and the Perpetuation of Ashkenormativity in Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Ancestry Testing." (Ali).  "Ashkenormativity".

"How Israel Wages War on Palestinian History" (Cook).  "Man-made Israel (and the obsessive erasure of Palestinian history)" (Bahour).

"How the UK Government Provides Cover for Israel’s Crimes" (Littlewood).

"Dershowitz’s latest target for antisemitism smears: Jeffrey Epstein’s victims" (Samel).

Friday, August 28, 2020

H and H

"Economic Disparity and COVID in New York City" (Van Buren).  The entire ecology of Hymietown was much more delicate than anyone is prepared to admit, even now.  Banning working remotely - which would have many other positive effects, including ending offshoring - might be the only thing that might save it.

I've been wondering about the fact that two of the main sources of Khazar power over Assholes - besides, of course, control of all (((media))), (((social media))), most think tanks, most universities (and all the 'prestige' ones), both political parties (through 'donations'),and the ubiquitous blackmail and bribery of politicians - Hymietown and 'Hollywood', have been wrecked by the virus.  Something must be done, but what will it be?  How much will it cost the rest of the country?

You see guys like Dersh and Tribe, huge prestige, but obviously idiots.  I mean that literally.  Turley is what a law professor should be.  "Turley: Do The New George Floyd Documents Constitute A Defense For Accused Former Officers?"  "Eggshell skull".

"Kyle Rittenhouse. Senseless Violence Across America…" (Whitney):
"Reasonable people should be able to agree that the situation should never have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where a young man felt the need to take up arms to defend an American city from the type of senseless violence we’ve seen in the last 10 weeks. But that’s what happened. And the blame should not be placed on Rittenhouse, but on the Democrat leaders– mayor and governor– and their criminal allies in the media who have applauded the activities of the rioters while failing to mention the horrific damage they have done. It’s shameful."
"Antifa In Kenosha: Giant Conspiracy or Recreational Rioters?" (Sailer):
"Please note that members of RiotKitchen206 only engage in Peaceful Protests, not riots, as you can tell from their name."
and (accurate, but there is a distinct upper middle class flavor to some of them):
"My impressions are that white Antifa rioters seem disproportionately to be:
  • pedophile
  • transgender
  • drug addict
  • general criminal
  • punk rocker
  • enjoy vandalism and violence
  • working or lower middle class by background
  • physically unattractive
  • firebugs: people who enjoy starting pretty, pretty fires"
Remember with all the ridiculous Dem talk about Trump losing but refusing to leave office - perhaps now moot as Joe is getting murdered by the Soros violence - that somebody did refuse to accept the results of the last election, and refused to concede though the result was clear.  Yes, Ol' Kil:  "Will Hillary and the Dems Get the Civil War They Are Trying to Provoke?" (The Saker).

"White Supremacist Jews & the Ku Klux Klan" (NOI Research Group).

"Alberta judge bars new 'pseudo law' advocate who claims Magna Carta puts her outside court's authority" (Blackwell).

Liberty to Slaves

Tweet (Kyle Rittenhouse Stan Account):
"David Frum, who wrote the speeches that sent me to Iraq at 19, has strong opinions about teenagers traveling far from home and taking up AR-15s."
This is remarkably stupid (". . . what will make a change that makes real change? Electing more Democrats? If they’re the right ones, yes, that’s needed but not enough."), and naked capitalism should be ashamed for spreading it around:  "You Know In Your Heart That the Day of Real Resistance Is Coming" (Neuburger).  When you are left with 'resistance' defined as George Soros hiring a pile of street rats to commit violence and mass property destruction, well, that's Assholia for you.

"Kenosha Antifa Attacker Grosskreutz: “Only Regret is Not Killing” Kyle with Pistol Before Arm Blown Off" (Anglin).  "Was Kyle Rittenhouse acting (morally) in self-defense?" (NeoDestiny).  On the other hand, he killed 1) Khazars, and 2) Soros Employees of the Year, so the normal legal defenses don't apply.

"Meet the IDF-Linked Cybersecurity Group “Protecting” US Hospitals ‘Pro Bono’" (Webb).  It is hilarious that 1) these operations are so fucking outrageous, and 2) Webb is the only one who writes about them.

"Putin: Russian Police Unit On Standby To Support Belarus, Probably Won’t Be Needed" (Daily Stormer).  Virus totalitarianism makes Assholian complaints about 'human rights' sound even sillier than usual.

Not surprisingly, they much vaunted American War of Independence was actually a war against freed slaves (albeit as part of a British stunt):  "The First Emancipation" (Johnstone/Shenfield):
"In November 1775, Lord Dunmore, governor of Virginia, promised freedom to any slave who deserted a rebel master and joined the British Army. In 1779, the British commander-in-chief, Sir Henry Clinton, extended the offer to any slave who crossed over into British-held territory. The promise was no longer only freedom but “freedom and a farm.”

The British ruling class were not at this time opposed to slavery in principle. British merchants were active in the transatlantic slave trade and British owners of plantations in the Caribbean exploited slave labor. The emancipation was a tactic to weaken the American side in the war. Freedom was therefore offered only to slaves of rebel masters, not to slaves of masters who had remained loyal to Britain.

Nearly 100,000 slaves came over to the British side. They risked their lives for a chance of freedom as slave-owners vowed to execute any who were recaptured. Several regiments were formed of the Black Loyalists. One was the so-called “Royal Ethiopian Regiment,” which put to rout an American militia at Kemp’s Landing. They wore sashes inscribed with the words Liberty to Slaves. There was also a “Black Brigade” with a celebrated guerrilla commander known as Colonel Tye. Many ex-slaves also served as blacksmiths, coopers, tailors, carpenters, cooks, and guides.

