Sunday, August 16, 2020

Too fat to be a pirate

"Antifa Menace the Private Home of Postmaster General, Demand Vote-by-Mail" (Anglin):
"This is the new thing that the media is pretending is normal: violent lunatics appear at the homes of political figures they don’t like and basically threaten to kill their families.

It’s normal, goyim. 
This has always happened like this."
This kind of thing, as well as politics delivered by violent paid thugs on the street, is much closer to classic fascism than anything Trump has ever done or considered.  It's The Clarification.

Absolute nonsense is always awful, no matter who is pushing it, and here is Vltchek identifying the Soros employees as 'right wingers'!:  "Anti-Racist Uprising Infiltrated by Extreme-Right Hooligans".  Vltchek should be careful as you can only tell us our lyin' eyes are lyin' so often, and then your credibility on all issues is toast.  Were it not for Charlottesville, which scared the nationalist right into fearing cop traps, they probably would be involved, but it is clear all the violence is coming from the Soros strategy of tension.  For the most part, BLM is a spectator to its own revolution.

"The “Lesser-Evil” Syndrome: Noam Chomsky’s Fall Into Self-Contradiction" (Smith).  Starts in on Noam, but finishes with a nice attack on Biden and the Dems.  The big point is that it is the Democrats who have been the driving force behind pushing American politics to the right, and Biden personally has been a huge part of that - arguably, the single most important part - for decades.  When you add Harris you end up with a parody of a ticket.  I suppose it is fitting, Clarifying, that the election should have turned into such a shitshow.  Mind you, the worthies who will be coming up in the next couple of Assholian elections will make Trump-Biden look like Lincoln-FDR-Washington by comparison.  This is your Golden Age, Assholes!

"Covid-19: Cui Bono?" (Roberts).  The comments call Roberts a shill for China, but Assholes have to realize that the truth is a shill for China.  The whole thing turned out to be a simple test for government competence, easily measured by case and death numbers, and Assholia found itself wanting (part Trump listening to President Jared, and part simply that Assholia is a shitstain of a country run by psychopathic jerks).

It's unclear what is going on here (the original seizing story has no follow-up, and it is quite possible the State Department made up the entire story):  "Pirate King Mike Pompeo Announces Plan to Plunder Kidnapped Iranian Oil Tankers" (Anglin):
"When Mike Pompeo was a little boy, they told him he was too fat to be a pirate. 
But he would prove them wrong. He would prove them all wrong. He would plunder the high seas."
Related:  "Plunder, me hearties! Plunder! Yo Ho Ho and a barrel of oil!" (Lang).

"US sees embarrassing UN defeat over Iran arms embargo proposal" (Borger) (Cole).  They anticipated losing (by veto), just not so embarrassingly!

"Taxing the Rich. Imposing A “Pigou Wealth Tax” in the Time of COVID-19" (Singh).  I remember when the 'right' would always say that even if you taxed all the billionaire money, it would not be anywhere near enough to accomplish big social goals, but that is now clearly not true.  You could do a lot of good with just Bezos money.
"So what could be the revenue-generating potential of a capital levy in the US? Ian Kumekawa has estimated in a back-of-the-envelope exercise that a 5 percent levy on the US’s richest 1 percent could raise $1tn and an additional 5 percent levy on the wealthiest 0.1 percent could furnish half a trillion more, thereby covering half of the US’s pandemic fiscal stimulus. If carefully designed and implemented, a one-time levy or a continued wealth tax could mobilize a portion of funds needed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in other countries too.
Although Pigou had proposed the wealth tax as a one-time levy to pay off the national debt, the idea of a continued wealth tax on super-wealthy is gaining traction in Latin America. In April 2020, Peru announced a solidarity tax on wealthy Peruvians with an objective that they should shoulder a larger share of the economic burden of the Covid-19 pandemic. Similar wealth taxes have also been endorsed by opposition candidates and parties in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador to fill the massive fiscal holes created by the pandemic."
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