Saturday, August 01, 2020

Mystery deepens

"Austria Confirms OPCW Report on Skripal Faking by the British – Vienna Exposes Financial Times Lies and Cover-Up" (Helmer).  Helmer's taken a story about a barcode on a document, which shows the uncontroversial fact that the document was a copy belonging to the Austrian government (the unmentioned context being the fact that the now absconded Wirecard COO somehow got access to these documents from sources in the Austrian government), but then takes some kind of leap that the OPCW report shows that the Novichok wasn't Russian.  Unless Helmer somehow has access to these documents, I don't see how he makes that leap.

"Disinformation about "Disinformation" reaches new heights (or lows)" (left i on the news).  They keep repeating this technique of decrying the existence of obscure, possibly Russian, internet sites that almost nobody reads, and somehow suggesting this is Putin's nefarious plan at Assholian election interference.

"The Pleasures of Depopulating the Earth" (Romanoff).  Eugenics and mass murder.

Michael Tracey on riot damage and The Narrative.

"Bizarre Conspiracy Theory: Richmond Mayor Continues to Claim Riots Started by White Supremacists" (Anglin).

"Multiple Tor security issues disclosed, more to come" (Cimpanu).  The CIA's 'secure' browser.

Hero:  "17 Year Old Tampa Teen Among 3 People Charged With 30 Counts For Recent Twitter Hack" (Durden).

Trump's been off his distraction game lately, but makes a spectacular return to form:  tweet (Lawrence O''Donnell):
"It worked. Trump’s nonsense talk about delaying the election dominated the very few reporter questions Trump allowed at his briefing. That was exactly what Trump wanted.
Nothing about the worst collapse of GNP in history."
"Mystery deepens in death of professional poker player found burned" (Dale) (also).  CDaN.
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