Monday, August 10, 2020

Standard of nuance

"Israel lobby group deletes call to blackmail Lebanon using aid" (Abunimah).  "Standard of nuance" is part of every proper program of farm animal management.

"Beirut Tragedy: Down the Rabbit Hole?" (Butler).

"OK, Boomers: Will the America we die in be unprecedentedly Hot, Racist, Unequal, Sickly and Authoritarian?" (Engelhardt).  The Reckoning.  It is not fixable (and blaming it on Trump is not only lame but undermines the thesis).  If Assholes could do one good thing - and they can't - they would turn their nukes on themselves and raise the entire fucking mess of a country.

"After Nagasaki, the U.S. Did Not Choose Peace" (Knox).

I bet you too forgot to send out greeting cards to celebrate International Day of US Crimes against Humanity (though, frankly, every day is an Assholian crime spree):  "US: Crimes against Humanity at Home and Abroad" (Hackwell/Jrapko).

"If You Do It, It's Spying. If I Do It, It's Research." (Romanoff).  Besides the fact it is literally poison, another reason not to drink Coca-Cola!

"Dead Man Walking" (Robinson).  Another color revolution to look forward to.  Soros is getting run off his feet.  "Lukashenko Says There Will be No ‘Maidan’ in Belarus, ‘We Won’t Let the Country Be Torn Apart’" (Tsukanov).

Very subtle, but meaningful, expression of justified British anger towards the Assholes:  "US spy base at centre of teenager Harry Dunn killing loses intelligence analysis complex" (Coburg).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Western corporate media outlets can't acknowledge my investigation into an American man yellowfacing as Hong Kong "freedom struggle" writer @KongTsungGan
because nearly all of them quoted this fake character as an authentic grassroots protest leader."
"Expat caught out for 'yellowface' antics" (Vittachi):
"Incidentally, this newspaper found one piece in which the nonexistent "Kong Tsung-gan" wrote that he had spent his childhood at a Hong Kong government Band One school. Using a pen name is acceptable in some cases, but faking an identity is a whole different thing.
More amusingly, several sources confirmed that self-published Hong Kong novelist Xun Yuexang was the same American expat. Xun's novel is about brave activists ill treated in China.
An internet search reveals that author Xun Yuezang appears to have been interviewed by a print journalist only once - in an article bylined "Kong Tsung-gan!" I'm sure he was entirely impartial, as he interviewed himself."
"Asia-based journalists were shocked to find that Twitter has forcibly added the words "state-affiliated" to the accounts of numerous media accounts. But it is has mysteriously not got around to doing the same thing for the state affiliated media outlets from America or the UK. Funny that."
"Twitter spreads paid US gov’t propaganda while falsely claiming it bans state media ads" (Norton).
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