Monday, August 24, 2020


"Yes, There Was An Anti-Paedophilia Protest Outside Buckingham Palace This Weekend" (Aspinall).  "‘Cuties’" (Dreher) (also).  In the forced absence of 'Hollywood', Netflix seems to have taken up the torch of the sacred job of perverting the farm animals.  You're all on the wrong side of history, goyim.

"Germans Praise Russian Doctors for Saving Navalny’s Life, Say There is No Sign of Poison" (Anglin).  So much for that.

""Black People Used To Live Here" Sailer's Real-Estate Based Conspiracy Theory Of The Obama Administration" (Sailer):
"My conspiracy theory is that the Obama Administration was a giant outgrowth of a successful conspiracy of around 1989 by Chicago Democratic insiders, such as Valerie Jarrett (Obama consigliere), Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s first chief of staff), William Daley (Obama’s second chief of staff), and Penny Pritzker (Secretary of Commerce), to demolish the black housing projects near Chicago’s Loop and gentrify the neighborhoods.

The plan was literally to marginalize blacks by moving them out of the convenient areas near downtown to the far edges of Chicago, much as in Paris blacks were traditionally relegated to inconvenient banlieues. Mayor Richie Daley frequently vacationed in Paris and loudly trumpeted ideas he brought back from Paris, such as the pleasing one of shining spotlights on Chicago River bridges at night.

But nobody seems to have noticed the biggest idea he saw in Paris: that the central city should be for the bourgeois, not the underclass. It turned out to be reasonably successful and Richard M. Daley ruled Chicago for 22 years (1989-2011), even longer than his famous father Richard J. Daley.

The downside has been that these population transfers of underclass blacks appear to be one of the causes for the fairly high levels of black murderousness in Chicago over the last decade. Chicago got through the Crack Era 30 years ago without NY or LA levels of killing, but in recent years it appears to have been plagued by the discombobulation of gang relations caused by the demolitions of the housing projects.

To pull off this plan to marginalize blacks, they needed black faces, such as Jarrett, whose grandfather Robert Taylor had been chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority from 1943-1950 and was honored (?) by having the giant Robert Taylor Homes near Comiskey Field named after him.

Meanwhile, the husband of a Daley staffer hired by Jarrett when she worked for the Mayor became a favorite of the Chicago powerbrokers, with the Daley family happy to encourage his state and national ambitions to keep him from running for Mayor, where he’d be more likely to win white and Hispanic votes than the usual crooked and/or radical black aldermen who ran against Hizzoner."
Someday we will be past the Era of Sanctions For The Jews, but not yet (at least not until 47): "The Pointless Cruelty of Trump’s New Syria Sanctions" (Landis/Simon) and "Crushing US Sanctions Devastate Syria’s People and Post-War Reconstruction" (Maté interview with Landis) and "Syrians Face Calamity as Trump’s Sanctions Mix with Surging Covid-19" (Cockburn).  Between the Khleptomaniacs and the Assholes it is a simply rotten world.

'Anonymous' = CIA:  "“Anonymous” Twitter Account with Six Million Followers Endorses CIA War in Syria" (Anglin).

Even I find this amazing:  "The Biden-Harris Ticket is Fully Jewed-Up" (Frei).

"Spies or Journalists? Western Media Deliberately Covers Up US Meddling in Thailand" (Cartalucci).

"Arafat widow apologises to UAE for Palestine protests".

Rupert is a conspiracy theorist who thinks the evidence is there for the Assholes did Covid!:  "Half a Pulitzer Prize to the Wall Street Journal" (Unz).  The Pentagon knew all about it well before the Chinese.

"Private Equity Billionaire Leon Black To Receive Subpoena Over Decades-Long Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein" (Durden).  The problem with Epstein is that his operation was fascinating to the big machers, who couldn't help being attracted to watching the 'leaders' of the farm animals be led to the blackmail.  Plus, a lot of them wanted to dip into the inventory.

"The Inside Story of the $8 Million Heist From the Carnegie Library" (McDade).  This kind of thing happens so often you'd think the administrators of these institutions would be a little more careful.
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