Sunday, August 09, 2020

We hit a cell and now we hit the dispatchers

"Who Profits from the Beirut Tragedy" (Escobar).  Attention to the details of the supposed conflagration leads away from 'accident'.  Who gets to rebuild is a good test: if China rebuilds as part of the New Silk Road -  a horror show for Khazars, as it would be a terminal to Europe for a communications-trade line from Iran through Iraq and Syria - reform will be working in Lebanon.  If the IMF and the usual corrupt companies and banks are brought in, the same old corrupt group in Lebanon will have prevailed, and life will continue to deteriorate.

Note the reference to Bibi's obscure tweet.  If this is a reference to the virus, why does he specifically refer to Hezbollah?  Escobar wonders if Bibi wasn't setting up a gloating tweet to celebrate the bombing of the port, but had to back off with the enormity of the destruction.  Of course, it is the enormity of the destruction which would lead to the big profits for the corrupt, plus the complete economic destruction of the whole country.

There is considerable discussion at Unz on the strange abandonment of the ship, and the theory that it was abandoned as part of a larger plan to get its contents into a warehouse in the port (see here).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In case it wasn't already glaringly obvious before, the US is trying to carry out a "color revolution" in Lebanon to remove Hezbollah from the government 
This has been Washington's goal for a long time. Now they're exploiting the chaos to push regime change 
It's not even subtle"
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