One American “lover of liberty” commented on this development in a letter:
Hell itself could not have vomited anything more black than this design of emancipating our slaves."
You think you have a lot of Wars For The Jews now?: "Joe Biden and the War on Yemen" (Arria).  The current state of Assholia is exemplified by the fact that the only sane choice for President is Trump!  Trump!!!

"Pro-Israel Kamala Harris pledges not to condition US aid to Israel on human rights".

"Trump sets the Israeli cat among Arab pigeons" (Bhadrakumar).  The extreme self-cucking of the princelings of the UAE may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

From this past November (I wasn't aware Cesar, clearly one of the RFK assassins, just died):  "Robert Kennedy's Son Names Dad's 'Real Killer' 50 Years After Assassination" (Ward).

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Spiritual aristocratic leadership

All the plans:  "Definitive Eurasian Alliance Is Closer Than You Think" (Escobar).  Germany and Europe have but one sane choice, but it seems to await the departure of Merkel, presumably because of the blackmail the Assholes have over her from back in her days in the Stasi.

Lots on the JQ:  "The Transformation of Europe as an Elite Project:  Review of The Blackening of Europe, by Clare Ellis" (Joyce) (my emphasis in red):
"Although not mentioned by Ellis, the British Jewish intellectual Israel Zangwill was a co-founder and key figure on the executive of the Union for Democratic Control, and from October 1914 it was Zangwill who provided the UDC with its headquarters.[1] From this base, Zangwill pumped out European “unity” propaganda that attacked what Ellis calls “the nationalist canon,” not with the sole focus of achieving European peace but of promoting feminism and his own idea of “the melting pot” or widespread mixing of peoples and the end of national identity. As is common with such Jewish activists, however, Zangwill was reluctant to live out his own philosophy, marrying within his ethnic group (Jewish feminist Edith Ayrton) and spending most of his life promoting Jewish causes.

Zangwill was probably a key influence on Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972), the cosmopolitan geopolitician and philosopher whose name has become synonymous with the worst of the European Union project. Kalergi was himself the product of miscegenation, having an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, and he spent much of his life producing a blend of pacifist and European integrationist literature. Ellis carefully contextualises Kalergi, once described by Hitler as a “cosmopolitan bastard,” over the course of some 25 pages, and examines his thought in detail. There were some novel revelations for me, including his self-conscious participation in Freemasonry, his quite extensive reliance upon Jewish finance, and his extremely strange and dangerous fantasy that Jews were the ideal leaders of the future European state. That being said, Ellis provides enough information on Kalergi’s thought to cast doubt on the existence of a clearly-defined “Kalergi Plan.” Much of Kalergi’s work promoted European unity under three banners—peace, civilization (including renewed European colonization of Africa), and trade. Kalergi believed that Europeans shared a common cultural destiny and that Europe should be a world power on the same level as the United States and the Soviet Union. And while he eulogized the notion that the European man of the future would be of mixed race, he does not appear anywhere to have actively promoted immigration to Europe and in fact wrote: “Europe must at all costs prevent that great number of black workers and soldiers from immigrating to Europe.” Ellis comments that although Kalergi was wrong to reduce European identity to a matter of “morals and of style,” he “did not intend for large-scale immigration into Europe from non-European peoples, especially from Africa and the Muslim Middle-East.”

As in the Union of Democratic Control, which housed different goals, interests and ideological trajectories, Kalergi emerges from Ellis’s account as an ideologically and racially confused individual, in possession of eccentric, irrational, and often contradictory theories, and acting often at the hands of much more powerful forces with ulterior motives. By far the strangest of Kalergi’s theories was the idea that the new united Europe should be governed by a “spiritual aristocratic leadership” that “can only be found in the Jewish people.” These traits, according to Kalergi, “predestine Jews to be leaders of urban humanity, the protagonists of capitalism as well as the revolution.” As Ellis puts it:
It would not be the European aristocrats that would lead the new Europe to unification and finally world federation; rather it would be the interplay of the leaders of both Jewish capitalism and Jewish socialism alone who would take over and dominate the forces of European power and determine its destiny.
That Kalergi was probably directly influenced by the work of Zangwill in this regard is almost beyond doubt, and Jewish influence here is compounded by the fact Kalergi was funded by his friend Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, and the Jewish bankers Max Warburg, Felix Warburg, Paul Warburg, and Bernard Baruch. As well as receiving financial backing, Kalergi was in “constant intellectual dialogue” with Max Warburg, who may have shaped some of Kalergi’s ideas on putative Jewish supremacy. Ellis points out that after World War II, when the first steps towards a unified European bureaucratic structure were being taken, some scholars have argued that “the Pan European Movement and Union were appropriated by people who wished to use it for their own ends.”

These “people,” essentially technocrats, politicians and lawyers, are situated by Ellis within the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. The Fabian Society, which aimed for a slow and steady socialist revolution in society, is explained as more or less a club of well-intention British utopian socialist eccentrics until it merged in the 1920s with Rothschild finance and received the generous backing of British Jewish banker Sir Ernest Cassel; it also enjoyed the backing of the Rockefeller Foundation and J.P. Morgan. All were involved in the founding of the London School of Economics (LSE) which was intended to train up activists, bureaucrats, politicians for the revolution. Ellis comments:
So here we have a socialist-capitalist alliance whereby Big Business elites utilise socialist institutions to nurture their own aims. This obviously begs a particular question: Why do major capitalists and international finance organizations want to train the bureaucracy for the creation of a future socialist state? Isn’t socialism, in its very essence, antithetical to capitalism? H.G. Wells explained this apparent paradox in 1920: “Big Business is in no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger big business grows the more it approximates Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism.”
Ellis adds that it became the strategy of Fabian socialism to “prefer wealthy elites (intellectual, political, economic) rather than the proletariat (working class) as the source of revolutionary potential.” By 1945, the Fabian Society had taken over the British House of Commons, since more than half of the ruling Labour party’s MPs were paid-up Fabians. The same trends are prominent today, most notably in the example of the Fabian Tony Blair, whose Labour Party during his decade of power (1997–2007) ushered in the biggest ever acceleration of immigration to Britain, and who maintains strong links to Jewish international finance in the form of his close friend and ally Moshe Kantor.

