Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It's crazy

"I’ve fallen into my story. It’s crazy."

Tweet (Richard Medhurst):
"The entire notion of #BountyGate is hilarious because it implies that people in Afghanistan are just sitting around, totally fine with being occupied by foreign invaders for twenty years and could only be incentivized to resist with payments from countries the US happens to hate."
The electronic version of the rabbi with the huge can of spray paint: "Scottish “friend of Israel” faked anti-Semitism for years" (Winstanley).  "Award winning architect is struck off after he claimed Judaism is a 'cult' and called for 'restraints' to be placed on Jews who should be banned from holding public office" (Simcox).  Cult is an outstanding way to look at the Khazars.  You also might consider what this outrage, completely outside of the proper remit of a professional body, says about Jewish privilege.

"The UAE’s perfidious normalisation plan with Israel" (Winstanley).  President Jared is working hard for his (((people))) on the Saudis, but the deep (((Crypto))) nature of the Saudi royals means they may not be able to follow MbZ to hell.

"UAE deal shows– world leaders see Israel lobby as a gatekeeper in Washington" (Weiss).  The world assumes ZOG is real, regardless of how 'anti-Semitic' it is to say it out loud.

"Israel-UAE deal doesn’t herald a geopolitical formation" (Bhadrakumar).  Note:

  1. Israel doesn't trust the agreement surviving regime change in the Emirates, is presumably assuming the agreement itself may be part of the road to regime change, and is thus blocking the sale of F-35s to the UAE, hardly reassuring to the neck of MbZ!; and
  2. the CIA still has it in for MbS, who is now protected by Trump, a situation which everybody has to assume could change with the next Assholian election.

"Kamala Harris Represents Everything Wrong with Empty Identity Politics" (Bolton).  Let's face it - she's a parody of identity politics.  She's as culturally/sociologically/emotionally/genetically connected to American blacks as Justin Trudeau is.

"Merkel Plotting Against Belarus, Citing Kook “Election Fraud” Hoax, Putin Tells Her What to Suck" (Anglin):
"The election did have international observers, by the way.

However – quite strangely – the ODIHR, the main international election-observing body in the world, rejected their invitation to observe!

As euronews reported in July, weeks before the election:
Last week, the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), an international body that assesses the fairness of elections, announced it was having to forego a planned mission to the eastern European country due to the invitation arriving too late. 
“Belarus announced the forthcoming presidential election well over two months ago,” OSCE spokeswoman Katya Andrusz told Euronews. 
“And the Belarusian authorities are aware that ODIHR needs a timely invitation in order to make a full assessment of the election process. The formation of election commissions and registration of candidates has already been completed, and these are specific areas ODIHR recently identified as requiring improvement.” 
ODIHR published a statement announcing its withdrawal from the observation mission on July 15 because it hadn’t been formally invited. It was only then that Minsk sent an invitation, according to Andrusz. 
It’s the first time ODIHR won’t be monitoring a Belarusian nationwide election since 2001.
They’ve been at every election since 2001, and didn’t call any of them fraudulent, but then they decided to skip this one because something something something they didn’t have time to prepare (?).

The Belarusian government complained about the fact they refused, of course.

It’s almost like the West was planning to claim this election was fraudulent long before it ever took place. 
It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that this is exactly what happened."
"The Belarusian Labor Strike Movement Could Bring Down Lukashenko" (Korybko).  Does Soros/NED dare use this arrow in the quiver given that it might give Americans some ideas?

We'll get to see a big general strike soon enough:  "Will There Ever be Elections Again in Bolivia?" (Prashad/Bertoldi).

Justin is going to be the only mourner at Guido's funeral, having to carry the coffin all by himself:  "Trump’s Venezuela Regime Change Alliance Dwindles, but Trudeau Hangs on" (August).

The entire Canadian cabinet is soon going to consist of The Nazi.

"Twitter ‘accidentally’ suspends satirical site Babylon Bee after it mocked Kamala Harris and USPS conspiracies".  From November 2018!:  "Pathetic Conservative Hasn't Even Been Banned From Twitter Yet".
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