Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Questionable connections

"The UAE's love affair with Israel" (Massad).  Solid background.  Arafat's decision to make the PLO non-revolutionary and non-threatening was a big mistake.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (the hatred for 'Christian' Zionists for actual Christians is quite amazing, and reveals their Satanic/Zionist reality):
"Pompeo said Qasem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians. In fact, this was what the Gulf and NATO-backed “moderate rebels” did to Christians in Syria. Soleimani helped defend them from genocide and the US watched."
Tweet (Mondoweiss):
"CBC Radio host Duncan McCue issued an on-air apology for using the word "Palestine" in an interview on the Public Broadcaster’s flagship current affairs show. #Palestine #Canada"
"Report: Seattle Rioters Used Concrete To Seal Police Precinct Doors Shut In Effort To “Burn Officers Alive”".  It gets interesting for Soros employees when somebody starts shooting back:  "Kenosha: Multiple "Antifa" Rioters Shot After Attempting to Jump Young Man" (Striker).  "The Social Construction of Black Self-Destruction" (Sailer).

"Iranian Axis Of Resistance Falls Victim To US-Israeli Covert Campaign" (South Front).

"Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World" (Luongo).  "Top 3 Humiliating Failures of Pompeo as Secretary of State" (Cole).

"After Beirut Blast, Israel Revives Tales of Hezbollah Ammonium Nitrate Terror Plots" (Porter).  Nervy, considering that smart opinion in Lebanon is leaning towards some kind of Israeli sabotage at the port.  (((They))) always fall back on earlier lawfare.

"A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections Surround Beirut Explosion Shipment" (OCCRP and Partners).  Detailed tracing of the cargo and the players, but not really relevant or interesting if Israel paid people on the dock to blow it up.

The Brits are lying about first cases too, as very early first cases don't fit the China-did-it narrative:  tweet (Jo):
"This is bollocks. My sister (a nurse) said that samples from pneumonia fatality case back in November tested positive in Nottinghamshire when they re-ran them a few months ago. Why is this being covered up?!"
Mostly quite good and sensible refutation of various Asshole complaints with China concerning the virus, but buys the Chinese origin theory, which seems increasingly unlikely:  "The China Syndrome Part I: Outbreak" (Lemoine).

"Speaker removed from RNC program after tweeting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" (LeBlanc).

Using inferior crapola technology on purpose has a cost, and I wonder what the dollar amount of that cost for the country will be:  "Canada has effectively moved to block China's Huawei from 5G, but can't say so" (Ljunggren).  I also can't see this making the Chinese any happier.
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