Thursday, August 06, 2020

The big one

"smoky fire, then ‘fireworks’, then the big one" (Niqnaq).  Yeah, I've got this giant pile of a potentially highly explosive substance.  It can sit in a pile for decades without incident.  It is basically safe and stable, unless there are specific triggers.  Oh, let's store some fireworks in the same place.  What could possibly go wrong?

There were two blasts, the first one, which was basically a fire, and the second one, which did most of the damage.  What exactly was the initial fire burning?  The fireworks appear to be going off, but those minor explosions do not seem to be enough to produce that much smoke.

'Negligence' is still popular:  "The Beirut sea-port explosion" (Kadi).  Some people thought they heard Israeli planes buzzing around, but that's dismissed as Israeli planes are always illegally buzzing around Lebanon!

This is actually an excellent reason to wonder about Israel's role:  "HRW chief jumps to blame Hezbollah for devastating Beirut blasts – and backpedals immediately".  Utterly outrageous, even by Roth's classic Khazar graceless standards, and you have to wonder if this was part of the plot.  The classic Zionist false flag has a Zionist-committed crime ascribed to a Zionist enemy, in this case Hezbollah, with the added benefit of pushing a teetering Lebanon over the edge, making it an easier target for the inevitable Khlepto land theft attempt.

I note that this ambiguity is part of Zionist plotting.  Immediately deny involvement, but then have Israeli officials leak statements that Israel was actually involved.

"Israeli square bathed in Lebanese colours in rare show of support over Beirut blast".  "Israel, destroyer of Lebanon, poses as its savior" (Nassar).  The phenomenon of the primitive Khazars mocking the suffering of their victims.

"Hezbollah Linked To Stockpiles Of Ammonium Nitrate Uncovered In Europe: Report" (Durden).  Here's a handy hint - whenever you see 'report' in a headline, it is to partly distance itself from obvious Zionist propaganda.

Tweet (Louis) (Employee No. 1 of Globo-homo-Rothschild-o shows up suspiciously quickly, offering to 'help' fix the problems largely created by France):
"Macron already being in Beirut making demands and *clearly* seeking to benefit from this tragedy politically (and likely economically) is really obscene."
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