Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Completely ridiculous

"Aroused from their slumber by the Faustian chant of ‘Wake up, motherf**kers!’ . . . "  Don't worry - Soros isn't made of money (well, maybe he is), and it will all come to a screeching halt in early November when he stops paying the thugs and the (((media))) buries BLM, again, it having served its purpose (or not).

"The Kenosha Riots Prove It Can Happen Anywhere" (Hood).  I know black parents are supposed to give their sons the 'talk', about how to survive encounters with police, but in watching these videos, none of these guys paid any attention if there was a 'talk'.  It doesn't excuse police violence, but all of them would be alive today had they just complied with police instructions, and hadn't tried numerous ways of fleeing.  In retrospect, their deaths are all completely ridiculous.

"Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Urges, in Effect, Blacks to Riot" (Sailer).  I'm guessing that one upshot of all the Soros attacks is that a lot of northern mayors and governors are going to be looking for new jobs after the next elections.

"Rashomon American Style" (Giraldi).  I don't know what's wrong with Giraldi, but the truth isn't somewhere in between - Assholes are always in the wrong.  100%.  No question!  It is actually eerie how consistently and enthusiastically wrong they are.

"A Danish Journalist Arrived to Cover the TMX Pipeline. The Guard at YVR Decided to Deport Him" (Dembicki).  New use for covid - destroying the planet.

"Scoop: UAE cancels Israel meeting after Netanyahu opposes F-35 arms deal" (Ravid).  MbZ sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver only to find they were fake.

Soros is infamous for destabilizing countries to get their currency to drop, making money by betting on such a drop:  "The Quiet American Reset" (Crooke).
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