Ellis has a very interesting section demonstrating organic links between the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School, especially in their early stages, and cross-pollination of ideas between British and German socialists. There are clear parallels in the way both groupings set about their destructive tasks with the tactic of gradual infiltration. Permeation, or “honeycombing,” of existing institutions with committed activists and intellectuals was the preferred methodology of bringing about large-scale societal change, and both groupings eschewed the notion of the working class as a viable source for revolutionary socialism. Ellis lists the “products” of Fabian and Frankfurt School activism as:
feminism; affirmative action; deconstruction; the transformation of the traditional family, church, education, and morals; Third-World opposition movements; anti-nationalism; cultural contempt; anti-discrimination; liberal immigration reforms; ‘White Privilege;’ White Guilt; “Diversity is Strength”; ‘tolerance’; Political Correctness; and multiculturalism.
The dramatic changes witnessed in Western society over the last 70 years have been, argues Ellis, wrought by the activity of a “New Class” composed of university-educated, liberal, cosmopolitans who have gained support from financial elites, thus increasing their social capital and expanding their capacity for political action. Both Fabianism and the Frankfurt School are
elite forms of socialism, whether in intellectual political, cultural, or economic terms, as they no longer focus on the working classes. They are bourgeois revolutionary theories that instigate revolutions from above, not below; they are not grassroots or democratic; they are plutocratic, oligarchic, and dictatorial. These socialist intellectuals ‘march through the institutions’ to effect a ‘gradual’ revolution from above and are sponsored by the capitalist forces they supposedly oppose.
The third section of part I, “International and Geopolitical Developments,” is one of the more factually dense elements of the book, but is worth persevering with. The chapter highlights the ways in which early diplomatic support for Israel (led by the United States and Britain) brought Europe into conflict with oil producers in the Middle East, necessitating not only closer economic ties within Europe but also sowing the seeds for the future Islamization of the continent. Ellis dissects the ways in which American imperialism, international finance, and monopoly capitalism influenced post-war European diplomacy and economic recovery strategies (mainly the importation of supposedly “temporary” foreign labor), and links it to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the creation of global institutions like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and NATO — all of which “influenced the opening of Europe and Western nations to non-European immigration from the Third World.”"
"Ellis’s treatment of cosmopolitanism ends with an extremely interesting profile of the modern-day cosmopolitan class, including reflections on their mental health. They are composed of
wealthy and influential elites who are either neoliberals motivated by global capitalism, or else some form of socialist (Leftist, cultural Marxists) motivated by universal values and societal transformation, or they are both neoliberal and socialist: a socialist-capitalist alliance. In either case, their primary identity is global or cosmopolitan, which is completely independent from geography, nation, ethnicity, or religion, and they seek to change the world according to their elite visions and ideals of humanity, the future, and the global economy.
I concur with all the above, my only caveat being that there’s an obvious exception to this rule and that’s “the Jewish cosmopolitan,” who can be socialist-capitalist while maintaining an intense attachment to geography and nation (Israel), ethnicity (Jewishness), and religion (Judaism). One need only look at figures like Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, Moshe Kantor, along with the vast majority of the Jewish Big Tech CEOs, hedge fund bosses, bankers, media barons, consumer culture despots, and loan merchants, etc., to see that this is plainly and inarguably the case. What we therefore see in the ongoing story of European cosmopolitanism is the confluence of two separate strains of activism — the generally well-meaning European variant peopled by Kant, the UDC, and some of the non-Jewish utopians; and the Jewish one featuring Mendelssohn, the Frankfurt School, and Jewish Capital. It is the latter that has attached itself to the former, perverting and distorting its vision for their own ends. The present-day European Union is the disfigured and defective offspring of this sinister congress."
"US War Propaganda Still Aims at Syria" (Cartalucci).  You have to assume, given deplorable German anti-Palestinianism, that World Jewry has a lot of juicy blackmail material on German politicians.

"US Smears Those Questioning Latest Claims vs. China" (Cartalucci).  The first law of international politics is that everything that an Asshole says - every fucking thing - is an outright lie.  You will never go wrong if you take this as the first principle.

"You can't trust the media on Evo Morales" (Beijer).

"Pro-imperialist coup topples Malian President Keïta" (Lantier).  "Mali Coup Leader Is A US-Trained Military Officer" (Ditz).

"Pompeo Says Keeping Saudis From Nukes A Top US Priority Amid Reports Of Chinese Help" (Ditz).  Things are moving fast - that's an amazing thing for a Secretary of State to say out loud.

Postumous/Postumous/Postumous Arm

"It’s Time for a Pandemic Wealth Tax on Billionaires’ Windfall Gains" (Collins/Clemente):
"Amazon AMZN, +1.34% founder Jeff Bezos, whose wealth has increased a stunning 63% during the pandemic, is now worth an estimated $184 billion. Under the emergency pandemic wealth tax, Bezos would pay an estimated one-time tax of $42.8 billion. After the tax, Bezos would remain the richest person on the planet, with over $140 billion."
"Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Pulls Out of Planned Meeting in Washington with Netanyahu" (Hearst).  What's the word for 'fear of seeing your own head on the end of a pike'?

Soros Employees of The Year (Postumous/Postumous/Postumous Arm):  "Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories" (Striker).  Also, probably all Khazars, in a place where much, much less than 2% of the population is so blessed.  I wonder what percentage of Soros thugs are Khazars.

"Violent Crime Now Almost As Important To American Voters As COVID-19" (Watson).  Soros was counting on an American Maidan.  Instead, Trump did almost nothing, and the tide is turning rapidly in his favor.  Given that it is Soros, I expect he will have to hire snipers to do the false-flag job that Trump and Barr refuse to do.

