Friday, August 14, 2020


"Making Excuses for Trump: Where Does the Buck Stop?" (Giraldi).  Trump seems to have given Pompeo carte blanche to do Evil wherever he can.  There is more of the Assholian diplomatic junk than usual, happening all over the world.

Cui bono? is powerful here:  "What if the Beirut Explosion Was an Attack?" (South Front).

"Thai PM Right to Question Protest Funding" (Cartalucci).

"United Arab Emirates Betray Palestine" (Moon).  "United Arab Emirates sells out Palestine for Israel" (Nassar).  It looks like Bibi delayed acting on the annexation simply to get MbZ committed to formal recognition, and now the Khleptos can go ahead as planned.  I fail to see what MbZ gets out of this unless he is desperate for some kind of help only the Assholes can provide.

Part of the utter gracelessness is the gloating.

Lively discussion to the Thorpe piece on Dersh, but we have to remember that this is exactly what Dersh wants.  Same for Maxwell.  It's why the (((media))) has at least one big story every day on Maxwell and Epstein (none of which mention the Mossad or MEGA Group or blackmail).

"Jewish Weatherman Fired for Comparing Riots to Kristallnacht on His Blog" and "World Jewish Congress Persuades Mark Zuckerberg to Have Facebook Ban References to Jews "Controlling Major Institutions Such as Media Networks"" (the irony of proving the thesis by directing the (((billionaire))) to enforce the ban) (Sailer).
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