Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Science versus Hallucination

"Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend".  It does look to have been started by a fire, which could of course be sabotage, but is more likely an accident (Israel would know where the Lebanese store their piles of very explosive material, so you never know).

Tweet (Seyed Mohammad Marandi):
"The first Iranian field hospital in Beirut will be up & running before noon today Beirut time
The distribution of Iranian aid to our Lebanese sisters & brothers began an hour ago 
If the American regime has any decency, it would end the painful sanctions on Lebanon now"
"The Circle Of Death: Bankrupt Companies "Unfile" To Receive Government Bailouts, Then Immediately File Again" (Durden).

"Raytheon Makes Deal to Make Iron Dome Defense System in US" (Ditz).

"Why Laos, Vietnam & China Have Beaten the Virus and India, Brazil and the U.S. Have Not" (Prashad).  Science versus Hallucination.

"New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe" (McCarthy):
"But this much we know: In the stretch run of the 2016 campaign, President Obama authorized his administration’s investigative agencies to monitor his party’s opponent in the presidential election, on the pretext that Donald Trump was a clandestine agent of Russia. Realizing this was a gravely serious allegation for which there was laughably insufficient predication, administration officials kept Trump’s name off the investigative files. That way, they could deny that they were doing what they did. Then they did it . . . and denied it."
There has been a lot going on with Russiagate, hidden behind the virus crisis:

  1. "Is Strzok Memo The Rosetta Stone Of Obamagate?" (Miele);
  2. "Trump wants Christopher Steele, UK spy behind ‘Russiagate’ dossier ‘tried and thrown into jail’";
  3. "What Did Comey Know And When Did He Know It?" (Widburg);
  4. "FBI Knew Steele's Russia Research Connected To Clinton, Dems From Earliest Interactions" (Solomon);
  5. "Even the CIA Thought the Steele Dossier Was Crap by Larry C Johnson";
  6. ""British court rules against Christopher Steele ..." just the news";
  7. "British Judge Orders Christopher Steele To Pay Damages To Russian Bankers Over Dossier Lies" (Solomon)
  8. "Finally Demystified: Identity of Secret Source for Steele Dossier Against Trump Сonfirmed" (Burunov);
  9. "Steele's "Primary Subsource" Was Alcoholic Russian National Who Worked With Trump Impeachment Witness At Brookings" (Sperry);
  10. "Declassified: Christopher Steele's "Primary Sub-Source" Was His Own Employee; NYT Russiagate Propaganda Shredded By Strzok Comments" (Durden);
  11. "The "Primary Subsource's" Guide To Russiagate, As Told To The FBI" (Felten);
  12. "Pangs of conscience or howl of an empty wallet? Steele claims he never meant for infamous Russiagate dossier to go public";
  13. "“Irreparable Harm”: How The Flynn Case Became A Dangerous Game Of Legal Improvisation" (Turley) (you know things are seriously crooked when Flynn's judge decides to go completely off the reservation and start making law up in order to avoid letting him go);
  14. "Turley Blasts Media's Willful Blindness To Obama's Criminal Spying".

"U.S. Cold War China Policy will isolate the U.S, not China" (Benjamin/Davies).  "Russia, China keep the ‘dragon in the fog’" (Bhadrakumar).  "Despite the Hype, the US has no Allies against China" and "Russia Foils the US Policy of China’s ‘Containment’" (Sheikh).

"“I Could Live With That”: How the CIA Made Afghanistan Safe for the Opium Trade" (St. Clair).

"US Ambassadors as Lead Performers at a Political Circus" (Platov).

"It’s the healthcare system, stupid" (Frank).  With a detour on how the same prairie populism won in Saskatchewan.

"Can Israelis Broaden Their Protests Beyond Netanyahu?" (Cook).  No.
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