"Everything Changes After Kenosha... "Divided We Stand"" (Luongo).  I have to entertain the possibility that Soros is attempting to secure the win for Trump.

"Turkey reboots Arab Spring with Palestinian resistance" (Bhadrakumar).  Theater, as Big Turkish Money continues to deal with Israel, but not ineffective theater.

Shockingly good for today's crapified CounterPunch:  "Belarus’s Options in the Midst of a Color Revolution" (Harris).

"Belarus - NATO Lobby Acknowledges That Its Color Revolution Failed" (Moon).  It appears the gun stunt worked, at least in that it gave the impression that Lukashenko was prepared to risk his own life to save his country from Soros (Maduro and Assad have had similar success faced with similar problems).  The big problem with all these color revolutions is that the existing regime is not so unpopular that it is worth risking the horrible alternative, i.e., becoming Ukraine, and falling into the hands of Assholes.  The only reason Ukraine fell is because the Maidan snipers were a shock, and because there are enough Ukrainian neo-Nazis who would pick anything over Russia, regardless of how insanely stupid that decision is.

"The Most Cynical Campaign In History" (Van Buren).  The most obvious attacks on Trump aren't available to the Dems as Biden has at least the same levels of wrongdoing.

"HBO’s ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Is Latest Anti-Russian Cold War Propaganda" (Parry).  The Intercept would be a much more effective intelligence asset if it weren't so obvious!

"Let’s Talk U.S. Foreign Policy: It Is the Root Cause of Many Evils" (Giraldi).

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Questionable connections

"The UAE's love affair with Israel" (Massad).  Solid background.  Arafat's decision to make the PLO non-revolutionary and non-threatening was a big mistake.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (the hatred for 'Christian' Zionists for actual Christians is quite amazing, and reveals their Satanic/Zionist reality):
"Pompeo said Qasem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians. In fact, this was what the Gulf and NATO-backed “moderate rebels” did to Christians in Syria. Soleimani helped defend them from genocide and the US watched."
Tweet (Mondoweiss):
"CBC Radio host Duncan McCue issued an on-air apology for using the word "Palestine" in an interview on the Public Broadcaster’s flagship current affairs show. #Palestine #Canada"
"Report: Seattle Rioters Used Concrete To Seal Police Precinct Doors Shut In Effort To “Burn Officers Alive”".  It gets interesting for Soros employees when somebody starts shooting back:  "Kenosha: Multiple "Antifa" Rioters Shot After Attempting to Jump Young Man" (Striker).  "The Social Construction of Black Self-Destruction" (Sailer).

"Iranian Axis Of Resistance Falls Victim To US-Israeli Covert Campaign" (South Front).

"Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World" (Luongo).  "Top 3 Humiliating Failures of Pompeo as Secretary of State" (Cole).

"After Beirut Blast, Israel Revives Tales of Hezbollah Ammonium Nitrate Terror Plots" (Porter).  Nervy, considering that smart opinion in Lebanon is leaning towards some kind of Israeli sabotage at the port.  (((They))) always fall back on earlier lawfare.

"A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections Surround Beirut Explosion Shipment" (OCCRP and Partners).  Detailed tracing of the cargo and the players, but not really relevant or interesting if Israel paid people on the dock to blow it up.

The Brits are lying about first cases too, as very early first cases don't fit the China-did-it narrative:  tweet (Jo):
"This is bollocks. My sister (a nurse) said that samples from pneumonia fatality case back in November tested positive in Nottinghamshire when they re-ran them a few months ago. Why is this being covered up?!"
Mostly quite good and sensible refutation of various Asshole complaints with China concerning the virus, but buys the Chinese origin theory, which seems increasingly unlikely:  "The China Syndrome Part I: Outbreak" (Lemoine).

"Speaker removed from RNC program after tweeting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" (LeBlanc).

Using inferior crapola technology on purpose has a cost, and I wonder what the dollar amount of that cost for the country will be:  "Canada has effectively moved to block China's Huawei from 5G, but can't say so" (Ljunggren).  I also can't see this making the Chinese any happier.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Path back to the White House

Trump and Barr have called the Soros bluff by not firing randomly into crowds, and it is starting to be reflected in the polling, causing some problem for the Clintonistas:  "Draw Distinctions in Response to Police Shootings" (Judis).  This was always the danger of the vicious, vicious, vicious typical Khazar attack on America, that it would woke Whitey, who then comes out to vote Trump out of perceived self-defense.  The far and not-so-far right are saying it will be open season on Whitey, and there won't be police to protect anybody, under a Democrat President, and Soros and his paid thugs are making this very easy to believe.

Completely ridiculous

"Aroused from their slumber by the Faustian chant of ‘Wake up, motherf**kers!’ . . . "  Don't worry - Soros isn't made of money (well, maybe he is), and it will all come to a screeching halt in early November when he stops paying the thugs and the (((media))) buries BLM, again, it having served its purpose (or not).

"The Kenosha Riots Prove It Can Happen Anywhere" (Hood).  I know black parents are supposed to give their sons the 'talk', about how to survive encounters with police, but in watching these videos, none of these guys paid any attention if there was a 'talk'.  It doesn't excuse police violence, but all of them would be alive today had they just complied with police instructions, and hadn't tried numerous ways of fleeing.  In retrospect, their deaths are all completely ridiculous.

"Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Urges, in Effect, Blacks to Riot" (Sailer).  I'm guessing that one upshot of all the Soros attacks is that a lot of northern mayors and governors are going to be looking for new jobs after the next elections.

"Rashomon American Style" (Giraldi).  I don't know what's wrong with Giraldi, but the truth isn't somewhere in between - Assholes are always in the wrong.  100%.  No question!  It is actually eerie how consistently and enthusiastically wrong they are.

