Monday, August 10, 2020

Shekels or Hezbollah

Things are starting to firm up on the Lebanon conspiracy front, with offers of aid now being expressly tied to the removal of Hezbollah.  Once Hezbollah is gone, the Khleptos can, and will - they literally cannot help themselves - just march in and steal whatever they want.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The @AJCGlobal deleted this not out of shame, but because it explicitly outlined the cynical US-Israeli agenda for Lebanon without the usual humanitarian pretense"
"Hezbollah did not invent Lebanon’s corruption – but it is the big barrier to reform" (Daragahi).  This is ridiculous - cure massive corruption by removing the only non-corrupt entity?! - unless the 'journalist' is well shekeled.

"Help à La Française: Macron Pushes Neo-Expansionism" (South Front):
"The changing balance of power in the entire Mediterranean region encourages regional players to actively integrate into the current geopolitical agenda. So Macron, in his turn, decided to gain the moment and go on a geostrategic offensive. First of all, such a turn towards an active independent foreign policy, largely aimed at deterring Turkey, is observed in the framework of the Libyan conflict, where Paris tends to support the Tobruk government in the framework of an international coalition that includes Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, France has a security cooperation agreement with Cyprus, which entered into force on August 1. Egypt and Greece also signed an agreement in Cairo on Thursday to demarcate their maritime borders and establish an exclusive economic zone. Given the close cooperation between members of the emerging Egypt-Greece-France trilateral Mediterranean partnership, it can be assumed that Turkey risks remaining isolated in the next few years. It follows that Ankara will strengthen the opposition and will make a major effort to destabilize a potential alliance."
and (the express demands of Globo-homo-Rothschild-o):
"Due to the fact that the meeting itself and the “frank conversation” between Macron and the Lebanese leadership was private, various rumors have emerged. For example, that Macron’s representative voiced the following imperatives to Michel Aoun:
  1. Declaration of Beirut as a demilitarized zone
  2. Full disarmament of Hizbollah’s offices in and around the capital, as well as elimination of all Hizbollah’s rocket forces and installations in the South of the country, and submitting of its command posts to UNIFIL
  3. Submitting of Beirut international airport to a joint international contingent led by Germany
  4. Dissolution of Parliament and the government and holding of snap elections followed by the election of a new President.
These statements, allegedly made by the French side, are clearly pro-Israeli in nature and are primarily directed against Hizbollah."
"Jerusalem Post: Israel blew up Beirut to hell" (Alexis).

On the Nasrallah speech:  "Lebanon SITREP: second letter from a Lebanese friend".

""It's Not Clear If Beirut Port Explosion Was Accident Or Attack": Esper Tells FOX" (Durden).

"Beirut Devastated: The New Paradigm May Be Explosive" (Crooke).

"FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Beirut Targeted By Devastating 9/11-Level Terrorist Attack—Who did it and Why?" (SOTN).

Already prepping for thieving:  "UNIFIL: Israeli breaches of Lebanese sovereignty could renew hostilities" (Joffre).

This could be turned around if China can be given the job of reconstruction, and Lebanon joins up with Syria in an express Resistance.  Otherwise, a prediction of massive suffering and death, and full theft by the Khleptos, is easy.
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