Friday, August 21, 2020

Mostly unexpected and inexplicable

A huge example of stealth common sense from the Canadian government:  "Federal prosecutors told to avoid drug possession charges when possible in new directive" (Tunney).  Btw, this Erskine-Smith guy is somebody to watch out for (he doesn't take the shekels, which makes him almost unique in recent Canadian politics, at least amongst Liberals, who all somehow end up with spectacular shekel collections).

Of course!:  "Belarus ‘Opposition’ Document Reveals Agenda to Pull Country Into NATO and EU".

"The Hezbollah-France Twist:" (Kadi).  Bearing in mind that 'Macron' is short for 'Globo-homo-Rothschild-o'.  It is impossible to see how Hezbollah can do a 'deal' with Israel, but it is interesting that the Rothschilds are thinking that way.

"At Security Council Meeting, China Warns Israel Against West Bank Annexation":
"The Chinese Ambassador to the Unite Nations joined Wednesday a growing voice in the international community expressing opposition to Israel's planned annexation of West Bank territories.
China is "deeply concerned about reports of the plan to annex part of the occupied Palestinian territory," said Ambassador Zhang Jun at a Security Council briefing on the situation in the Middle East.
"Such a plan, if implemented, will seriously violate international law and relevant UN resolutions, and imperil the two-state solution. We urge the relevant party to refrain from taking any unilateral actions, and do its best to de-escalate conflict and tension. It’s also our firm position that no country should support unilateral actions," said Jun, adding that "It is equally imperative to stop settlement activities, the demolition of Palestinian structures, and the violence against civilians."
At today's VTC, Amb Zhang shared with Council members the remarks by President Xi in his phone talk with President Abbas. Xi reaffirmed China's firm support for Palestine's just demands and the "two-state solution", and all efforts conducive to resolving the Palestine question.
— Chinese Mission to UN (@Chinamission2un) July 21, 2020
Jun said that President Xi Jinping had recently spoken to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and that China, "a sincere friend of the Palestinian people," supports the Palestinian call for internationally-mediated negotiations and is willing to consider taking part in them. "The Palestinian people can always count on China’s support to their just cause to restore legitimate national rights," he said. "
Tweet (James Sprague) (to look at Bannon, I don't think his sudden death would be either unexpected or inexplicable):
"what’s likely to happen re Bannon et al?
1. “Change of heart” leads DA to drop prosecution.
2. Conviction followed by appeal(s) & retrials(s), then pardon.
3.  The crowdfunding donors write to say “meh, forget it, it’s ok with us.”
4. Unexpected and inexplicable passing away.
"Would a Biden Victory Be a Win for the Working Class?" (Lind).  There is no question that ten years from now Assholes will look back on 2020 as the Golden Age, and nobody can do a damn thing about turning the country around.

"Normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE): When “peace” is not a good thing – Jeff Halper".  US + Israel + UAE = Axis of Assholes.

"The Fake News About Iran & the Taliban Aims to Achieve Three Strategic Objectives" (Korybko).

The (((media))):  "It’s Not Happening: the Mainstream Media Is the Enabler of American Dysfunction" (Giraldi):
"Opinion polls suggest that the American public has largely figured things out and reveal that few trust the media to do its job in an objective fashion. In that light, articles like the recent Politico piece have appeared that have questioned how it can be that the Trump White House is optimistic over the prospects for the November election when opinion polls suggest a large margin of victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If journalists were doing their jobs and were actually getting out on the streets and talking to people, they would discover that people are really worried about the future of the country and what it all will mean for their children and grandchildren. And many of them blame the unrest on the Democratic Party coddling of radical groups that are actively fomenting ethnic and racial divisions for political gain, not on the Republicans. Trump’s playing on those fears might well have a great impact when it comes time to vote. Someone who responded to an opinion poll the week before saying he or she would vote for a safe choice Biden might well go into the voters’ booth and instead pull the lever for Trump."
"WASHINGTON POST: Small News From Portland (A Mostly Peaceful Police Station On Fire)" (Sailer).
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