"A Danish Journalist Arrived to Cover the TMX Pipeline. The Guard at YVR Decided to Deport Him" (Dembicki).  New use for covid - destroying the planet.

"Scoop: UAE cancels Israel meeting after Netanyahu opposes F-35 arms deal" (Ravid).  MbZ sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver only to find they were fake.

Soros is infamous for destabilizing countries to get their currency to drop, making money by betting on such a drop:  "The Quiet American Reset" (Crooke).

Monday, August 24, 2020

Relentless Evil

I thought they might do a NATO-do-over of this story to get another PR crack at it:  "Russian Opposition Leader Shows 'Signs Of Poisoning', Berlin Hospital Says" (Durden) (the original title has been changed).  Are we not bored yet of all the Pompeo-Bellingcat-NATO-Asshole-Zionist PR?

When the virus hit Assholia could have gone into a war mode, focusing entirely on the critical problem at hand, put a full stop to all the innumerable Wars For The Jews and Sanctions For The Jews, stopped all the attempts at 'regime change', stopped picking fights with places like China, and publicly executed as war profiteers all the billionaires who have made out like bandits as a result of the virus.  Instead we get the Fat Fuck swanning all over the world with his particular brand of Evangelical Pure Evil, even more attempts at 'regime change', and absolutely no attention paid to the virus or its effects on the people of Assholia.  Why am I not surprised?

Oh, and this, of course:  "Concretizing "Main St vs Wall St"" (Doctorow).

A full summation of the crazy state of Russiagate:  "RAY McGOVERN: Catapulting Russian-Meddling Propaganda".  Note Schiff's record of 29 months of hiding the CrowdStrike testimony.

You get a good idea why people have engaged in pogroms and holocausts over the years - people don't want to, but they are pushed into a corner by having to deal with what is simply Relentless Evil, and can't think of any other way to get even a moment's respite from it:  "This is the bogus anti-Semitism report that sank Jeremy Corbyn" (Winstanley).  The current state of Britain is an excellent example of what happens when Pure Evil isn't staunched.

"U.S. Isolated From Double-Think & Arrogance on ‘Snapback’ Sanctions Against Iran".  "US is willing to dismantle the UN Security Council to put pressure on Iran" (Ritter) (I keep talking of Pure Evil, but I can't really come close to describing how awful shekels really are!):
"The Trump administration, faced with this united opposition, has shown no indication it is willing to back down. The UN Security Council is navigating uncharted waters, having never been confronted with a challenge of this nature in its entire 75-year history. There is every reason to believe that the US will submit a resolution for consideration following the expiration of the 30-day notification period, and then veto it itself, thereby triggering the automatic “snap back” of UN sanctions. There is also every reason to believe that the Security Council will seek to block the US through various procedural formalities designed not to formally recognize the US demands, and thereby preventing the submission of any resolution.
A likely outcome will be that the Security Council fails to recognize the US submission of a resolution, followed by the US refusing to recognize the Security Council’s ability to prevent such a resolution from being submitted. The US will seek to submit the resolution, then immediately veto it, and claim that the “snap back” has been accomplished. The rest of the Security Council will reject this action, and deem the JCPOA to be in play, free of UN sanctions. The US will then sanction any party which fails to comply with the UN sanctions.
If this were in fact to occur, it would mean the functional death of the UN Security Council, an outcome many in the Trump administration appear willing to live with. Faced with the inevitability of this outcome, some members–especially the French, Germans and Brits–may be compelled to reexamine their position on the lifting of the arms embargo, seeking a compromise solution that salvages the JCPOA while denying Iran access to Russian and Chinese armaments. This may be the goal of the US all along. If so, it is an extremely dangerous one that is based on a false predicate, namely that there is a combination of economic and diplomatic pressure that can be placed on Iran to compel it to renegotiate the JCPOA. Simply put, there is not, and for the Trump administration to proceed as if there is only endangers regional and international peace and security."
"Syrian Forces Are Hunting Down ISIS Terrorists In Desert" (South Front).  Note the part at the end where the Israelis are assassinating ex-terrorists who attempted reconciliation with the Syrian government.

"China: everything proceeding according to plan" (Escobar).  It is odd they didn't anticipate and plan for the chip problem caused by the Assholes, but I'm sure they will build a full parallel manufacturing system surprisingly quickly, and that will be another market lost by Assholes being assholes.

"US Smears Those Questioning Latest Claims vs. China" (Cartalucci).  The same stupid and obvious tricks over and over and over again, all for the benefit of 'journalists' who need something to type.


"Yes, There Was An Anti-Paedophilia Protest Outside Buckingham Palace This Weekend" (Aspinall).  "‘Cuties’" (Dreher) (also).  In the forced absence of 'Hollywood', Netflix seems to have taken up the torch of the sacred job of perverting the farm animals.  You're all on the wrong side of history, goyim.

"Germans Praise Russian Doctors for Saving Navalny’s Life, Say There is No Sign of Poison" (Anglin).  So much for that.

""Black People Used To Live Here" Sailer's Real-Estate Based Conspiracy Theory Of The Obama Administration" (Sailer):
"My conspiracy theory is that the Obama Administration was a giant outgrowth of a successful conspiracy of around 1989 by Chicago Democratic insiders, such as Valerie Jarrett (Obama consigliere), Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s first chief of staff), William Daley (Obama’s second chief of staff), and Penny Pritzker (Secretary of Commerce), to demolish the black housing projects near Chicago’s Loop and gentrify the neighborhoods.

The plan was literally to marginalize blacks by moving them out of the convenient areas near downtown to the far edges of Chicago, much as in Paris blacks were traditionally relegated to inconvenient banlieues. Mayor Richie Daley frequently vacationed in Paris and loudly trumpeted ideas he brought back from Paris, such as the pleasing one of shining spotlights on Chicago River bridges at night.

