Thursday, August 06, 2020

Feast on her fees

"The US, Israel and Beirutshima" (Taxi).

It's worth considering that the only enemy of Lebanon promised to attack Lebanese civilian infrastructure just prior to the explosion, and lo and behold that's what happened.

"Donald Trump Appoints Elliot Abrams As His Iran Envoy" ('Hunter Wallace').  This is going to go well!  It's almost funny.

"Google and the John McCain Cover-Up" (Unz).  Search engine experiments prove the CEO of Google outright lied to Congress.

"Who Is Robin "White Fragility" DiAngelo Anyway?" (Sailer, at his snarkiest):
"Eventually, her black competitors in the diversity racket will likely figure out a way to get her canceled so they can feast on her fees. But until then the money is good, finally."
"Saudi hit squad was sent to Toronto to try to kill former intel official, lawsuit alleges" (Quan) (the shocker is unanticipated competence in Canadian immigration officials):
"“Carrying two bags of forensic tools, and complete with forensic personnel experienced with the cleanup of crime scenes — including an instructor in the exact same criminal evidence department as the forensic specialist who dismembered Khashoggi with a bone saw — the Tiger Squad Defendants attempted to enter Canada covertly, travelling on tourist visas and seeking to avert the detection of Canadian border security by entering through separate kiosks,” the court document states.
But the group didn’t make it far.
It is alleged that when Canadian border security officers asked them if they knew each other, they lied and said they did not.
“On information and belief, shortly thereafter, during secondary screening, Canadian officials found a photo of some of the Tiger Squad Defendants together, revealing their lie and thwarting their mission.”"
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