Thursday, August 27, 2020

Postumous/Postumous/Postumous Arm

"It’s Time for a Pandemic Wealth Tax on Billionaires’ Windfall Gains" (Collins/Clemente):
"Amazon AMZN, +1.34% founder Jeff Bezos, whose wealth has increased a stunning 63% during the pandemic, is now worth an estimated $184 billion. Under the emergency pandemic wealth tax, Bezos would pay an estimated one-time tax of $42.8 billion. After the tax, Bezos would remain the richest person on the planet, with over $140 billion."
"Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Pulls Out of Planned Meeting in Washington with Netanyahu" (Hearst).  What's the word for 'fear of seeing your own head on the end of a pike'?

Soros Employees of The Year (Postumous/Postumous/Postumous Arm):  "Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories" (Striker).  Also, probably all Khazars, in a place where much, much less than 2% of the population is so blessed.  I wonder what percentage of Soros thugs are Khazars.

"Violent Crime Now Almost As Important To American Voters As COVID-19" (Watson).  Soros was counting on an American Maidan.  Instead, Trump did almost nothing, and the tide is turning rapidly in his favor.  Given that it is Soros, I expect he will have to hire snipers to do the false-flag job that Trump and Barr refuse to do.

"Everything Changes After Kenosha... "Divided We Stand"" (Luongo).  I have to entertain the possibility that Soros is attempting to secure the win for Trump.

"Turkey reboots Arab Spring with Palestinian resistance" (Bhadrakumar).  Theater, as Big Turkish Money continues to deal with Israel, but not ineffective theater.

Shockingly good for today's crapified CounterPunch:  "Belarus’s Options in the Midst of a Color Revolution" (Harris).

"Belarus - NATO Lobby Acknowledges That Its Color Revolution Failed" (Moon).  It appears the gun stunt worked, at least in that it gave the impression that Lukashenko was prepared to risk his own life to save his country from Soros (Maduro and Assad have had similar success faced with similar problems).  The big problem with all these color revolutions is that the existing regime is not so unpopular that it is worth risking the horrible alternative, i.e., becoming Ukraine, and falling into the hands of Assholes.  The only reason Ukraine fell is because the Maidan snipers were a shock, and because there are enough Ukrainian neo-Nazis who would pick anything over Russia, regardless of how insanely stupid that decision is.

"The Most Cynical Campaign In History" (Van Buren).  The most obvious attacks on Trump aren't available to the Dems as Biden has at least the same levels of wrongdoing.

"HBO’s ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Is Latest Anti-Russian Cold War Propaganda" (Parry).  The Intercept would be a much more effective intelligence asset if it weren't so obvious!

"Let’s Talk U.S. Foreign Policy: It Is the Root Cause of Many Evils" (Giraldi).
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