But nobody seems to have noticed the biggest idea he saw in Paris: that the central city should be for the bourgeois, not the underclass. It turned out to be reasonably successful and Richard M. Daley ruled Chicago for 22 years (1989-2011), even longer than his famous father Richard J. Daley.

The downside has been that these population transfers of underclass blacks appear to be one of the causes for the fairly high levels of black murderousness in Chicago over the last decade. Chicago got through the Crack Era 30 years ago without NY or LA levels of killing, but in recent years it appears to have been plagued by the discombobulation of gang relations caused by the demolitions of the housing projects.

To pull off this plan to marginalize blacks, they needed black faces, such as Jarrett, whose grandfather Robert Taylor had been chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority from 1943-1950 and was honored (?) by having the giant Robert Taylor Homes near Comiskey Field named after him.

Meanwhile, the husband of a Daley staffer hired by Jarrett when she worked for the Mayor became a favorite of the Chicago powerbrokers, with the Daley family happy to encourage his state and national ambitions to keep him from running for Mayor, where he’d be more likely to win white and Hispanic votes than the usual crooked and/or radical black aldermen who ran against Hizzoner."
Someday we will be past the Era of Sanctions For The Jews, but not yet (at least not until 47): "The Pointless Cruelty of Trump’s New Syria Sanctions" (Landis/Simon) and "Crushing US Sanctions Devastate Syria’s People and Post-War Reconstruction" (Maté interview with Landis) and "Syrians Face Calamity as Trump’s Sanctions Mix with Surging Covid-19" (Cockburn).  Between the Khleptomaniacs and the Assholes it is a simply rotten world.

'Anonymous' = CIA:  "“Anonymous” Twitter Account with Six Million Followers Endorses CIA War in Syria" (Anglin).

Even I find this amazing:  "The Biden-Harris Ticket is Fully Jewed-Up" (Frei).

"Spies or Journalists? Western Media Deliberately Covers Up US Meddling in Thailand" (Cartalucci).

"Arafat widow apologises to UAE for Palestine protests".

Rupert is a conspiracy theorist who thinks the evidence is there for the Assholes did Covid!:  "Half a Pulitzer Prize to the Wall Street Journal" (Unz).  The Pentagon knew all about it well before the Chinese.

"Private Equity Billionaire Leon Black To Receive Subpoena Over Decades-Long Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein" (Durden).  The problem with Epstein is that his operation was fascinating to the big machers, who couldn't help being attracted to watching the 'leaders' of the farm animals be led to the blackmail.  Plus, a lot of them wanted to dip into the inventory.

"The Inside Story of the $8 Million Heist From the Carnegie Library" (McDade).  This kind of thing happens so often you'd think the administrators of these institutions would be a little more careful.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rey Rivera

"A REY IN THE LIFE What happened to Rey Rivera of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries?" (Richards).

Although it seems almost physically impossible, this famous almost-locked-room mystery from Baltimore - he was found dead in a locked conference room with the only entry a hole in the roof that seems impossible for him to have reached - is mostly deemed to be a suicide (there was also a weird cryptic hidden note left by the deceased).  However, he did work as a newsletter editor for a pump-and-dump penny stock pushing group of companies that the SEC has swarmed around, and the conspiracy-murder possibility seems too difficult to ignore.

"Rey Rivera: Note, Delray Beach, Etc" (Var1etyJ0nes) (this is really excellent work).  My guess is he saw something he wasn't supposed to and the criminals around him decided to silence him.  The conspiracy could go higher than you might think:
"During the early/mid 2000’s, the FBI & CIA were all over the “pump & dump”-boiler-room and money laundering schemes in the OTC/penny-stock universe, as it was fertile ground for both domestic and foreign organized crime. A good late 90’s example of domestic and foreign organized crime rings coordinating together in the space is Felix Sater’s White Rock case, in which the Genovese, Bonnano, Gambino, Colombo & Russian OC families essentially formed a joint venture to defraud investors Agora’s network of investment & marketing-related businesses, at a minimum, intersected with this murky universe."
"Russian OC families" is code for Khazar organized crime, and the name Felix Sater should be familiar from the world of Trump (also note the name Dmytro Firtash).  Of course, the possible connections between Agora and other similar companies remain to be unraveled.

A recent, decent but completely conventional, podcast on the case.


