Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Disgraced Father

"Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Met Jeffrey Epstein Through Her Disgraced Father" (Voytko).  It looks like the 'missing' Robert Maxwell fortune actually went to finance the Epstein blackmail operation.

"'Disgust' as UAE cleric Waseem Yousef says Arabs their own enemy, not Israel".  The recognition is more than a way to be allowed to buy Pilot Killers from Assholes (luckily, as that's not going to happen!), or get shekels from Israel, but is based in deep, visceral hatred of Palestinians amongst the UAE elites.

"Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier" (Cobain).  Of course.

Tweet (Margaret Kimberley):
"Remember this when you hear about Uyghur camps. There is a lot of fraud on this issue"
"A sensationalist, award-winning ‘NY Times’ podcast on Islamic Jihadism was based on a fraud" (North).  Would you expect anything less (or more) from the JYT?  Though The Intercept probably isn't the place to be fretting about reporters grabbing documents for themselves.

"Accepting Israeli prize in 2018, RBG never mentioned Palestinians" (Ofir).  There's no way around it, despite the huge Khazar PR campaign, she was really, really awful.

"The United States’ Miscalculation in South Asia" (Balland).  All in with India, while India-skeptical neighbors flock to friendly Chinese help.
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