Friday, August 28, 2020

H and H

"Economic Disparity and COVID in New York City" (Van Buren).  The entire ecology of Hymietown was much more delicate than anyone is prepared to admit, even now.  Banning working remotely - which would have many other positive effects, including ending offshoring - might be the only thing that might save it.

I've been wondering about the fact that two of the main sources of Khazar power over Assholes - besides, of course, control of all (((media))), (((social media))), most think tanks, most universities (and all the 'prestige' ones), both political parties (through 'donations'),and the ubiquitous blackmail and bribery of politicians - Hymietown and 'Hollywood', have been wrecked by the virus.  Something must be done, but what will it be?  How much will it cost the rest of the country?

You see guys like Dersh and Tribe, huge prestige, but obviously idiots.  I mean that literally.  Turley is what a law professor should be.  "Turley: Do The New George Floyd Documents Constitute A Defense For Accused Former Officers?"  "Eggshell skull".

"Kyle Rittenhouse. Senseless Violence Across America…" (Whitney):
"Reasonable people should be able to agree that the situation should never have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where a young man felt the need to take up arms to defend an American city from the type of senseless violence we’ve seen in the last 10 weeks. But that’s what happened. And the blame should not be placed on Rittenhouse, but on the Democrat leaders– mayor and governor– and their criminal allies in the media who have applauded the activities of the rioters while failing to mention the horrific damage they have done. It’s shameful."
"Antifa In Kenosha: Giant Conspiracy or Recreational Rioters?" (Sailer):
"Please note that members of RiotKitchen206 only engage in Peaceful Protests, not riots, as you can tell from their name."
and (accurate, but there is a distinct upper middle class flavor to some of them):
"My impressions are that white Antifa rioters seem disproportionately to be:
  • pedophile
  • transgender
  • drug addict
  • general criminal
  • punk rocker
  • enjoy vandalism and violence
  • working or lower middle class by background
  • physically unattractive
  • firebugs: people who enjoy starting pretty, pretty fires"
Remember with all the ridiculous Dem talk about Trump losing but refusing to leave office - perhaps now moot as Joe is getting murdered by the Soros violence - that somebody did refuse to accept the results of the last election, and refused to concede though the result was clear.  Yes, Ol' Kil:  "Will Hillary and the Dems Get the Civil War They Are Trying to Provoke?" (The Saker).

"White Supremacist Jews & the Ku Klux Klan" (NOI Research Group).

"Alberta judge bars new 'pseudo law' advocate who claims Magna Carta puts her outside court's authority" (Blackwell).
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