Friday, August 28, 2020

Liberty to Slaves

Tweet (Kyle Rittenhouse Stan Account):
"David Frum, who wrote the speeches that sent me to Iraq at 19, has strong opinions about teenagers traveling far from home and taking up AR-15s."
This is remarkably stupid (". . . what will make a change that makes real change? Electing more Democrats? If they’re the right ones, yes, that’s needed but not enough."), and naked capitalism should be ashamed for spreading it around:  "You Know In Your Heart That the Day of Real Resistance Is Coming" (Neuburger).  When you are left with 'resistance' defined as George Soros hiring a pile of street rats to commit violence and mass property destruction, well, that's Assholia for you.

"Kenosha Antifa Attacker Grosskreutz: “Only Regret is Not Killing” Kyle with Pistol Before Arm Blown Off" (Anglin).  "Was Kyle Rittenhouse acting (morally) in self-defense?" (NeoDestiny).  On the other hand, he killed 1) Khazars, and 2) Soros Employees of the Year, so the normal legal defenses don't apply.

"Meet the IDF-Linked Cybersecurity Group “Protecting” US Hospitals ‘Pro Bono’" (Webb).  It is hilarious that 1) these operations are so fucking outrageous, and 2) Webb is the only one who writes about them.

"Putin: Russian Police Unit On Standby To Support Belarus, Probably Won’t Be Needed" (Daily Stormer).  Virus totalitarianism makes Assholian complaints about 'human rights' sound even sillier than usual.

Not surprisingly, they much vaunted American War of Independence was actually a war against freed slaves (albeit as part of a British stunt):  "The First Emancipation" (Johnstone/Shenfield):
"In November 1775, Lord Dunmore, governor of Virginia, promised freedom to any slave who deserted a rebel master and joined the British Army. In 1779, the British commander-in-chief, Sir Henry Clinton, extended the offer to any slave who crossed over into British-held territory. The promise was no longer only freedom but “freedom and a farm.”

The British ruling class were not at this time opposed to slavery in principle. British merchants were active in the transatlantic slave trade and British owners of plantations in the Caribbean exploited slave labor. The emancipation was a tactic to weaken the American side in the war. Freedom was therefore offered only to slaves of rebel masters, not to slaves of masters who had remained loyal to Britain.

Nearly 100,000 slaves came over to the British side. They risked their lives for a chance of freedom as slave-owners vowed to execute any who were recaptured. Several regiments were formed of the Black Loyalists. One was the so-called “Royal Ethiopian Regiment,” which put to rout an American militia at Kemp’s Landing. They wore sashes inscribed with the words Liberty to Slaves. There was also a “Black Brigade” with a celebrated guerrilla commander known as Colonel Tye. Many ex-slaves also served as blacksmiths, coopers, tailors, carpenters, cooks, and guides.

One American “lover of liberty” commented on this development in a letter:
Hell itself could not have vomited anything more black than this design of emancipating our slaves."
You think you have a lot of Wars For The Jews now?: "Joe Biden and the War on Yemen" (Arria).  The current state of Assholia is exemplified by the fact that the only sane choice for President is Trump!  Trump!!!

"Pro-Israel Kamala Harris pledges not to condition US aid to Israel on human rights".

"Trump sets the Israeli cat among Arab pigeons" (Bhadrakumar).  The extreme self-cucking of the princelings of the UAE may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

From this past November (I wasn't aware Cesar, clearly one of the RFK assassins, just died):  "Robert Kennedy's Son Names Dad's 'Real Killer' 50 Years After Assassination" (Ward).

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