Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The groomer

Maxwell, the groomer:  "The Seduction of Virginia Giuffre" (Neuburger).

"Prince Andrew Allegedly Lobbied U.S. Prosecutors To Give Jeffrey Epstein A Sweetheart Plea Deal" (Mieka).

"I Was Wrong: Congress Isn’t Cowardly; It’s Evil!" (Sjursen).

"Is a Second Trump Presidency a Lesser Evil Than a Biden Presidency?" (Scofield).  The gap between Biden and Trump is so small, with Trump in important ways to the left of Biden, and lacking Biden's ability to sneak up on you, that it's not worth wasting a vote on Biden given that it will upset the chance of a real progressive Democrat Presidential candidate for decades.  Thus, powder dry until 2024. This makes perfect sense except for 2 problems:
  1. if 46/47 runs (on the wild assumption he hasn't been assassinated at his home by a Soros thug by then), he wins (two terms of frat-boy Republican rule, leavened with a little common sense, and a disinclination to follow the Khazar plans for farm animals); and
  2. it assumes there is some degree of failure which would convince the Clintonistas to allow a progressive nominee, and we've learned that such a degree of failure doesn't exist.
Tweet (Daniel Riley):
"for some WEIRD reason its almost impossible to find this clip of Bill Clinton today *explicitly* making it clear that Clyburn & Obama + DNC Establishment coalesced to destroy Bernie Sanders. They’ve been saying it’s a ranting raving conspiracy theory.
He straight up says it."
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