Friday, August 07, 2020


Tweet (Brian Castner):
"Re: the fireworks news confirmation, an important distinction that Dr Lance alludes to here. Fireworks don't "set off" AN. But fireworks can get AN burning, which makes it much more sensitive to shock and likely to explode. More details here(HT
The blacksmith - I think the proper term now is 'smith' - theory: "The Beirut Explosion: Who Is Responsible?" (Magnier).

I'm still feeling a gap between the possible sources of triggering, and the second explosion.  The fire might have been enough, but what was the fuel for the fire?  It wasn't the fireworks, as we can see them going off after the fire starts.  If it was a welder/blacksmith accident, what did he accidentally set fire to?

We're at the point where it suits everybody to call this an accident connected to bureaucratic negligence.  In particular, Lebanon is in no state to start a new war, even if Hezbollah will win it.
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