Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rey Rivera

"A REY IN THE LIFE What happened to Rey Rivera of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries?" (Richards).

Although it seems almost physically impossible, this famous almost-locked-room mystery from Baltimore - he was found dead in a locked conference room with the only entry a hole in the roof that seems impossible for him to have reached - is mostly deemed to be a suicide (there was also a weird cryptic hidden note left by the deceased).  However, he did work as a newsletter editor for a pump-and-dump penny stock pushing group of companies that the SEC has swarmed around, and the conspiracy-murder possibility seems too difficult to ignore.

"Rey Rivera: Note, Delray Beach, Etc" (Var1etyJ0nes) (this is really excellent work).  My guess is he saw something he wasn't supposed to and the criminals around him decided to silence him.  The conspiracy could go higher than you might think:
"During the early/mid 2000’s, the FBI & CIA were all over the “pump & dump”-boiler-room and money laundering schemes in the OTC/penny-stock universe, as it was fertile ground for both domestic and foreign organized crime. A good late 90’s example of domestic and foreign organized crime rings coordinating together in the space is Felix Sater’s White Rock case, in which the Genovese, Bonnano, Gambino, Colombo & Russian OC families essentially formed a joint venture to defraud investors Agora’s network of investment & marketing-related businesses, at a minimum, intersected with this murky universe."
"Russian OC families" is code for Khazar organized crime, and the name Felix Sater should be familiar from the world of Trump (also note the name Dmytro Firtash).  Of course, the possible connections between Agora and other similar companies remain to be unraveled.

A recent, decent but completely conventional, podcast on the case.

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