Monday, August 03, 2020


"Boston Marathon Bombing Death Sentence Vacated by Federal Court of Appeals" (Roberts).  "Trump calls for new death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber".

"Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea".  Lots of historical background.

"Kansas Should Go F--- Itself" (Taibbi):
"As Bernie Sanders told Rolling Stone after the 2016 election, when the small-town American saw himself or herself on TV, it was always “a caricature. Some idiot. Or maybe some criminal, some white working-class guy who has just stabbed three people.” These caricatures drove a lot of voters toward Trump, especially when he began telling enormous crowds that the lying media was full of liars who lied about everything.

After 2016 it became axiomatic that the Trump voter, or the Leave voter, was – without exception now – a crazed, racist monster. As detailed here multiple times, ruminations on Republican voter behaviors became not merely uninteresting to pundits after November 2016, but actively taboo. By 2020, the official answer to What’s the Matter with Kansas? was Kansas is a White Supremacist Project and Can Go Fuck Itself
Frank in 2004 wrote about how confused Midwestern voters were, watching TV images of the beautiful people of the time. Movie stars and hedge-funders donned ribbons in support of animals or the “underprivileged,” while spending huge sums on pictures of Jesus covered in ants or on crucifix-shaped popsicles that supposedly were comments on “fanaticism and violence.” This, while factory towns were basically being moved en masse to China. 
Imagine the reaction in these places now, to editorials in the New York Times instructing white liberals to cut off their relatives (by text, incidentally) until they donate to Black Lives Matter, or a CNN tweet instructing “individuals with a cervix” to start getting cancer screens at age 25, or to widespread denunciations of Mount Rushmore as a “monument of two slaveholders” when visited by Trump, after those same outlets praised its “majesty” just four years earlier."
"The Wages of Woke" (Lehman).

Tweet (Andy Ngô):
".@WesleyanCollege expelled a white student weeks ago for "racist social media" but has now reinstated her after an appeal revealed the woman was a victim of a hoax. Apparently, someone repurposed a photo of her & added fake racist text over it. #HateHoax"
"Facebook bans French comedian Dieudonne for anti-Semitism".

"How Iran and Hezbollah trapped Israel into staring down 150,000 rockets on its border that it can only counter at a terrible cost" (Prothero).  Israel, the hostage.

Some push-back to the primitive Khazars:  "Unite sounds warning over Labour antisemitism payouts" (Savage).

"Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with teenager in London, says former Royal protection officer" (Gillard).

Overworked monke news:  "PETA Lies About Thai Coconuts Exposes Western Fake News (Again)"
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