The top of the world

"American Exceptionalism" (Romanoff) (it's like an indictment for the crime of being Assholes, even more striking when you consider all the harm they've done around the world in order to steal their way to utopia):
"The US today has the greatest income inequality of all Western nations[1][2], surpassing China and more than a few undeveloped nations as well. From this, it has the lowest social mobility of most nations[3], meaning that improving one’s station in life is becoming increasingly impossible. If your parents are not educated and wealthy, you will never be either, and the American Dream is dead. The US today has the smallest middle class and the largest lower class of all major nations, the middle class having been mostly eviscerated in 2008, that process completing itself today, and will probably never now recover. Americans carry the largest amount of personal debt among all nations[4], including credit card debt and increasingly unrepayable student loans, and the US now leads the world in personal bankruptcies[5]. Since 2008, according to the US government’s own statistics, the US has the lowest percentage of home ownership at 57%[6], ranked 43rd in the world, far below China at 90%[7], and America now has a virtual epidemic of homelessness compared to most other nations, with untabulated millions of homeless families with children.The poverty rate in the US is extraordinary, with official statistics placing this number at 13% but in reality with more than 25% of the population living below the poverty line, in most cases far below[8]. It also has the highest percentage of children living in poverty, and with almost a third of all US citizens dependent on food stamps and other government aid to survive[9]Unemployment is also extraordinary. According to the government’s own statistics, fully 40% of working-age Americans have no job[10][11], with many of the rest under-employed, working only part-time. It is only American cities or those in the most impoverished of nations that contain such vast areas of urban decay and desperate slums like those of Detroit and Chicago, where half of the areas are violent crime-ridden wastelands where no one goes.The US has the highest educational costs, and yet the poorest overall quality of education in the developed world and parts of the rest. Read this article[12]. It will open your eyes. A few good schools or universities in an entire nation do not make it a world leader, the proof residing in the highest level of functional illiteracy of all major nations (25%) and a truly legendary level of ignorance[13]. The US is the only country in the world where, in repeated polls for the past 60 years, a full 75% of the adult and student populations cannot find their own country on a map of the world[14]
. Compared to other nations, the US has the highest health care costs by a factor of two to ten, and yet has a surprisingly poor overall quality as well as the highest percentage of a population without health care[15]. The US has the highest infant mortality rate and the shortest life expectancy at birth of all major nations and far below many others[16][17], ranking around 50 in a list of countries. The US has the highest obesity rate of all nations, with nearly half of the population being overweight[18], one of the highest rates of sexually-transmitted diseases[19], of anti-depressant drug use that increased by 65% in only 15 years[20], a national crisis in opioid drug use[21] and of depression. It has the highest teen-age pregnancy and abortion rates of all developed nations[22], and one of the highest divorce rates[23][24]. Note that in many international studies US statistics aren’t collected because, as observers noted “The authors left out the US because the country is “an extreme outlier.” The US also has the largest number of one-person households (about 30%)[25][26], and the largest percentage of fatherless children (about 25%)[27].America is one of the two most racist countries in the world, where even the random and unprovoked killing of non-whites is not only permissible but usually meets with approval. Americans are gun-crazy, owning more guns than the entire rest of the world combined, and more guns than all the world’s police and military. They carry their guns everywhere, and use them everywhere, the US having the highest rates of gun shootings and murders of any nation, with more than 20 small children and more than 200 adults being sent each day to either the hospital or the cemetery. Many small American cities, like the nation’s capital of Washington DC with only half a million people, or places like Detroit or Chicago, have more murders each year (by an order of magnitude) than does Shanghai with 25 million people. The overall homicide rate for China is 0.6 and for Shanghai 0.2; that for the US is 4.0. The gun death rate for children in the US is 40 times higher than for any other nation in the world[28][29]. The US also has the highest number of crimes committed with firearms each year, a staggering total of a minimum confirmed of 500,000 and an estimated 3 million[30][31], and the highest number of violent raids on private homes, with more than 80,000 instances per year of SWAT teams kicking in someone’s front door in the middle of the night, always terrorising and sometimes killing the occupants, usually without identifying themselves and often attacking the wrong house.[32][33]The US has the highest rate of cocaine and meth usage of any nation[34], thanks in large part to the CIA’s very successful war on drugs which permits that agency to import cocaine duty-free. The US has the highest rate of gender inequality[35]among industrialised nations, far exceeding egalitarian nations like China (and formerly Iraq and Libya). The US has the highest number of lawyers and lawsuitsin the world, by orders of magnitude, a reflection of both natural belligerence and inborn greed, Americans spending twice as much on lawsuits each year as on new cars[36]. Japan has 14,000 lawyers, China 160,000, the US 1.35 million (11 per 100,000 for Japan and China compared to 300 per 100,000 for the US). Americans surpass the entire world in their amount of useless consumption, having long passed the point where it can be deemed pathological. As one measure, that of shopping mall space per capita, Germany has 2.7 sq ft per person, Japan has 3.9 and the UK has 5. For every American shopper there are 24 sq ft of mall. The US has by far the highest level of carbon emissions on a per-capita basis, thanks in no small part to General Motors who has repeatedly committed genocide on electric automobiles.Wars and violence are defining adjectives of America. The US as a nation is now, and has always been, intensely militaristic, inherently provocative, combative and violent. The US is by far the largest merchant of death in the world, being responsible for about 70% of total world arms sales. For comparison, Russia is second at 17%, while China is at 3%. If we include everything, the US spends about twice as much on its military each year as the entire rest of the world combined, already well-documented by many authors at well in excess of $1 trillion. It also has the world’s largest network of foreign military bases, with more than 1,000 such installations, including many that appear on no map, and the world’s largest number of bio-weapons labs, with more than 400 outside the US. America has launched the most wars of aggression in the history of the world and has been at war for 235 of its 243 years as a nation, all those wars unprovoked and unjustified, and none of which were either wars of ‘liberation’ or ‘to make the world safe for democracy’, but for colonisation and plunder. The US is also outstanding in that it has assassinated more foreign world leaders and other officials (about 150)[37] than even Israel has done, and also operates the largest network of torture prisons that has ever existed in the history of the world. The US also wins first prize for having some of the most bloodthirsty homicidal mass murderers and pathological killers in the history of the world, far exceeding our former heroes Stalin and Hitler. Kissinger, Albright and Curtis LeMay come immediately to mind, but there are more.The US has by far the highest incarceration rate of all nations, with more than 25% of the world’s prisoners in its jails and with almost 35% of all adult Americans having a criminal record. Alarmingly, the US has by far the highest number of internment camps – prison camps – in the world, all 800 fully-staffed but empty, waiting for Americans to dare launch another Occupy Wall Street or similar protest. The US has the most militarised police forces of any nation, with frighteningly heavy-duty military hardware like MRAPs, APCs, drone aircraft and automatic weapons. The police motto “To protect and serve” that was once plastered on every police car, has been amended. It now reads “To occupy and kill”. The US has by far the highest number of civilians killed each year by police (well over 1,000) of any nation in the world, even including rogue states and axis of evil members. Americans have far more to fear from their local police than from terrorists. Police brutality in America is now legendary, so common as to be one of the nation’s defining adjectives, with beatings, shootings, harassment, false criminal charges reaching epidemic proportions and increasing.America is the world’s only nation with a website named “Killed by” to document the epidemic of civilians killed by police, and the only nation where local newspapers have sections devoted to listing the number of daily killings in each neighborhood of the major cities to assist citizens in house purchases. Violent crime rates in the US are at least an order of magnitude above those of China or Japan (and many other nations).The US also has one of the most corrupt police and judicial systems in the world. No Western country is particularly free of this charge, but America excels. As one example, the US has by far the largest number in the world of citizens falsely convicted by fraudulent testimony, some 40,000 convictions caused by one fraudulent forensics lab alone. And of course, the US has the world’s largest espionage network by orders of magnitude, with an ambition to steal every secret and to record and save every communication by every human on the planet.It is no longer a secret that American-style democracy has a few flaws, with extreme dysfunction and rampant corruption among the more visible, though looting the public trough would run a close second. The US also has the government most totally over-run with puppet-masters and controlled by parasitic aliens, having entirely lost control to its various lobbies and with all its elected officials having sworn allegiance to the Jews and Israel rather than to America. The US has the highest number and percentage of Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense Secretaries who were certifiable as criminally insane and who should have been given lobotomies and committed to institutions for life. Too many names to list here. America is the one nation that has more or less institutionalised government corruption at virtually every level, extending deeply into the judiciary, the regulatory bodies and Congress, as well as local and state governments. The US is well-known for compiling the most fraudulent economic statistics of all developed and undeveloped nations, including the hugely fictitious ‘average income’ of $45,000, and is one of the most indebted of all countries in the world today. I strongly suggest everyone read this short article on US economic statistics[38] and cease the rubbish about how China’s numbers can’t be trusted.Not to be outdone, the US media are in a class by themselves in terms of dishonesty, bias, censorship, and petty opinion-based journalism. American journalists are mostly cut from the same cloth, displaying more or less the same malignancies.The US has the most complete immunity for elite white-collar crime, prosecuting only its person-companies but never the persons. Americans boast of their transparent and corruption-free financial system, and the US media enjoys trashing China for what appears to be an occasional corporate fraud. But in the long list of the world’s largest corporate bankruptcies due to fraud and corruption, all but one occurred in the US. Ron Unz prepared a list that included Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Global Crossing, Adelphia, MF Global, Lehman, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, and Wachovia. The US has also been home to the world’s largest Ponzi schemes like those of Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, that resulted in almost $100 billion in public losses. It is the US, not China, that is the home to corporate fraud and deceit, while all but two of the largest corporate frauds in China in recent decades were committed by American firms, not Chinese.To end our list of areas in which American Exceptionalism truly shines, the US has for years been deservedly voted the world’s most hated nation, is widely reviled as the world’s greatest bully, and judged by all peoples – including Americans – as the greatest threat to world peace.Lest anyone think the above list is unfair or exaggerated, you can do a simple test by applying the items to other countries. Germany, for example, or China or Canada. Certainly every nation has some deaths, crime, divorces, military spending and so on, but none of the items in this list can be applied to Germany, China or Canada, nor to any other nation. The US does have the greatest debt, highest military spending, racism, killings, guns, incarceration, torture prisons, initiated wars, and all the rest. The records for inequality, obesity, consumption, personal debt, poverty, cocaine use, murders, all belong to America, with no other nation even in the running. The claim is as demonstrably true for ignorance and hypocrisy as it is for police brutality. As an accusation or an indictment, the list is 100% accurate, a factual description of America as it is today, seen without the propaganda and rose-colored glasses."
It seems hardly necessary, as one was enough, or even more than enough, but Assholians now have two official Republican parties from which to 'choose':  tweet (Garrett M. Graff):
"Seeing in print in the @WSJ this list of Republican national security officials endorsing Biden is really something. This is basically every GOP luminary of the last 30 years, saying “enough” to Trump. Stunning, really."
"For First time in History Twelve US Billionaires Have a Combined $1 Trillion" (Collins/Ocampo).

All I can say is that "screaming in excruciating pain" isn't consistent with a diabetic coma.  On the other hand, neither Putin nor the Russian government has the slightest motive to poison the guy, as it just plays into the hands of outside forces trying to destabilize Russia.  Navalny was never going to pose any threat at the ballot box, so there comes a point when a false-flag assassination blamed on Putin is the most use you can get out of him (Guido beware!)  "Navalny Was Not Poisoned" (Moon).  "Navalny: When Useless Idiots Become Useful (Dead) Idiots" (West).

Tweet thread by lime on the Hail Mary by the Bolivian coup plotters.  Tweet (Matt Kennard):
"CIA operative Alex Rorke persuaded the mother of Marita Lorenz to write an article for the May 1960 edition of Confidential magazine saying Fidel Castro had raped her teenage daughter. 
Marita Lorenz was later recruited by the CIA to assassinate Castro with poison pills."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"NATO information war.  
Notice how quiet Nato’s multigazillion dollar “fact-checking” armies get when their commanders need them to stand down."
Ha!: "Why do Canada’s wealthiest families get huge tax breaks?" (Rubin).

"Venezuela's foreign minister says Canada causing his country's collapse to 'take control' of its wealth" (Tumilty).  I'm not shocked that Canada would do horrible things behind the scenes, but this new loud-and-proud commission of atrocities in full public view has come in with The Nazi, who now single-handedly runs the entire Canadian government.

"YouTube Shuts Down New Channels from Venezuela and Cuba".

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Maxwell news

"Prosecutors suggest more charges could be coming in Epstein, Maxwell investigation" (Wieder).

The Mossad burrows deep into the State Department:  "Hillary Clinton Gave Ghislaine Maxwell's Nephew "Very Powerful" Position At State Department: Report" (Durden) (see here and here):
""Secretary Clinton gave Alex a job in one of the most sensitive areas of Obama’s executive apparatus," an anonymous source told OK!. "The fact Alex Djerassi, fresh out of college, was put in charge of the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering the Middle East, was an interesting move.""
"Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers say deposition release would destroy chance of fair trial" (Stempel).

"'Flight Simulator' Players Are Flocking to Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island" (Gault).